Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 8

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Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 8

…“Constance Caraway!” He quickly ushers them inside. “I wasn’t expecting you until tomorrow…

With much anticipation and a smattering of trepidation, the team of Constance & Fanny wait for a response to the thunderous ‘BING-BONG!!!!’ they hear from on the other side of the front door. “The bigger the house, the grander the doorbell,” she tells Fanny.

After a scant minute, Fanny lifts the manual door/black brass adornment, then releasing it. A resounding boom resonates through the wooden door. “And the knockers are bigger too!”

“You never told me that you liked big knockers,” inside humor between good friends. Neither of them fits the bill.

That one gets past Fanny, who is wondering why no one is coming to the door. And it isn’t getting any warmer; should have worn heftier coats, but it was 68 degrees when they left out of Florida.

Another minute passes when, from behind comes, “Are you girls here for the 5 O’clock piano lesson?”

4 feet raise 4 inches off the granite landing.

“William is running late,” states the man from behind them.

After catching her vacated breath, Constance comprehends the situation, replying, “We are looking for a Mister Martin David Kamen.” William who? Piano lessons?

“This is he and who might yea be?” The man appears to be in his late 30s and quite handsome at that.

“We are from CCPI in Tallahassee Florida.”

“Constance Caraway!” He quickly ushers them inside. “I wasn’t expecting you until tomorrow… but I’m glad you’re here. But forgive me for saying that you don’t look anything like I imagined… taller, I mean.”

“Disguises, don’t you know? I figured if I showed up with my hound’s-tooth hat and magnifying glass that it would be a dead giveaway.”

“Oh my, yes! I have no idea who is watching, what they’re watching or what their intent is.”

“Do you know “they” are?” No time for formalities.

Without prompting, the un-introduced Fanny takes up lookout posture, keeping one eye on the front parkway, while checking lampshades, picture frames and such for listening devices.

“No, I don’t have a clue, which is why I called on your agency.”

Constance Caraway P.I.

Forever Mastadon

page 10

Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 7

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Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 7

…This is going to be a long drive. Eddie has more tales than a book of short stories…

“You are so kind Eddie, but our friend is in the academic field. He is a scientist and a professor.”Eddie's Cousins-001

“An egg head, eh? My 4th cousin Wilfred, yeah I know… what a name… is really smart. He invented the paddle board.” He demonstrates how, when a rubber band and ball is attached to a ping-pong paddle, it keeps coming back.

This is going to be a long drive. Eddie has more tales than a book of short stories and he is determined to regale the girls with every single one; each stoplight seems to trigger one to the next.

The Yellow Cab mercifully makes a right hand turn off 55th St onto one-way south Kimbark and stops in front of a two-story gray stone much like the others on either side. He stops the cab, gets out to open doors for his passengers and opens the huge truck to take out their luggage.

“Could you hang to our bags Eddie? We don’t know how long we will be here.”

“Your friend ain’t much for guests? Figures. I’ll turn off the meter for 1 hour, seeing this will be my last fare. I’m too close to home to go back out to Orchard Field.


O’Hare, whatever they want to call it now. I have a bungalow over in Englewood that me and the Mrs. bought a couple years ago, just ten minutes away.”

“One hour?”

“One hour and then the meter starts up again.” He squints at the device mounted above his rearview mirror. “You are looking at 12 buck and change so far.”

Escalating cab fare will not be the determining factor in how much time they spend here.

Constance Caraway P.I.

Forever Mastadon

page 9

The NULL Solution = Episode 188

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The NULL Solution = Episode 188

…Hardly a single meaningful moment of his time away from Earth is not contained herein…


The Long Way Home

There is one data storage device that Sampson McKinney has clung to with his very life. From the time he and Celeste decided to occupy the alien ship NEWFOUNDLANDER, that they stumbled upon on Mars’ surface, it has been like a good luck charm, or perhaps his security blanket. It does not matter. He has it and you will have to pry it from his cold dead hands.

It is a time capsule that can be held in a single hand, cold or warm, an Earthly encyclopedia of as much human knowledge that can be condensed; a personal log of what has been the most incredible adventure ever in the history of history. He did not know when or if this recorded gem would ever be seen by anyone but him.

Should he ever be the last earthling, dead or alive, the essence of what it means to human and in space is contained for whomever to view. In the case of his children i.e. daughter-in-law and grandson, barreling through space toward Earth, it is a fountain of useful information and endless hours that will help whittle away at the ensuing boredom of their journey.

For example:

Deimostra not only sees herself being born, she is getting a crash course about her home-to-be.

Deke can cue up the moment when he is spirited away from Gus and a flawed SEx.

Joyner gets to witness what life aboard Space Colony 1 was like for his Grandpappy and Grandmum firsthand.

Cerella discovers that her father-in-law is way more sentimental than he leads on; the de facto videographer of the ceremony that joined her to Deke.

Celeste hears her husband speak about her in terms that would make Lorgan blush {we believe}.

The man, who has spawned an entire family in and of space, is exposed for the softy that he is. Hardly a single meaningful moment of his time away from Earth is not contained herein. Who would have guessed that the McKinney patriarch had such mad editing skills?

Digging even deeper into the megabit menagerie of memories, there is footage of King Ranch, complete with a tribute to its founder and dearest friend Braden King. Gone but not forgotten is NASA’s voice to the world, back before Francine Bouchette-Crippen took the mantle. Talk about your ground floor archives. Braden has been gone for quite a while, but the legacy that he passes down to Roy Crippen, Sampson McKinney and a long line that stretches to the edge of the Milky Way and beyond, is a must-see for everyone aboard NEWFOUNDLANDER; wide-eyed yes – dry-eyed no.

The NULL Solution =

Episode 188

page 181

The NULL Solution = Episode 186

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The NULL Solution = Episode 186

…Oh for the days before the McKinneys arrived….

It is Stardate 2059 before you know it. However 2060 cannot come soon enough for those aboard NEWFOUNDLANDER or say, Earth. For some 2057 shaped up to be the worst arrangement of events known; particularly on Eridanus.

If losing two prominent citizens were not bad enough, this democracy thing is proving more difficult to administrate than advertised. It turns out that without the McKinney’s example, the rest of Eridanian society descended into disorganized individualism. Strong leaders are necessary if not required; both leading candidates for that position are otherwise occupied: Skaldic with Harmonia and Ekcello with postpartum depression.

Unfortunately elections are not about to squelch the thirst for one segment of the planet’s population. The Null voting bloc will require 100 cycles to rival Gifted numbers, thus rendering the system ineffective. There may be no turning back, while forward progress is going to be too slow.

Fortan is chosen as Supreme Elder of the New High Council, not the purest form of nepotism, but really close. The sheer unoriginality of her title is evidence of the weighted anchor any progress. Elders will always be, forever the guiders of all things.

Fortan is not Ekcello, Ekcello is not himself, thereby neither is Eridanus.

The Nulls are not so much bent on revolution as they are restless. The Gifted will always have that something-something {extra}. It will take a 1000 cycles and extensive interbreeding to tip the scales toward genomic equality.

The Gifted feel like they have given multiple appendages in an effort to relinquish their stranglehold. If that is not enough, only their slow-moving history will tell the story.

For Ekcello, he can hardly stand the changes that mount like the afternoon humidity of his water-laden world. If only the evaporative moisture could satisfy the longing he is feeling.

Oh for the days before the McKinneys arrived. In the big picture, it has not been all that long ago that begat their immediate impact. Sammy Mac, with his brash grip on Earthly ties, had beguiled a previously sedate planet, whose course had been so steady, as in gone.

As the days of the “departure” approached, Ekcello’s behavior was most curious. Never before had he displayed such interest in the spaceships of the Expository, specifically NEWFOUNDLANDER.

While the humans sleep, the Gifted meditate and Null dream, he spends time there under the auspices of checking every circuit for reliability. His supposed reasoning is that even a mothballed hunk of exotic alloy can degrade over time. That segment of hard physics is universal.

But he would always be there alone… exploring the dark corners of his existence…

The NULL Solution =

Descending into darkness by Des-Schatten-Schelm on deviant art

Episode 186

page 180

The NULL Solution = Episode 183

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The NULL Solution = Episode 183

…The Null are judged to be ‘not so terrible’… high praise from the high & mighty…

Immortality is a little discussed subject. It is taken for granted by Eridanians. Image result for watching the grass grow gifImmortality is like having a lawn that you never have to mow. The grass will start growing again, slowly for Cerella at first, but inevitably. It took ten years for the aging process to decline for the earthlings. Just how quickly it resumes is TBA.

There are a number of firsts involved in this cross-cultural segment of this family saga. Living forever is almost too much of a good thing, as odd as that may seem.

The lone polling place on the entire planet is Eupepsia. This means that a pilgrimage of varying degrees is in order. A 100% turnout is expected, from here to the opposite radius, such is the attraction of having a say about even the smallest of issues. ‘If you do not vote, you cannot complain about the outcome’ is a credo, not just lip service. Nonparticipants will forfeit their right to vote on the next topic, whatever that may be.

Eridanians, who have not seen one another in ages, do now. Eridanians, who have never seen a Null, thinking them a myth, meet them face-to-face during this revolutionary cycle. They are judged to be ‘not so terrible’… high praise from the high & mighty.

The only vote that really counts will be Cerella’s. It may be only one of many millions, but it will be the only one that matters. She owns her issue responsibly. She has looked at herself in a mirror with two sides. Her die is cast. Where Deke goes, she has want to follow.

The NULL Solution =

Image result for vote tally gif

Episode 183

page 177 (end Ch. 18)


The NULL Solution = Episode 180

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The NULL Solution = Episode 180

…When heaped on top of an already formidably accumulated pile of reasons, has ultimately culminated in a Space Family McKinney pow-wow…

Pow Wow by Jean Clayton

With Roy and Francine in the twilight of their lives, far from dead but golden nonetheless, that and the fact he flat-out misses the company of his brother, is not lost on Deke McKinney. As much as Eridanus has become home to him, Earth is within reach and time is a wasting.

Up until now, Deke has taken up the task of an anchor. He and his growing family are the very reason for staying put… even after Cerella was cared for by Dr. Jean-Luc Picard on Earth. Even after he and Sammy Mac were roaming the halls of King Ranch in the dark of night to retrieve his wife and child. At the time, it just made sense to return to Eridanus.

But the anchor is starting to lose its grip. When heaped on top of an already formidably accumulated pile of reasons, has ultimately culminated in a Space Family McKinney pow-wow.

The preeminent tribe of space travelers is confronted by a conundrum; not the daunting query from Mars, but nearly as seminal in nature. They have no need of permission, but a quorum amongst them is certainly required. The issue is an old one. The timing is not.

Only the cast of characters has changed, thereby severely muddying the possible outcomes. Being a groundbreaking family usually does not include introducing the 1st & 2nd true alien beings ever {that we know} on Earth. The Milky Way Census Bureau will have a time with that one…

  1. Female – Alien {Cerella} –  Country of Origin – Epsilon Eridani
  2. Male – Mixed Galactic Strain {Joyner} – Country of Origin – Texas USA Earth

The NULL Solution =

Episode 180

page 176

The NULL Solution = Episode 177

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The NULL Solution = Episode 177

…This appears to be a starfield for feckless foreigners, having all the feel of a jail…

“We will return to Sexta A and reassess our strategic position.”

It is not easy turning around a mobile planetoid {just ask any self-respecting comet}, especially when you cannot find your way. If it is possible, Collapsar’s trail has turned ice cold.

“We appear to be in a singular galaxy. Sexta A or any other galaxies, known or otherwise, have ceased to exist.”

Related imageŽupzïð would issue an order if he had a clue. “You have been in this place for a long period of time. Is there anything that you do recognize?”

O is here, but it looks different.” A shiny black version of Lorgan has been lurking all along. When you peer at this version, the only things you see are the trillions of stars “There is evidence that other worlds have been wandering within these boundaries.”

This appears to be a starfield for feckless foreigners. It has the feel of a jail. Prison planets are scattered all over the “regular” universe, so the concept of confinement is far from foreign.

“The Great Expanse has no boundaries.”

“This one does. There are no stars at the end. ⃝    will not allow us to go no further.”

I am the how & why that blocks your way

Prove your worthiness and the light will show the way back

“Another stupid riddle,” apparently the Ÿ€Ð do not have aptitude or the appetite for them. “Keep a lookout for that ridiculous rotating beam from the Terran system. That will steer us in the right direction.”

What about the riddle, pilgrim?

Lights out this way are few and there is little detectable heat generated by what stars there are. It is like they have been hung in the sky, held in place by invisible strings. Harmonia’s lighthouse is nowhere to be seen.

The NULL Solution =

Episode 177

page 173