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CC - FM-001

Constance Caraway

~Forever Mastadon~


from Gwendolyn Hoff


From the first time we are exposed to science class in elementary school, we are taught that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old, that the Universe is older than that and the earliest human ancestors sprang up, out of nowhere, somewhere about one million years ago.

Add to this, the widely held theory that life on Earth began with a combination of primordial elements, somehow evolving into rock, plants, animals and human beings. For years, some scientists have come upon clues that support the opposite that it is much more likely that the Universe was created through intelligent design.

Willard Libby is one such scientist, who when digging deeper into his radiocarbon dating/half-life project, comes upon proof that the cradle of human existence began no more than 20,000 years ago.

Now, how does one confront conventional wisdom that has been in place since the birth of modern science? Why is the notion of evolution so stubbornly defended? The answer to those and other questions, lead directly to a complicated conspiracy, with leadership of an organization formed by the devil himself.

Constance Caraway is a private eye, who by herself is separate from the stated topic. But she and her partner, Fanny Renwick are called into help search for a missing scientist (Libby). Why? She is good at what she does, but is there something more to It.?

In 1950 Chicago, just as the world celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, she and Fanny are inserted into the middle of something far more intricate than a simple kidnapping. Along the way they meet a variegated cast of characters who will both help and hurt their inherited cause.

What they do not know, is that they are becoming involved in an epic struggle, an ongoing war between one creator and one destroyer; not an issue to be taken lightly.

Winners and losers, good and evil, divine and fallen, creation and evolution are all contrasting points, opposites that meet head to head in these pages. Forever Mastadon is an organization that falls into the right-hand column of the above choices. Mastadon is misspelled, misguided but make no mistake, it is real and it has to be dealt with.

Constance Caraway is the catalyst for this fictionalized account of what has its roots in post war Tallahassee Florida and occurs in greater 1951 Chicago Illinois.


Gwendolyn Hoff

Characters CC-FM-001

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Synopsis/Query for ~FOREVER MASTADON~

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Forever Mastadon 2-001





A private eye and her colleagues are blinded by science…and a greater power

 Historical Fiction from Gwendolyn Hoff


Creation vs. Evolution, Heaven & hell collide on Earth.

CONSTANCE CARAWAY ~FOREVER MASTADON~ 75,000 words that chronicle an early case taken on by CONSTANCE CARAWAY INVESTIGATION, a Tallahassee Florida based private detective agency, consisting of the title character and her partner Fanny Renwick.

Constance and Fanny are drawn to Chicago to investigate the disappearance of Willard Libby, a University of Chicago biochemist who has been working on a breakthrough project. They are hired by an associate of Libby, who does not trust his conventional local options.

Set in 1951 Chicago, Forever Mastadon (Mastodon is intentionally misspelled) is an organization that is bent on permanently quieting Libby, as it applies to radiocarbon dating. Bottom line: the devil himself is behind a conspiracy that includes textbook publishers, the United States Justice Department, a cult leader and a handful or two of 2-bit hoodlums.

As a result of good detective work and some dumb luck, the scientist is located………catatonic–at a mental hospital. But that is just the beginning; his mind will be fully restored, he is hidden away and his death wrongly reported,  all the while the antagonists behind his abduction are about to be found out.

It is not long before a supporting cast comes together to combat the unknown forces behind the “Great Deception”, the lie being that carbon dating has identified life on Earth as 100 of millions of years old. A Chicago taxi driver, a pilot friend of Constance, a Tallahassee lawyer and a CIA rogue, unite to see that Willard Libby’s truths see the spotlight of day.

While God has his angels, the Libbyites (13 people who are his advocates) get help from a young Southern preacher named Billy Graham, who incorporates the science supporting Creationism into his Crusades and finally a Revival Meeting for the ages, a finale that will either make you sit up in your chair or stand up and cheer.

I have branded my own style of Historical Fiction, which I first brought to the world with my book, THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A BLACK SOUTHERN DOCTOR (1896-1959),(ISBN13 978-1-4691-9018). Constance Caraway and her friends give me the wings to bring history to life, with this riveting story and others to follow.

CC ~FM~ Theme music

Dear Readers

“This is the query (summary) that is sent out to literary agents or publishers. It’s a teaser, intended to entice them to read the rest of the book and consider it for publication.

I hope that you will follow along from the start, just like many of you did for THE RETURN TRIP, which I am currently writing the sequel to (THE ERIDANIAN SOLUTION).

“iI am perfecting this method of sharing a book and will be shadowing these posts at BlogUrBook.comAs with THE RETURN TRIP, there will be a character list as well as an episode catalog, so that the book can either be reviewed or picked up in the middle when folks around the World stumble onto it.”

Read and enjoy,


Synopsis/Query for




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From “The Red Planet” to the “Final Chapter”, you will travel from Earth to Mars to Orion & back, thus the title.

“Bookmark or print this post as a frame of reference.”


Retrun Trip Ad

Contents TRT



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Sad End Happy


Chapters:Hospitable, Inhospitable flies us to Area 51 and an alien
contact. Good ol’ Newt Swackhammer, what a guy. The government
calls him a crank. But 1947 harbors both UFO’s and the bricks &
mortar of Laura Bell Memorial Hospital. Born of Alpha Campbell’s
spirit, the building itself is one large lightning rod; meant for good,
yet attracting an onslaught of controversy and hardship.

____368 Gwendolyn Hoff

We look back at Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, along with
the world of Cinderella. And then bounce ahead to Michael Rennie
Walt Disney; what an odyssey of entertainment. Can you hear the
music of Scott Joplin and Duke Ellington? The Duke was supposed to
appear in 1954, but my unplanned plot-change got in the way; putting off the other depressing, mood killing stuff.

As for the remainder of The Life and Times, not so many pages
back, your imagination is the king. My imagination has splattered the
backdrop of history from way back in 1896, all the way up to the dawn
of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Just the dawn in 1959 mind you, then you are
reeled back to days of trial in 1955.

Isn’t that rude?

But look at the payoff. Instead of an old man
in jail, we happen on a Laura Bell Memorial Hospital with a future. What
a shame. This is the way it should have ended for one of the first
Black doctors in Florida. In my rosy reality,  Alice’s wonderful Looking Glass helped me make lemonade out of lemons.

Alice meeting Tweetle Dee & Tweetle Dum

Alpha O. Campbell, M.D. deserved a better fate. Gwendolyn
Hoff has given it to him. Thank you for the privilege of writing this

A.O., God rest your soul. It has been one wild ride!


• Chapter Fifteen HOSPITALITY  292
• Chapter Sixteen INHOSPITABLE  309
• Chapter Seventeen LOOKING UP  326
• Chapter Eighteen LOOKING DOWN  343
• Chapter Nineteen Trials and Triumph  351
• Chapter Twenty CLOSURE  363


“Back to regular programming like Cracked History, World Wide Words, Quotes and Top Tenz lists for a week, before I start my next book THE RETURN TRIP.”

Science Fiction from Gwenny

Newt Swakhammer – The Star Witness of Roswell

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Newt Swakhammer


Newt Swakhammer – The Star Witness of Roswell

“Look at that! There is an ass on the runway.”

“Be nice to the man, Bob, we want him to spill his guts.”

“No, an actual donkey silly. Oh . . . . okay, he is dragging it off.
He must have seen us coming.” He tilts their plane left, then right to
signal, the flying hello. He waves them in.

“He certainly looks friendly.”

“His name is Newt Swakhammer and he was the first person to
see the crash.”

“Swakhammer? Maybe he should have had the government
change his name, too. I couldn’t make up a name like that. Hi, I’m
Newt Swakhammer.”

“Take it easy, Lyn.” Ford doesn’t want her breaking up in front of
the rancher. “Frankly, I’m surprised they didn’t find him a ranch in

____316 Gwendolyn Hoff

Argentina. I have a feeling that we are the last people the Air Force
wants him to talk to.”

“Too late.” And it was.

The landing went smoothly, except for having to dodge numerous
prairie dog holes and causing a small stampede of rangy Herefords.

“Don’t you worry about them cattle, they’ll be back,” Newt
assures his guests. “We don’t get many visitors out here.”

“Are those cows the same ones you had in New Mexico, because
I could see why they would be afraid of things that fly?” Excellent
segue into the topic at hand.

“The ones that ain’t longhorns, yeah, they followed me to Texas.
You know, come to think of it, those Herefords is a skidderish bunch.
Some of ’em would be gone for days, then come on back fatter than
they was when they left out.” Newt Swakhammer seems like a guy
who lets the world happen around him. “No sense in making sense
of every little thing.”

“Did that crash last year make any sense to you, Newt?” Bob
knows that Newt knows that Lyn knows.

“Just about scared the tar out o’me, it did. I was in the house,
rustling up some grub when it hit the ground, so bright it blinded me
for a bit. Still see spots floatin’ ‘round when I’m in the dark.”

“What did you see when you went out to see what’s what?” Lyn
narrows his myopic recollection.

“What didn’t I see? Junk everywhere, a full section of land sizzlin’,
and smoking’.”

“Did you pick up anything, for a souvenir?”

“At first I didn’t. Never saw anything like that stuff; gadgets, lights
still flashin’, some tin metal so thin you could see through it, even a
couple bodies. No noses on those little beggars, one of ’em still livin’
until the army showed up.”

“What did the army do with it, uh, them.”

“Carted ’em off wrapped in blankets, in a big time hurry too.
Told me they was kids in costume. Which I could believe, but that
don’t explain the grown-up I saw.”


“Yeah, some guy in a fancy blue suit, well it must have been fancy
before gettin’ singed to a crisp.”

____The Life and Times of a Black Southern Doctor 317

This interview was getting stranger by the minute. Little creatures,
foreign metals and a businessman; of all things, probably aboard the
identical craft that Lyn and Bob saw that same day in 1947.

“Things are starting to add up, aren’t they?” Bob Ford is astonished
at what he is hearing.

“Not only are they adding up, I think they are multiplying
exponentially. No matter what spin you put on it, these creatures
were in the business of snatching people off the planet, for God knows
what reason. I wonder how long that poor man was gone from his
family? Damn, Bob, what right do they have to pilfer people’s lives?
Look what they did to Sara, stealing part of her mind . . . . and a
kidney? What is that? It’s sick, that’s what it is.”

“Do you know someone that those beggars kidnapped?” Newt is
catching on to the thrust of their visit.

“That’s right, Newt, we have a friend who they had for six years.
She could have been on that ship when it went down. She must have
outlived her usefulness to them.” Carolyn Hanes had not taken the
time to let her bitterness surface, but now that the facts are lining up,
there is no reason to hold back.

“If they was so damned smart, what made them crash?” Newt wonders.

“I don’t know what brought them down, but it is a fitting end.”
Lyn concludes.

“Could be that city slicker done got fed up with them messin’
with him and grabbed the steering wheel.”

“Not out of the realm of possibility, Mr. Swakhammer.” Ford
knows that something bad had to happen to a space craft that had to
have traveled millions of miles to reach Earth. It was time to see some
pieces of history. “May we see those souvenirs of yours?”

“Can y’all ride a horse?”

Bob looks at Lyn, whose dress is not exactly suited for a
western-style saddle. “Can’t you drive us?”

“Not where I got that stuff, guy. Newt Swakhammer ain’t anyone’s

“What do you mean, fool?”

“I never knows when those army guys will show up and I figure
they must enough of their own goodies, ain’t gonna have mine! Got it hid good.”

____318 Gwendolyn Hoff

“Well, then let’s get going, but make sure you give me a tame
horse,” requests the ever game Florida gal.

“Ol’ Flossy will give you a good ride, Miss and you best wear
this.” He hands her a Stetson that looked like it had been hanging on
that fence post since the days of Santa Anna and the Alamo. “Say, do
you mind if Bart there goes with us?” He points to what appears to
be a hired hand, who has been eyeing their single engine plane. “He
ain’t never seen one close up.”

“We will give him a ride when we get back.”

“Hoo, doggies, you hear that, Bart, they will take us flyin’! Saddle
up Flossy and three others, we’re headed for Fer Piece!”

10,000 acres covers a lot of ground and Newt’s “Far Piece” is all
that and ten miles more. About half way to San Angelo, a solitary
butte rises out of the parched earth.

“This is the northeast marker of my spread.”

“I thought I saw a band of Comanche back there.” Lyn has never
seen so much nothing.

“Apaches, maybe, not Comanche, they’re up north, but all the
injuns is up at Twin Buttes reservation, ’bout a days ride from here.”

“This will do just fine, Newt.” Lyn takes off her hat, which has
spared her face the forces of a midday sun, and fluffs her skirt. She
spits the dust from her bone-dry mouth.

“Hey, Bart, give the lady a canteen, can’t you see she’s

Once the horses were lashed to a batch of mesquite bushes, the
quartet of long riders skirts the base of the huge rock rising hundreds
of feet straight up. Invisible from anywhere but a few feet away,
they are led through a narrow slit in the small, flat-topped mountain.
Bart strikes a match, applying it to a ring of torches, revealing Newt
Swakhammer’s secret treasure.

For someone who sports a Hicksville personae, the rancher
who had a spaceship drop onto his land, actually has organized his
collection in a logical way. Like items are gathered together. “I tried
to fill my truck with one of everythin’, sepptin’ the little guys.”

“You did well, Newt, though I suspect the government might
frown on your actions. But I would suggest that some of this should
be examined by scientists. I think I know someone who will be able
to help.”

____The Life and Times of a Black Southern Doctor 319

“I don’t know you well, Mr. Ford, but I am a trustin’ you and
Miss Lyn is who you say you is. And if you say this stuff should be
looked at, then it will, by golly.”

“Great Lyn, if you can stay here with Newt, Bart and I will ride
back and get the Cub? West Texas seems to be one big airstrip!”

“Remind you of anything, Bob Ford? You live for these adventures.”
Not unlike his partner, the one of them that takes adventure, real
or invented, and applies them to the printed page. Arrange and
rearrange words, make and remake life experiences until they tell an
interesting story.

Newt Swakhammer – The Star Witness of Roswell

“I will forever treasure this unique episode in my book THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A BLACK SOUTHERN DOCTOR. The last name “Swakhammer” came about by my coming across a Dennis Swakhammer, a Canadian salesman. When I need a name for a rancher in Roswell, New Mexico, I made him a Newt.”

Police, Gators, and Son-in-Laws — LATOBSD (Ch 17 pg. 340)

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Police, Gators, and Son-in-Laws


____340 Gwendolyn Hoff

The book in question is not on top, but not on the bottom either.
If he would have sniffed January 24, the smell of a fresh pink eraser
lingers, the warmth of brand-new fingerprints hidden from the human


“This is it, officer. We can go.”

Lettie Golden has done her job.


………Sinclair Clavitt is doing his, laying out the facts and ramifications
of consistently breaking the law. “You are going to have to stop these
abortions. They are going to watch you like a hungry gator watches a bullfrog. And you will not treat white folk without havin’ a white wing in that hospital of yours. They have been lookin’ the other way,
I swear, but with this flap about the Sanders girl, that will stop. I know
enough about your, well, for the lack of another word, enemies, that
if they smell blood, your blood, you best check your back.”

“They are going to watch you like a hungry gator…..”

“They’ve been after me for years, given up by now I ‘spect,
seein’ they got the other Negro doctors to turn they backs on my

“That might be true, about some, but some others that you
actually trust, may be quietly working against you.”

“What you talkin’ about?”

“Have you seen your son-in-law lately?”

Behind-your-back Relative

“You mean, Franklin, no, but Laura says he’s been really busy.”

“Word has it that he’s been selling off property.”

“We’ve got to pay some back taxes, not to mention you and Mr.
Moore, keepin’ you busy too.”

“If you’re working at keepin’ us busy, now’s a good time to stop,”
sound advice from Sinclair Clavitt. He has taken to the 65-year-old,
doing his level best to make the doctor’s last years golden. His senior
partner, R. Worth Moore, specializes in courtroom action, leaving
the foot-soldierly duties to the younger man. But a day like today,
he could do without. “Okay, Alpha, I’m going to trust you on this.
You know what’s at stake. Just make sure you look both ways when
crossing the street.”

Police, Gators, and Son-in-Laws

“I like the way you think!” — LATOBSD (Ch 17 pg. 330)

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“I like the way you think!”

“So what do you say? Let’s give the Pacific Clipper its proper place in history!”

“If it were up to me and me alone, I would say, why not. But there
are the rest of the guys to consider. If I can get Rod and the others
to chime in, with their side of the story, well then what the hell,” he
knows that historical month-long flight needs to be told! It may as
well be done right, by the people who lived it. “What a bunch they
were. I can tell you things . . . . well maybe not. We’ll have to leave
some things out. These guys have to face their families.”

“More stories of passionate native women along the way, no doubt?”

“I’m not going to say anything else. We’ll let Brownie and the other
guys decide whether they stick their necks out or not. Come to think
of it, none of the crew ever found out that Sara turned up alive.
Maybe it is best if we end the story at the LaGuardia harbor. Yeah, I
seen some of them here and there in the meantime, but we do not
want to stir up any more controversy than we already have.”

“Great points! I like the way you think.” She gets fired up at the
start of each project. Once the commitment is made, it is usually full
steam ahead, usually. “But, we aren’t going to start any project until
we have Sara’s life straightened out.”

Another person has entered the room, in time to hear her name.

“Did I hear my name?”

“SARA!!!!!! Oh, honey, where on earth have you been?” That
worldly reference, perhaps contrasting where she may have been
recently was a Freudian slip.

“What do you mean? I just stepped out for a few minutes, needed
to walk off a sore calf. I stretched it a bit doing a double reverse


Lyn wants to inform Sara that a minute in her world is seven days
anywhere else, but the reference to dancing and the fact that she was
still wearing leotards and slippers, what would be the use?

“I like the way you think!”

Candy & Nuts — LATOBSD (Ch. 17 pg. 328)

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Candy & Nuts

If if and buts were…….

Candy and Nuts All-in-one YUM!

“When Sara gets back this time, I cannot believe I’m going to say
this, but I think we should tell Sgt. Smith what is going on. One of
these times she won’t come back and we will be kicking ourselves in
the ass for not trying to get help. We don’t know how to deal with
things like this and I’m not sure I want to suffer in silence.”

“Could be a corporal by now, he hasn’t handled this whole mess
very well, because if he had, he would have kept Sara from the
beginning, none of this would have ever happened. I think the whole
bunches of them were caught off guard.” If ifs and buts were candy
and nuts, we’d all have a very merry Christmas. “In a way, I wish I
never had gone there.”

Ouch, that hurts Bob!

“Without New Mexico, you would be without one interesting book and one terrific guy, I’ll have you know.”

“That’s supposed to be my line, mister. What has happened to
that humble, quiet Bob Ford? Has he been abducted as well?”

____328 Gwendolyn Hoff

“I don’t remember anything about last night.” His face goes
blank, feigning a vacated mind. Bad choice. Last night was pretty
memorable in the romance department. It gets him a punch in the
arm. “Ouch, seriously, maybe they will do a better job of protecting
her. We don’t even know when she was snatched this time, or if the
aliens have her at all. Maybe she forgot where she was and is just
plain lost. We are running out of options.”

“I know, Bob, but I feel like we are abandoning her. She doesn’t
have any friends beside us.”

“What about her family?”

“Her mom and dad are dead and her brother won’t have anything
to do with her, ever since she moved in with me. He could not get
past how close we were.” Lyn draws a breath from a hidden part of
her being. “I know you and I never really talked about it . . . . , but
we were lovers.” There, she said it out loud.

Ford had had to deal with the notion before this moment; yet
another askew aspect to the last half of his life. “I figured as much,
watching you two interacting on the Clipper and such.”

Lyn takes a step back. “No wonder that subject never came up.
And to think I was terrified what you would think if you knew
about us.” It wasn’t that Lyn never liked men. She and Sara just
kind of happened. “Then why did you? . . . . You asked me to the
reception . . . . oh, I get it! Divide and conquer. Get those girls apart
and you would win my heart, was it?”

“Well, sort of. I really did need an escort, you know and you
clean up real good.” He did have his hands full at the time. “I was
quite taken with you Lyn, I must say, but the heart thing was not
foremost on my mind. And my 2nd officer, Rod, he wouldn’t stop
talking about that Sara woman. Yes, we had been away from base for
a while, but we were both unattached. No harm in trying. It seemed
like a natural fit for the evening and we didn’t have any expectations.
Hell, we were staring 12,000 miles in the face, half the world away
from New York and no charts to guide us.”


Candy & Nuts

Criminal Minds – Tallahassee — LATOBSD (Ch 13 pg.268)

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Criminal Minds – Tallassee


“The look of hate on that bellboy’s face
is an image that I have repeated many times in my works.”

“How long ago would you say that was?” asks James.

Lyn turns to Sara, “Wasn’t that right after we came back from the
Mediterranean?” Sara nods eagerly. That was the trip when Lyn finally
confronted her feelings for Sara; from curiosity to commitment, one
of those defining markers in one’s life. “That was 1923, eight years

“Three months and five days,” Sara adds to the accuracy, minus
the hours.

“OoooKaaaay,” James confirms. Sara face ratchets up several
shades of red. “That would make, Charles is his name, about 18,
correct? Yes. And does that fit the profile of those described young
men? It does.” Sara is holding her tongue.

I know this Charles, happens to wear a hat that you have
described. He is not really stupid, he just happens to where his heart
on his sleeve. I cannot believe he would be capable of something like

“What if they were liquored up? Heard tell that his uncle Rufus does some moonshinin’ out there in the hills,” A.O. suggests.


“Booze does have a way of magnifying a man’s state of mind,” James agrees.

“Turning them into filthy animals,” so much for Lyn’s unbiased
opinion of the male condition! She fails to mention that she believes
that men are born that way.

“Not all of us, I hope, Miss Hanes. I had the occasion to enjoy
more than a few cocktails at a meeting last week and never once
pinched a waitress, let alone attack an elderly woman. My wife,
Abbey, even suggests I do it more often, you know, an outlet from
dealing with everyone else’s problems.”

“I guess I shouldn’t let my bad experiences taint my views. I

“No need, I think I understand.” He does and has no problem
with the domestic situation in the home he is seated. It will not affect
how he feels about either of them. “Well, Alpha, I think we should
be going. These fine ladies have helped us tremendously. Thank you
for the tea. Sure tastes good on a steamer day like this.

____The Life and Times of a Black Southern Doctor 269

“Try not to dwell on this matter, Sara. If you do, then these creeps
will have caused another to suffer needlessly.”

Too late.

Criminal Minds – Tallahssee

Snake Oil and other Hucksters

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Chapter Twelve


‘What am I doing in Boston in January.’ asks Dr. A.O Campbell
of himself, not particularly waiting for an answer. Had he bothered
to respond aloud, he would have said: I’m back at my Alma mater,
Boston’s – College of Physicians and Surgeons for a symposium on
the Spanish influenza and related infectious virus and bacteria, or
something thereabouts, likely less formal.

It is the first time he has returned to the school since graduating
in 1913. Every five years or so, doctors are required to demonstrate
that they are staying current, in a field that is progressing as fast
as any sector of post war America. There was a time when, thirty
or more years ago, when medicine was less technical and more
speculative, with certain practicing doctors graduates of dubious
institutions. Snake oils and herbs were used to treat diseases and
illnesses with nondescript names like, consumption and the rickets.
Anesthesia consisted of either biting down hard on a rag or a bottle
of whiskey.

So in the interest of science, young Dr. Campbell, about to
celebrate his thirtieth birthday, chugs up the East coast, which sports a
blanket of fresh white snow from about Washington north. Floridians
are not used to this kind of cold, never seeming to be prepared for
these type conditions, even a doctor who should have better sense;
his teeth will chatter until he is able to purchase something more
substantial than a summer suit of clothes.

____242 Gwendolyn Hoff

It was not the most exciting three days he will spend in 1919, but
it was nice to stroll around the granite buildings again. As discussions
go among physicians, this gathering is useful, as well as fruitful.
There are ideas to be exchanged and the experiences in the field to
be related. Doctor A.O. Campbell had as much experience on the
front line as anyone there, but the entire group is still shaken by the
epidemic, having fought the same disease tooth and nail, from every
conceivable angle. A good doctor will learn every day of his or her
career. That is what makes a good doctor.

But three days at university is enough and since he was in the
neighborhood, A.O. had suggested, sort of invited himself, to visit his
older brother, Hosea in Atlantic City. “My place ain’t much to look
at, Alfrey, saw the picture of your digs, not bad.”

Atlantic City 1920

“That  matter, Hosey, I told mama that I’d see you. It
would make her feel better. She blames herself for you runnin’ off to
Jersey.” Amanda Campbell will die without having seen her 38 year
old son again.

“Okay, Alfrey, I live on Melrose Avenue, ask anyone fo me, they
knows where I’m at.”

“Some time around of A.O.’s graduation, the Boston – College of Physicians and Surgeons was absorbed by Tufts University. I wrote most of this book before the advent of the Internet.”


Snake Oil and other Hucksters