Coca-Cola Confidential

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5 Dark Secrets

About Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola was invented in 1886 by a pharmacist named Dr. John Stith Pemberton, who was also a Civil War vet and morphine addict. Coke is based on a drink called Vin Marine, which was brewed by Parisian chemist Angelo Mariani. Today, Coca-Cola is the most popular soft drink in the world. These are its five darkest secrets.

 5. Actively Worked To Make Sure Kids Drank Coca-Cola Instead of Healthy Choices

In the 1990s, many soft drink companies were trying to attract consumers in a very saturated market. Coca-Cola’s plan was to go after high school students and hopefully get them to choose their brand for life, which is pretty much the same way that tobacco companies used to lure customers.

In the mid-1990s, Coca-Cola started to sign “pouring contracts” with schools. In exchange for premiums that were paid to the schools, Coca-Cola wanted exclusive rights to sell their products in vending machines and in the cafeteria. The schools, who often worked with tight budgets, usually agreed to do it. In some cases, Coca-Cola gave many schools around $30,000 up front and then a commission for the exclusive rights to sell Coke products in their schools for 10 years. In one case, Coca-Cola gave $90,000 to a school in Syracuse, New York, to build a stadium that had a big Coca-Cola sign on it.

While that may not seem super sinister, where it gets into the shady territory is that schools were then encouraged to sell Coke and given bonuses if they sold more product. They were also told that they would make less money if they sold healthier options, like milk or fruit juices, instead of soft drinks. In some cases, healthier options weren’t available at all because Coca-Cola didn’t approve them to be sold in the schools.

Now, 20 years later, there is an obesity epidemic in America. Of course, Coca-Cola has contributed to this problem and they have even acknowledged this in their own reports. For the past 10 years, the single biggest threat to Coca’s Cola profit has been obesity.

4. Their Water Problems

While the recipe for Coca-Cola is a closely guarded secret, one main ingredient that they need to produce the sugary drink is water. It takes 0.71 gallons of water to make 0.26 gallons of Coca-Cola. This becomes a major headache when Coca-Cola decides to set up bottling factories in places that don’t have a lot of water to begin with. Examples of where this has happened are in several states in India, and several places in Latin America.

What happens is that Coca-Cola sets up a bottling plant, they use up too much ground water. That causes water shortages in the area, which means there isn’t enough water to drink or to irrigate crops, which then leads to food shortages. After a decade of protesting, one plant in India was shut down in 2015, but Coca-Cola plants using up too much local water is still a problem in India, Latin America, and in developing countries around the world.

3. Coca-Cola No Longer Contains Cocaine (For a Pretty Racist Reason)

One of the most famous rumors about Coca-Cola is that the original recipe used cocaine… and it’s totally true. They used coca leaves which contained the cocaine alkaloid, which is used to make powdered cocaine.

 It’s tough to say exactly how much cocaine the original drink contained, but there was a little bit in it. Also, the original Coca-Cola was alcoholic as well. However, in 1886, Atlanta (where Coke was bottled) enacted prohibition. So the alcohol was removed and more sugar was added, but the cocaine remained an ingredient in the drink for the next decade.

In 1899, Coca-Cola started selling their drinks in bottles. The bottles were popular among African-Americans because they didn’t have access to fountain pop due to segregation laws. However, this started a panic among some white middle and upper class people. Some very vocal members of those communities were terrified that black people who were empowered by a cocaine drink might start attacking them, and they wouldn’t be able to stop them. In response to the fears, Coca-Cola started to phase out cocaine from the recipe in 1903, and replaced it with caffeine and even more sugar.

2. Coca-Cola and The Colombian Unions

On December 5, 1986, a right-wing paramilitary unit showed up at a Coca-Cola bottling plant in Carepa, Colombia. One of the plant’s union executives, Isidro Segundo Gil, went to ask what the squad wanted and they opened fire on him, killing him. Later that night, the paramilitary group went to the union’s headquarters, where they destroyed their equipment and then burned the place to destroy all the records inside.

The next day, the paramilitary went into the bottling plant and gave the union workers a choice: quit, or die like Gil. Obviously, many of the employees, who were earning $380 to $400 a month, quit their jobs. After they quit, the paramilitary shacked up in the bottling plant for two months. When the plant reopened, the union workers were replaced with workers who were paid $130 a month.

While there is no conclusive evidence that anyone from Coca-Cola’s main office ordered any of the murders, critics point out that Coca-Cola did very little to investigate the murders. In fact, they didn’t complain to the Colombian government that the paramilitary killed their workers or that they were squatting in their facility for two months.

Also, at the time of the assassination, the union workers were trying to negotiate better working conditions with the bottling company Bebidas y Alimentos, which was contracted by Coca-Cola to bottle their product in South America. In the years after the murder, Bebidas has refused to negotiate anything with their workers.

Finally, this wasn’t the only Coca-Cola union to be targeted. At least five other union members working with Coca-Cola were killed in Colombia and the union members were told to quit or die themselves.

In 2001, the Sinaltrainal union brought a lawsuit against Bebidas and Coca-Cola, but the motion against Coca-Cola was dismissed in 2003.

1. Coca-Cola and Peruvian Farmers

As we’ve mentioned, the original Coca-Cola formula contained a small amount of cocaine. When they changed the formula, they had a company called Maywood Chemical Works, which is now the Stepan Company, import coca leaves into the United States from Peru.

Once in the United States, Stepan, who still imports the coca leaves for Coca-Cola, removes the alkaloid that is the key component in powdered cocaine and then they send Coca-Cola the decocainized coca leaf extract. As for what Stepan does with the cocaine alkaloid? Well, they sell it under government supervision for medical use.

For over a century, when drug laws were enacted like the Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914 and the Jones-Miller Act of 1922, they made special exemptions to allow Coca-Cola to keep importing coca plants; making them one of the few American companies that were allowed to import the coca plant. As time went on, Coca-Cola’s popularity increased and Stepan couldn’t sell all the cocaine alkaloid it extracted. This led to special legislation being passed so that Stepan could destroy the excess cocaine alkaloid under government supervision.

 The problem is that coca leaves can be used to make many other products besides Coca-Cola and cocaine like tea, candies, and flour, but the coca farmers in Peru, called cocaleros, can only access the American market through Coca-Cola because of the drug laws that were enacted to stop cocaine from getting into America. With only one purchaser of their product, the cocaleros can do little more than accept Coca-Cola’s terms. As a result, the farmers stay poor, while Coca-Cola made $41 billion in 2016.



Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #319

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #319

…As a direct result of leaving the care of A.O. Campbell, Audrie Franich infects, reacts to an antibiotic treatment from another doc and her frail body gives up the ghost…

Image result for give up the ghost painting

Give up the Ghost by Vincent Xeus

“But…” Ifs and buts may as well be candy and nuts. The Franich girl is quickly becoming a victim of yet another misjudgment. First, she gets pregnant by her merchant marine husband, who goes out to sea and leaves her alone. Secondly, she goes to a white Jacksonville doctor, who makes a lame attempt at an illegal medical procedure; abortion without getting your hands dirty… plain lazy. Then, to correct the second misstep, Doc Campbell is compelled to restore a pre-pregnancy state for young Audrie, the lesser of the previous evils, but it now leads to the final wrong in an error-packed 5 months.


In the intervening month, Audrie Franich, the young mother of two children, dies. As a direct result of leaving the care of A.O. Campbell, she infects, reacts to an antibiotic treatment from another doc and her frail body gives up the ghost. Mother of Audrie, Mary Gray will be at the deathbed, convinced that her daughter is telling her that it is Doctor Alpha Omega Campbell who performed an abortion on her. Not a doctor in Jacksonville or another at Havana.

Image result for attracting attention

All this time, A.O. has been drawing unwanted attention to himself. Despite repeated warnings by his legal counsel, Campbell receives other young white women with different, yet similar conditions as Audrie Franich.

One such is seventeen and unmarried. Her future husband insists that she have an abortion. He will pay for it for now, and then they can marry. Are they getting things backwards? Yes of course, but in 1955, women do not have children out of wedlock, at least the respectable ones. The baby delivers anyway, but lives just two days.

Another woman, who cannot keep straight who she is married to and when, needs an abortion to align her life properly. She cannot have the child of the man she is divorcing, because her new husband would not approve. This picture is so convoluted that the doc is unable to separate out the facts from the fiction. What does he do? Yes of course, he tries to help, even though this patient ingested large doses of quinine in a “do-it-yourself” attempt.

Alpha Omega M.D.

Episode #319

page 301

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #318

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #318

…Out in the hallway, Mary Gray’s imagination is running away with her. To her ear, she hears a baby’s cry. “Oh, what a miracle!…

Magical art from Jae Nelle

Magical art from Jae Nelle

Despite A.O.’s lecture, she misses the third day. “My Daddy’s jetty wouldn’t catch Doc. I ain’t in no shape to walk here ya know.”

No legal disclaimer or otherwise would cover this procedure. He prays that the girl is bacteria free.

“I think you are about ready, Audrie. This should be the last time.” He will be glad to wash his hands of this one.

     Just as he spread the girl’s legs for the final gauzing, her weary uterus expels its lifeless occupant withsmoky-burgess absolutely no warning.

With the adept skills of Smoky Burgess (a catcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates in the National League of Major League Baseball) A.O. fields the exiting baby cleanly. Lillie Chevis lets out a shrill squeal in reaction to a once in a lifetime happening.

Out in the hallway, Mary Gray’s imagination is running away with her. To her ear, she hears a baby’s cry. “Oh, what a miracle!” she storms into 205 in time to witness the doctor placing a blackish limp little body into a bag. “I heard a baby crying.”

Lillie stops Mrs. Gray from advancing further than 10 feet away.

  “No, Mrs. Gray, you are mistaken. This baby has been dead in the womb three or more days. You knew that comin’ into this.”

Her daughter, dripping with sweat from the effort and the closeness of 80% humidity, lays motionless. She sobs uncontrollably, disoriented and amnesic. “Let’s go home, darlin’.”

nurse-call-intercom  “Get a hold of yourself woman. You are 150 miles from home.”  He wishes that he have had Maggie Lou latch onto her and keep her at their house, which is on the same property as the hospital. He presses 205’s intercom button, “Nurse Edwina, would you take Mrs. Gray over to the house. The girl needs to rest up a while before she leaves.

“Pack Audrie up good after I’m done scraping,” he instructs Lillie.

Mrs. Gray is speechless. Staying at a Negro’s house? How did it come to this? She thought this whole thing would be done in an hour. Now it is four days and she must be civil to a black couple, who is holding her daughter against her will.

Audrie is too overwhelmed to protest. Mother Gray’s bigotry is tainting her good sense.

“No, Mr. Campbell, we’re goin’ to Concord… I’d rather take her to her Daddy’s.”

Alpha Omega M.D.


Episode #318

page 300

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #303

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #303

“Curtis, is that you? What did you see?” Curtis did not answer the doctor’s question because he did not know what he saw…


It is not long before Curtis pulls up on Virginia Street. Rather than trying to raise the older woman to her feet, he runs to the front entrance, but he finds the door locked. He peers through the only window that does not have a drawn shade. There is no one at the front desk. There is always someone at the front desk.

“Don’t you be fretting’ Miss Edwina, I’ll go around back.” Curtis knows these grounds like the back of his hand and he knows Doc never locks the back door while somebody is in the building. He happens upon nurse Lilly, who is wrapping something in a small bag. Doc Campbell pokes his head out of the door.

lbmh3-001 “Put that in the cooler with the others fetuses. We’ll take care of them tomorrow.” He is startled by a glimpse of his driver, just ten feet away. “Curtis, is that you? What did you see?”

“Miss Edwina Stevens is out front, she hurt her leg bad.” Curtis did not answer the doctor’s question because he did not know what he saw.

“I’ll be out there quick.” A.O. turns to whisper to Lilly, “You finish packing Missy, oh and unlock the front door.” He then runs to the front of the clinic, bloodstained white lab coat and all.

“Help me get her a wheel chair, Curtis; it looks like her ankle is broke.”

“The door is locked, Doc,” he says while A.O. proves him wrong.ball-chain-001

“Take her Room 2, Curtis; she will be spendin’ the night.” He turns edgily toward his wife’s friend, whose brittle old bones are giving out one after another.  “I will be in to put a splint on your ankle in a minute, Edwina. Take two of these for now.”

The doctor heads down the hall toward the back. His other patient is waiting for the final touches to the procedure that ended her baby’s short life. The grief she is beginning to feel, will shift to unwelcome baggage, uncomfortable feelings that she will carry around, like a ball and chain for the rest of her life.

Alpha Omega M.D.


Episode #303

page 287

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Conspiracy Theories and Mainstream Doctoring – WIF Medicine

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WIF Medicine-001 Conspiracy Theories About
Mainstream Medicine

10. Chemotherapy is a Conspiracy to Make People Sicker


Hearing that you have cancer easily ranks among the worst news any person can get. Despite gobs of research dollars that have been spent, we’re not much closer to actually curing it. Part of this is because there are many, many different kinds of cancer that behave in different ways. You may find a solid cure for a few, but it likely won’t work on many other types at all. Because it kills so many people and is so hard to beat, it’s become the target of conspiracy theorists. Some of these people are touting alternative medicine that they’re selling, so it’s easy to see why they may not believe their own story. However, there are many lay people who have been taken in by these conspiracies.

These people will tell you in ALL CAPS that chemotherapy is poison. It’s designed to take your money while making you sicker, knowing it’s a nonsense “cure” that will never go anywhere. Some of these people will claim that no one has ever been cured of cancer by chemotherapy, ever. Some will say it actually makes everyone who uses it even worse than before.

 While scientists who debunk these claims are very clear that chemotherapy can indeed be helpful, it’s only effective for certain types of cancer and in certain situations. As we mentioned earlier, there’s no one magic bullet for all types of cancer. There’s a chance there may neverbe. Fighting cancer is something that has to be taken piece by piece, one step at a time. Chemotherapy is just one of many legitimate treatments that has been found to have some efficacy for certain situations.

9. Secret Governmental or Medical Powers That Be are Hiding the Cure to AIDS 


When AIDS first started proliferating, the US government pretended nothing was happening for years. The Reagan administration wouldn’t talk about the issue, and when they finally did it was derisively. Some people even referred to it as the “gay plague.” Because the government stood aside so callously and allowed it to run wild initially, it spread much quicker than it may have. This distrust has spawned countless conspiracy theories. Some suggest that it was created by the government either as a biological weapons test, to punish particular minority groups, or both. However, at this point most people accept that the evil that was done is past and we are now in a more enlightened place.

On the other hand, some conspiracy theorists haven’t let things go. They’re certain that there’s something underhanded afoot. It’s their belief that the US, or other powers that be, are conspiring to hide the cure for AIDS. “They” want to depopulate the earth. As far as these elites are concerned, AIDS is a tool for ridding the world of a lot of citizens. So, they’d prefer it to stick around. Some theorists also believe that AIDS is so prevalent in parts of Africa because the US chose it as a testing ground. Many also believe that AIDS is a man-made disease, designed to inflict genocide on gay men and blacks.

Many conspiracy theorists operate on a principle where their theories make them feel better about a scary world. It probably makes them feel better to think that there really is a cure for such terrible diseases. They want to believe evil people are just covering it up, instead of accepting that there are many things humanity has trouble controlling, that can wipe out large amounts of us in a short time.

 8. Western Doctors Were Helping Spread Ebola in West Africa as a Test Run


Not long ago, the Ebola Virus swept through West Africa, killing thousands. People around the world worried about quarantines and possible travel restrictions, as well as what they may have to do should the very worst happen. Some infected people ended up in the United States and the media frenzy went completely wild. Before long, theorists were suggesting that Obama was bringing the virus to America in order to unleash it on groups of people he didn’t like. However, most people have heard much tell of the Western conspiracy theories about Ebola, which usually involve the government trying to sicken their own citizens.

In West Africa, where people were actually dying from the disease on a regular basis, no one really was sure what to believe. There were foreign doctors swarming the area trying to tell them how to change their habits to avoid getting sick. This sometimes conflicted with the deeply held customs of people in more rural areas. And despite the Western doctors’ outside intervention, people still continued to die in large numbers. Before long, many were certain that the foreigners were just there to infect them, make them sicker, or even worse.

Some people believe that the United States has had biological warfare labs in West Africa for years, and that this was the result of either something that became uncontained, or a major experiment in warfare using the people of Western Africa as unwitting test subjects. The second example is obviously much more callous and evil, but both suggest that the US government is a shadowy entity doing their best to circumvent international law and come up with terrifying new agents of biological warfare.

7. Doctors and Hospitals Make People Sicker on Purpose for Repeat Business


 Most people accept that the purpose of a doctor is to heal people. Those who go into the medical profession are putting a ton of time and effort into schooling because they’re passionate about what they do. Doctors are usually paid very well because they have an insane amount of education, and work hideously long hours. Most people understand this, but some conspiracy theorists are convinced that none of it adds up at all.

They’ll tell you that doctors have chosen a career and are cynically in it for the money. As far as these theorists are concerned, curing or fixing your issue is not something a doctor would want to do. Then you no longer need to see him, and he doesn’t make any more money. Therefore, they say, it would make more sense for your doctors to keep you sick on purpose, so they can keep getting money out of you again and again.

The conspiracy theorists claim that the proof is in drugs. They claim that doctors aren’t interested in curing or fixing any problems, only in “treating” you with drugs and other such things that allow them to keep selling you products and making you come back for review longterm. This is, of course, an incredibly cynical line of thinking, to believe that doctors have no interest in truly helping you find a cure. The problem is that not everything can be cured, and some conspiracy theorists do not wish to accept this.

6. Pharmaceutical Agencies and Government are Pacifying You with Antidepressants


In some parts of the world, especially the US, anti-depressant usage is incredibly common and accepted by medical professionals. Doctors prescribe them at rates that some feel are incredibly ridiculous, often for things that seemingly don’t make much sense in terms of their usage. Most people believe that the reason for this is that doctors are often overworked, and don’t have time to run all kinds of fancy tests and figure out the exact problem going on with their patient. Especially if they don’t specialize in psychiatry, as most don’t. So, many doctors will supply people with antidepressants because their patient really wants something. They know it will make the person feel somewhat better if they have a chronic problem.

However, some conspiracy theorists see this issue completely differently. They’re convinced that something very evil is going on. They believe that while antidepressants can work for some people who truly need them, for most they are only a bandaid on deeper problems. Doctors know this, and are doing it to keep the population dumb and zombified. As far as they’re concerned, the mass usage of antidepressants was orchestrated by the US government in order to control the masses, and also provide a certain amount of population control, as some antidepressants can cause suicidal feelings in those who use them.

5. Chemtrails (not contrails) are Making Us Sick to Give Doctors Something to “Treat”


There are many popular theories about chemtrails. They control the population through mind control. They’re used to destroy the population by killing us off slowly, without us realizing it. But this one is a bit over the top in comparison. Some people believe that, while it may be the big bad government creating the chemtrails, and that they are indeed toxic, they’re actually there for a much different purpose than most theorists imagined.

These alleged chemtrails — which no conspiracy theorist has been able to satisfactorily prove as the dangerous spraying they claim — are alleged to be used in order to make the population just sick enough that they have to go to the doctor a lot more. This allows doctors to make a lot more money, because people will be coming in for sinus issues, or coughing, or other chronic things caused by the chemtrails that will never truly go away. Doctors can keep treating people in perpetuity, and make boatloads of steady cash doing so. As far as the theorists are concerned, this whole thing makes perfect sense, and isn’t at all like something out of a bad sci-fi movie.

Doctors tend to have more than enough patients that they are actually overworked in pretty much every country in the world. No doctor would want or need to make their patients sicker in order to have enough clients. In fact, most doctors would probably love the decreased workload and still make more than enough money without any worry. Those who distrust any major organization will choose to remain distrustful and unconvinced.

4. The ADA is a Fraud Designed to Harm People


For those who don’t know, the ADA is the American Dental Association. They’re the licensing board that makes sure that dentists are properly trained to do their jobs. They ensure that patients deal with the least pain possible and come out of the situation with their teeth in better working order.

 However, as far as some conspiracy theorists are concerned, the ADA is nothing but a huge pack of lies meant to harm the American people. They’re quick to point out that the actual dentists are likely just fine people. They were only trained to believe what the evil ADA wants them to believe. They’re convinced, though, that because of the ADA’s complicity in giving people flouride and using it regularly, that the organization is in league with the government on a massive betrayal of the common people.

Aside from just flouride, they believe that even suggesting a root canal is wrong in every situation. The ADA often recommends them, despite them being so horribly dangerous. Clearly, there’s something nefarious at play there. They’re also worked up that the ADA allows fillings that have small amounts of metals like mercury in them, worried that it will somehow poison the person who has it in their mouth. Such policies, as far as the theorists are concerned, cannot be tolerated and prove that the official world of dentistry cannot be trusted at all.

3. SARS was a Biological Attack Test Run Against the Chinese by the USA


When the SARS epidemic started in China, it was a similar but not quite as frenzied hype as that of the Ebola Virus outbreak. It was already starting to kill, and people were worrying about it spreading quickly through China and then the globe, but it had not come close to causing the kind of damage Ebola had yet.

 However, being a deadly disease that had the potential for extreme danger, it wasn’t long before the conspiracy theories began in earnest. Some people in China were convinced that their government was going to declare martial law and start quarantining or shutting down entire cities. Others claimed the government planned to help immunize people by spraying the cities using low flying planes. The most damaging and dangerous theory, though, suggested that the entire thing was orchestrated by the US government.

Those who pushed this theory believed that it was biological warfare against the Chinese people. The virus was especially designed to take out the Chinese. Two Russian scientists put fuel on the fire by claiming to the media that SARS must be man-made, and had to have been designed in a lab. This led to the further conspiracy that the US and Japan had a cure to the disease. The entire thing was orchestrated to distract the Chinese from the ongoing war in Iraq. While many citizens may have believed these theories, the Chinese government themselves were swift to crack down on those spreading the rumors.

2. AIDS was Knowingly Transported Back to the USA by Merck Pharmaceuticals


As we mentioned, there are a lot of crazy theories out there about AIDS. Some are convinced that it was used by evil people for evil purposes. Some think it was man-made. Others think it was discovered, tested on the public, and then got out of control. The accepted explanation is that it was originally a simian immunodeficiency virus, and that it made it’s way to people, originally while in Africa. Some theorists believe in a completely different “truth.”

They believe they have transcripts of the truth (that were supposedly cut from the official version), from an interview with scientists who worked for Merck Pharmaceuticals, talking about how AIDS really came to be. Allegedly, these scientists were talking about working to come up with polio vaccine by using monkeys. But the monkeys kept dying in transit. These supposed transcripts show that Merck knowingly brought monkeys that had the disease back into the US for testing, helping it break out and become the horror it is today.

However, the theorists actually go further than this. The transcript makes it sound like the researchers were using monkeys with the virus as part of their research for a polio vaccine. They may have been irresponsible after the fact for bringing them into the country, but the theorist has a completely different take. He believes that the researchers were actually using the monkeys to create AIDS, and were confessing at last to the truth of their horrendous deed — while laughing about it. In actuality, even if this transcript were true, it doesn’t prove that these men created AIDS, or that it was man-made at all. It really only proves what we’ve known all along: conspiracy theorists are freaking nuts.

 1. Bird and Swine Flu were Overhyped on Purpose to Gauge the Public’s Reaction

swine flu

Many people would agree that the media is often irresponsible in their over-sensationalizing of deadly disease. Every new thing, whether it’s Ebola, SARS, bird flu, or swine flu, is the latest virus that’s going to totally kill us all. It’s a great way to make attention grabbing headlines. Many of us are now skeptical of the latest threat. We generally just try to maintain good health habits, knowing that it’s the best we can do. However, some people are convinced that when something like bird flu or swine flu are being hyped, it’s actually a government game of psychological warfare they’re playing on their own people. The world governments, the Illuminati, and the other powers that be are supposedly constantly fabricating deadly epidemic scares out of almost nothing for the purpose of increasing their control.

Once people get scared of the disease, they will then produce a vaccine. People will be terrified into going and taking it en masse. This vaccine will then slowly give people lots ofother diseases over time. This will ensure population control. It will also make big money for the pharmaceutical industry, who basically makes a killing selling the vaccines.

According to the theorist who pushes these theories, vaccines never work. At all. Ever. They’re also extremely dangerous and designed by the secret powers that be to hurt people and maintain control. While some anti-vaxxers are simply convinced that there’s a small chance vaccinations can cause autism and the government doesn’t want you to know, this particular theorist takes a much stronger stance. As far as he is concerned, there’s no such thing as a good vaccination, and there never will be.

Conspiracy Theories and

Mainstream Doctoring

WIF Conspiracy-001

– WIF Medicine

Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #297

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #297

Chapter Seventeen


…Carolyn Hanes grieves about the loss of her friend, not a physical loss so much as an amnesia-like deprivation. The Sara she knew and loved is fading away…


“She has been gone for a week now, Bob. Last time it was only two days and I’m starting to get really scared. How long do we sit on our hands.”

“I think you’re right, the same aliens that took her the first time are messing with her again.” They Fountain FOYare trying to figure out what to do next. “She hasn’t aged a bleeping day since New Mexico. Those little beggars have been dipping Sara into the fountain of youth, Lyn.”

“At the expense of her mind, you mean. She has regressed thirty years. She doesn’t even remember that she and I were… uh, friends. Last month she was upset that you and I were married, this week she can’t remember why. It’s getting so bad that Jenny Hawkins has taken over her shop. Sara acts like a customer now, telling Jen that she is a dancer, looking for that she needs the perfect outfit for a recital. Bob, she wanted to be a ballerina when she was in college, but she was two sizes too big. ”

  Conspiracy in the Cactus-001Lyn grieves about the loss of her friend, not a physical loss so much as an amnesia-like deprivation. The Sara she knew and loved is fading away. “What is even scarier is that the ship that crashed in New Mexico may not be the one. There were probably two or more of those things cavorting around the world, messing with us ignorant human beings. And what does our government do about it? ‘     ‘Do not believe your eyes’, they say. I am so lucky we snuck my Conspiracy in the Cactus under theirLots of letters radar.

Do you realize that they would have done anything to stop me had they knew. We’re not to be trusted with the truth? It must be driving them nuts, tracking down all those poor souls unfortunate enough to believe their own eyes. We are far from the only people seeing evidence of these UFOs; I get fifty letters a week telling me that my book was right on the mark. Thousands of people all over the earth are seeing these things, hundreds are disappearing, some never coming back. Others come back, like Sara, messed with inside and out.”

Alpha Omega M.D.


Fountain of Youth by Michael Godard

Episode #297

page 281

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #296

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #296

…The Negro community in Florida will look back at what A.O. Campbell has done with great pride, and the promise that success is there for all who are willing to work hard…


New Jersey was memorable for A.O. Campbell, after making the longest house call in his career. He delivered a healthy baby girl for his daughter Angela and it was nice seeing Camille Diaz again. She was so happy to be a grandmother, a tailor-made fit for a loving woman. It makes him wonder what it would have been like if she had been a part of his life. One thing for sure, she would make do with a lot less than Maggie Lou.

   He returns to Florida with a dark cloud overhead. His hospital has turned into a money pit and he has lost perhaps his greatest asset, his lawyer and friend, James Ferrell. His wife, Abbey and sister Agnes were with James to the end, trying to get him to pull through, but the antibiotics were no match for lungs filled with mucous. He used some of his last conscious moments to write a note to A.O. Campbell.Image result for watching you

Scribbled on a scrap of hospital paper, the one line read:

Be careful, Alpha. I think they are watching you. Call R. Worth Moore, he knows.

Shortly after that, the Ferrell legacy fell into the lap of the Ferrell women. Neither James nor Cyril Odz were able to produce a child and the Ferrell grocery chain, the pride of father John, was bought out by Food Fair a more national company. Why is it that a good longtime family like the Ferrells dies on the vine and the stinkers like the Lewis and Wilson clans reproduce like vermin?

The Campbells are hanging in there, but again without a male heir. With A.O. into his sixties, his empire an extension of John Ferrell – via Maggie Lou, there is a perceivable end to a historic dynasty. The Negro community in Florida will look back at what A.O. Campbell has done with great pride, and the promise that success is there for all who are willing to work hard.


LBMH-001 Success does come with a price tag. That and .75 cents gets you a ride on the bus to Panama City. That and $252.50 gets you a mortgage on a hospital. Unless he lives to be 88 years old, he probably will not see that debt retired. The plan was to pay it off in ten years, but that was contingent on other doctors, black or otherwise, working out of it.

And that did not happen. So on January 23rd of 1951, at the age of 62, when some lucky Americans retire with a pension, Mr. J.L. Lewis recommends Doctor A.O. Campbell for active staff appointment at A&M Hospital. His family simply needed the money. Vacant lots and run down houses do not pay the bills. Even the lots on Campbell Lake go unsold. Real estate taxes are gobbling up rental revenue.


Communist witch-hunts, yet another foreign war, blatant racism and back-stabbing friends, can be summed up with one word: inhospitable.

Alpha Omega M.D.



Episode #296

page 280 (end ch. 16)

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