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About Gwen &

Writing is Fun-damental

My name is Gwendolyn Hoff. I have been writing books since the summer after my high school graduation. From that point on I knew that creative writing was my passion. Now, after 5 books,  some screenplays and skits, a radio drama or two, I have embarked on a new challenge: Standing up for the proper use of the English language. I have since spread my branches out into copywriting and of course the wonderful world of blogging.

WIF was launched on 10/09/2012. Back then I was green as grass to the blogging world, but eventually got the hang of it and have averaged more than a post per day ever since. If you look closely you will find 3 of my books posted here, a page or two at a time, complete with added pictures, videos, Wikipedia inserts and other swell augmentations. Take a look at the Blog Your Book Tutorial page (in menu) to see how I do it.

I have 3 wonderfully grown sons, a yellow lab named Molly, and an unfettered faith in God. I live in the far South suburbs of Chicago and can be viewed in detail at www.gwendolynhoff.com. There you will discover insights to my literary world, as well as my real world. You can find me (+ my closest 60 friends) at Facebook and @gwennyhoff on Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin and in most of the nooks and crannies of the World Wide Web. (except the latest sites the hipsters are doing)

As a footnote to history, I have created a Selfie-free Zone; a refuge for like-minded non-narcissistic people from around the world.

  I hope to re-instill pride in the written word and am anxious to be a part of the 1%; those of us who provide original content to share with the world.

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Blogging now @ WIF


Complete Listing of Episodes

Complete Listing of Episodes


My Book blogged from 1/13 to 5/13

Check the Episode Catalog in the links section of the sidebar.


The same goes for this Episode Catalog. Read at your own speed.











Forever Mastadon

Forever Mastadon


The Return Trip


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