Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 34

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Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 34

…“Looks like you made a friend, Fanny?” who is giving her the “he’s married” look…

“It looks like we’re close to home.” Martin is relieved that Eddie has gotten them back in one piece..

 “Don’t forget, the walls have ears,” warns Constance.

 Kimbark 6137But before they can re-enter those 50 year old plaster partitions, they spy 2 some-ones sitting on the front stairs, who were hoping upon hope that William would show his elusive self and let them in out of the late-day chill.

 “Should I drive around to the alley?” Eddie asks.

 Constance jumps out of the stationary vehicle, a half block from the front door.

“Fanny!!!!!!!!!” She blasts past the person sitting next to her to apply a world-class hugs to a once lost partner. None of them expected such a swift conclusion to Fanny’s abduction. She Schneiderdoes acknowledge the stranger seated beside her, “And this would be?”

“Frank Herman. I do long hauls for Schneider Trucking, out of Wisconsin.” He extends his hand in friendship and does so in parting, “You’re safe now Miss Fanny, I’ll be on my way.”

“He gave me a ride back,” simply put. She points out at 61st Street and the big orange truck too large to come down Kimbark.

“Thank you Frank Herman. I guess Fanny will fill the blanks, but I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was not expecting to see that one for… a while,” she stops short of saying forever. “Can I give you something for your efforts?”

“I have your address in Tallahassee. I’ll stop by the next time I get down that way.”

“I’m sure Fanny will make up some of her famous fried chicken for you.”

“I’m counting on it.” The modest hero moves on down the road.

“Looks like you made a friend, Fanny?” who is giving her the “he’s married” look.

Eddie's Cousins-001Eddie, for his part, escorts his road warrior brother back out to his truck, “My cousin Jimmy (cousin #3) drives a White Freightliner, part of the million mile club, but he drives forth and back to New York twice a week, has to go through Ohio. Do you drive in Ohio? Make sure you watch out for the speed traps… well any way he……”

Constance Caraway P.I.

Forever Mastadon

page 33

Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 7

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Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 7

…This is going to be a long drive. Eddie has more tales than a book of short stories…

“You are so kind Eddie, but our friend is in the academic field. He is a scientist and a professor.”Eddie's Cousins-001

“An egg head, eh? My 4th cousin Wilfred, yeah I know… what a name… is really smart. He invented the paddle board.” He demonstrates how, when a rubber band and ball is attached to a ping-pong paddle, it keeps coming back.

This is going to be a long drive. Eddie has more tales than a book of short stories and he is determined to regale the girls with every single one; each stoplight seems to trigger one to the next.

The Yellow Cab mercifully makes a right hand turn off 55th St onto one-way south Kimbark and stops in front of a two-story gray stone much like the others on either side. He stops the cab, gets out to open doors for his passengers and opens the huge truck to take out their luggage.

“Could you hang to our bags Eddie? We don’t know how long we will be here.”

“Your friend ain’t much for guests? Figures. I’ll turn off the meter for 1 hour, seeing this will be my last fare. I’m too close to home to go back out to Orchard Field.


O’Hare, whatever they want to call it now. I have a bungalow over in Englewood that me and the Mrs. bought a couple years ago, just ten minutes away.”

“One hour?”

“One hour and then the meter starts up again.” He squints at the device mounted above his rearview mirror. “You are looking at 12 buck and change so far.”

Escalating cab fare will not be the determining factor in how much time they spend here.

Constance Caraway P.I.

Forever Mastadon

page 9

The NULL Solution = Episode 192

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The NULL Solution = Episode 192

…Without probable cause, Ekcello expires on the spot. His spirit wafts unto his offspring, but his corporeal presence ceases…

Imagine the surprised passengers of the wayward NEWFOUNDLANDER, when Ekcello pops in with Celeste. And they are accompanied by a toolbox of technology in the form of a Null; a naughty Null at that, unbefitting his status as representative to Harmonia.

True to his word, at the sight of his {former?} friend, Sampson wastes no time attacking Skaldic, his still strong hands wringing the life from the co-conspirator.

“Stop!” Ekcello has facts pertinent to the well-being of the victim. “Skaldic is here to restore control to the navigation.”

Sampson backs away, “In that case I’ll kill him after he undoes his handiwork.”

A good wife supports her husband. A better wife rights his wrongs. She pulls him aside, “Ekcello is behind the glitch, not Skaldic. Let them work and we can be on our way.”

A dagger stare at Ekcello replaces clenched hands on Skaldic. Ekcello is acutely aware of the disdain that Sampson is sending his way. Normally aloof and above the fray, the Eridanian is feeling pressure from all sides. He has not taken the radical changes to his world in stride. He is given to fits of erraticism. His power of influence has been neutered. He is experiencing humiliation for the first time. His beloved Cerella and Joyner, the 2 main sources of his anxiety, remain at a distance, unsure how to act toward him.

Without probable cause, Ekcello expires on the spot. His spirit wafts unto his offspring, but his corporeal presence ceases.

Cerella crumbles in a heap.

Celeste rushes to his side.

Joyner is feeling ill.

Skaldic completes his task.

The ship turns around.

The people are stunned.

Without the aid of Ekcello, there is no returning for Skaldic the Null. If Celeste escorts him back, she will be forced to stay on Eridanus, her trans-migratory capabilities unable to stand on their own. All she can do is to forge a telepathic connection with Fortan to give her the news that Ekcello will not be returning.

Oh the irony of it all. He wanted his daughter back and now he is with his daughter, in spirit only.

Ironic in its own way is that Skaldic gets what he really wanted; to be with Deimostra, in proximity only.

However, from Lorgan’s Harmonia galactic view, Skaldic remains the Eridanian delegate, which means his life is not completely his own. Somewhere between Orion Nebulae and the Terran system, he is called away for greater galactic business, which is the end result of The Null Solution.

As for the rest, it will be the long way home.

The NULL Solution =

Episode 192

page 187 (end Ch. 20)

The NULL Solution = Episode 191

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The NULL Solution = Episode 191

…When Celeste tells of the 2 light-year-about-face of NEWFOUNDLANDER, Fortan gives Ekcello the same treatment she is authorized to dispense to anyone else…

“Perhaps we have proven to be a worthy adversary. There is no sign of black ⃝    . Wherever that hole leads has to be better than this.” The Ÿ€Ð can only hope.

They may be disconnected from their previous dimension, but as distant as the beacon may be, at least it can be seen at all. The stars look to have heat and there are no visible boundaries.

Without knowing or admitting so, they have learned a lesson. The Collapsar collective will find their way… eventually… in about 10 lifetimes with just as many Župzïð’s to come. The Harmonia beacon will always be a reminder to mind their manners.

Celeste bypasses Ekcello in favor of Fortan, the mother who had put her reservations about Cerella behind her. She is honestly ignorant of her mate’s mischief. The days of transcendent knowledge has dissipated like the morning fog. She did not think Ekcello would act on his frustrations. That he should not be able to do anything like this on Eridanus, no matter of his status, is currently moot.

When The Earth woman tells of the 2 light-year-about-face of NEWFOUNDLANDER, the new Supreme Elder of the New High Council gives Ekcello the same treatment she is authorized to dispense to anyone else.

“What you have done is inexcusable. You must return with Celeste and restore that ship to its original path. It is the will of the people that decided the fate of our daughter, notImage result for caught red handed you.”

“I do not possess the skills to do so Fortan.”

“Then who does?”

“It is Skaldic {who was following orders BTW}. He reconfigured the navigation.”

The Null, particularly Skaldic, do not own hyperphysical capabilities. Fortan is aware of the quandary.

“You will help Celeste unlock the deepest Gifted skills in him.”

The NULL Solution =

Episode 191

page 185

The NULL Solution = Episode 189

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The NULL Solution = Episode 189

…“We are reversing course Dad!” Deke is keenly aware that autopilot was not programmed for this…

One question that will remain unanswered is, what role will they will play in the future of life on Earth?

The question should be, will they ever get there in the first place?

1/8th works for pizza, but not when traveling 10 light years, not nearly far enough toward their goal – suddenly NEWFOUNDLANDER reverts back to its days on Mars, when it makes a dash for home.

“We are reversing course Dad!” Deke is keenly aware that autopilot was not programmed for this.

“Is there something in our path, a comet or something that we had not planned for?”

“Nope, we have come about to a course leading straight back to Eridanus.”

Every good spaceship has a main viewscreen.  It is a virtual forward looking window to what is outside the hull. Sometimes it acts as a message board for communications with whatever. The command deck is looking at a starfield that they had already passed, while half-expecting to read a joke or riddle or something that would explain their reversal… nothing. Not even a fresh riddle from Lorgan.

“We have lost control of the helm. I’ve tried everything I know.”

“Try unplugging and plugging navigation.” A reboot is a sure cure for balky electronics.

In inimitable fashion, the visage of Ekcello appears to them, the “them” now comprising one & all onboard. It appears that he has come undone.

“I could not allow my daughter to leave Eridanus. Some things are not up for a vote. Upon returning, we will discuss continuing your journey.”

“Can he hear us?” Sam wonders if Ekcello can hear their reactions.

“No, this is not a complete transmigration,” Cerella is taken by surprise.

“The coward sabotages NEWFOUNDLANDER and he doesn’t have the guts to appear in person?”

Right on cue, he goes on, “There is nothing you can do to undo our work.”

“OUR work, does that mean he had help in this fiasco? I thought your father was a man of his word, Cerella?”

“Let me go back and talk him out of this.” Celeste still has the ability to go hyperphysical. “He has been exhibiting signs of instability for almost an entire cycle. My guess is that not even Fortan knows about this.”

“Somebody did and I predict that someone is Skaldy. I thought he was acting fishy. If I get my hands on him, there will be one less Null in the universe.”

“A negative Null will not solve a thing, Dad. Let Mom go and talk some sense into them.”

The NULL Solution =

Episode 189

page 182

The NULL Solution = Episode 188

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The NULL Solution = Episode 188

…Hardly a single meaningful moment of his time away from Earth is not contained herein…


The Long Way Home

There is one data storage device that Sampson McKinney has clung to with his very life. From the time he and Celeste decided to occupy the alien ship NEWFOUNDLANDER, that they stumbled upon on Mars’ surface, it has been like a good luck charm, or perhaps his security blanket. It does not matter. He has it and you will have to pry it from his cold dead hands.

It is a time capsule that can be held in a single hand, cold or warm, an Earthly encyclopedia of as much human knowledge that can be condensed; a personal log of what has been the most incredible adventure ever in the history of history. He did not know when or if this recorded gem would ever be seen by anyone but him.

Should he ever be the last earthling, dead or alive, the essence of what it means to human and in space is contained for whomever to view. In the case of his children i.e. daughter-in-law and grandson, barreling through space toward Earth, it is a fountain of useful information and endless hours that will help whittle away at the ensuing boredom of their journey.

For example:

Deimostra not only sees herself being born, she is getting a crash course about her home-to-be.

Deke can cue up the moment when he is spirited away from Gus and a flawed SEx.

Joyner gets to witness what life aboard Space Colony 1 was like for his Grandpappy and Grandmum firsthand.

Cerella discovers that her father-in-law is way more sentimental than he leads on; the de facto videographer of the ceremony that joined her to Deke.

Celeste hears her husband speak about her in terms that would make Lorgan blush {we believe}.

The man, who has spawned an entire family in and of space, is exposed for the softy that he is. Hardly a single meaningful moment of his time away from Earth is not contained herein. Who would have guessed that the McKinney patriarch had such mad editing skills?

Digging even deeper into the megabit menagerie of memories, there is footage of King Ranch, complete with a tribute to its founder and dearest friend Braden King. Gone but not forgotten is NASA’s voice to the world, back before Francine Bouchette-Crippen took the mantle. Talk about your ground floor archives. Braden has been gone for quite a while, but the legacy that he passes down to Roy Crippen, Sampson McKinney and a long line that stretches to the edge of the Milky Way and beyond, is a must-see for everyone aboard NEWFOUNDLANDER; wide-eyed yes – dry-eyed no.

The NULL Solution =

Episode 188

page 181

The NULL Solution = Episode 187

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The NULL Solution = Episode 187

… like a doting parent, the glistening orb from Neverland reminds one & all, that he/she/it/they remains dynamic in what goes on in the Milky Way…

The McKinney departure was treated like a holiday, on a planet where cyclical celebrations are nil, until that time in a cycle when those wacky stowaways from a distant planet arrived on their doorstep. If they had drunk-uncles on Eridanus, the McKinneys would be considered such.

While the general population rejoices then and now, Skaldic commiserates with Ekcello. Whether he will ever rid himself of his emotional ties to Deimostra is questionable. He has been spotted with Ekcello in those off-hour circadian rhythm hours practiced by the off-worlders. His mechanical expertise is essential to Ekcello’s doings.

Any elder who is anybody is sure to be on hand to watch NEWFOUNDLANDER whoosh away into the pinkish skies. Regular air travel is mandated to just above the height of the many towers. The piercing of the outer atmosphere is not to be missed or likely repeated anytime soon.

The Null contingent continues to be deliriously happy to roam freely anywhere. Some have ranged far. Others choose to cohabit nearer the action of Eupepsia.

The creativity and resourcefulness of the Null is inspiring. The notion of gift giving had been buried so deep, by the Gifted, that it took individuals like Offingga to compile a crate of mementos for the emigrants to take back to Earth. It will serve as proof that their post-Space Colony 1 adventure really did happen and has not been staged by a NASA conspiracy.

Offingga may be pleased to see Deimostra leave, but she is guilty of nothing more than understanding that the McKinneys are leaving behind a long chapter in their book of life.

As not to be excluded from this seminal moment, ⃝    makes an unexpected appearance. There, like a doting parent, the glistening orb from Neverland reminds one & all, that he/she/it/they remains dynamic in what goes on in the Milky Way.

Of course, any given reflection off by Lorgan is as different as the rare snow-fog-flakes that fall once in a pink moon. Some see faces, others the past and others something unknown.

As NEWFOUDLANDER zooms away, and the occupants look back and forward, they witness what is to be their outbound outcome, had any of them possessed the skill to interpret it?

The NULL Solution =

Episode 187

page 180 (end Ch. 19)