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Over in the Triangulum Galaxy

Seljuk Chasonn has been using the tools available to him. They have brought the crews of their muted outposts back home, for no other reason than check them out for ill-effects of their exposure to who-knows-what. Now it is time to keep a watchful eye peeled.

Cruel Irony by The-Emperors-Finest on

Of all the intrigue & mystery making its way around this corner of the Universe, that Earth may have the best grasp on the facts is cruel irony. The least advanced of the four major civilizations is unable to reach out and share what they know. The technological advances they do possess come from Eridanus and Seljuk, none of which does Earth know exactly how they came about. That is tantamount to giving an Andromeda Slug wings to fly; going nowhere fast.

And Chasonn has no clue concerning the Ÿ€Ð. Are those miscreants from Galaxy Sexta A responsible for Seljuk woes? Unbeknownst to him, is the occurrence of the significant and distant Ÿ€Ð misfortune. Neither, has he a clue about OJoin the club mister.

So many recent “incidents” are born of misunderstanding.

  • The Ÿ€Ð pay the price for their over(re)active imaginations.
  • These Seljuk do not overreact and the results are different.
  • The 2052 version of an Eridanian shuts down when confronted by the unknown.
  • Those baby Earthlings have few options than to roll-with-the-flow.


And what about those baby Earthings?

Gus M. is happy, but for no apparent reason… to him.

“No Gus, you look like one of those old-time photos from back in 20-teens, holding one those giant checks for 500 million dollars.”

“I’d take it that Crip, in a Mercury minute, although in Global Dollars, all that’ll get you is timeshare on the moon and two years of shuttle service.” He recalls the days when there was a National Lottery, before society realized that too much money too fast was a detriment not a manageable asset. “I don’t know, ever since these visions I’ve been having, I seem to get these flashes. Today’s flash must be happy.”

What is the root cause of Gus’ joy?


Lunar Timeshare

Episode 57

page 60

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