Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #295

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #295

…Your biggest misunderstanding is believing Bob Ford has anything to do with bringing drugs into the United States. He is a true hero…

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“I came to Miami to see Robert Ford, not to have my book reviewed,” explains Carolyn Hanes.

          “Yes, he is here and just as talkative as you. It seems he doesn’t know how the cocaine got onto his airplane.”

          “Cocaine? He wouldn’t know what cocaine was if came up and bit his behind.”

          “Would Constance Caraway know?”

          “Yes. In book four, she tracks down a corrupt cop. Cocaine is a byproduct of the cocoa plant, grown chiefly in South American countries.”

          “You know quite a lot about this illegal drug.”

          “I do my research.”

Long way-001

“How did you research the debris from the spaceship crash? I don’t recall many of those, you?”

“That’s what fiction is. Made up, you know imagination. You probably don’t have one.”

“Oh come on now, you don’t need to verbally assault me. I am just trying to clear up a series of misunderstandings.”

Your biggest misunderstanding is believing Bob Ford has anything to do with bringing drugs into the United States. He is a true hero, with no motivation to do something stupid.”

“You’re right. That only happens when you two are together. Just how long did you think it would be before we found out about you and Ford taking pieces of a government weather balloon to Weather on marsunsuspecting scientists for examination? They have their standards, you know.”

“Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure, I don’t have a corner on that market.”

  “What is the weather like on your planet?”

“Funny girl!” He is getting nowhere. The whole object of this sting operation was to rattle the duo into keeping Roswell a government secret… silly boy. “You will find Ace Bannion tabooupstairs, waiting patiently for his precious Constance.”

“Were you born this way or did you have an accident?”

“In a war of words, I am defenseless?” He extends his hand. “How is your friend, Sara?”

“She isn’t the same, but awfully lucky she got off that spaceship.”

Subject: Taboo. End of discussion.

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“What did you do to get me off the hook?” Bob Ford thought his goose was cooked. Instead, he goes from the frying pan to the royal treatment.

“It appears that a little knowledge goes a long way.” Lyn winks at her partner. “They just wanted to scare us.”


          “No. You?

          “Just a little.”

“Cocaine? Next thing you know, Shirley Temple is going to be arrested for being a prostitute and I am a Chiang Kai-shek sympathizer.”

“You do look good in red.”

“What’s going on in this world, another war, and in Korea of all places? This whole obsession with Communism makes me ill. I guess the word “trust” is just another noun.”

“Is the word “fly” a verb?”

“Yes it is. Let’s make Miami a bad memory.”

Alpha Omega M.D.

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Emerico Toth ~ Lady in Red

Episode #295

page 277

Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #294

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #294

…I have become a big Constance Caraway fan… and that Ace Bannion, he cracks me up; reminds me of Bob Ford, in a rugged sort of way…

Miami International Airport 36th Street Terminal

Within hours, Lyn Hanes is walking down the corridors of Miami International Airport. Although Coppertoneshe was a Floridian, she had never been this far south. She is amazed how different it is from the Panhandle, both in climate and population. It is very warm and very military, the latter left over from WWII, and it is currently holding Robert Ford in a bunker below ground.

          As it turns out, they were looking for her to show up, not because Ford told them she would be coming, just because they had been digging for dirt on their detainee. “Please come this way, Miss Hanes.”

          She does not resist and ends up in a room by herself. It reminds her of their experience in New Mexico. It should. Old friend, Sgt. Vincent Smith comes in, flanked by new recruits.

Meet again “We meet again, Miss Hanes.”

“So nice to see you Sergeant.”

“You know I had a feeling we would be seeing more of each other. And imagine Image result for good old timesRobert Ford being here too. Just like old times, wouldn’t you say?”

“Good old times?”

“Good, only if you aren’t looking for the truth. In the meantime, I have become a big Constance Caraway fan. And that Ace Bannion, he cracks me up; reminds me of Bob Ford, in a rugged sort of way.” He is slightly sarcastic in his undertones. “Tell me, Miss Hanes, how did you ever dream up that whole space ship thing? That’s pretty far fetched stuff for Constance to get involved in.”

“I was listening to a rebroadcast of “War of the Worlds” on the radio and it gave me this idea for Constance to investigate a spaceship crash.”

“Something inspired you, but I believe it is what you didn’t tell me then and what you aren’t going to tell me now, that gave you the idea. And good old Newt Swakhammer, you know you can’t make up a name like that.”

   “There is no Newt Swakhammer in my book.”

          “Oh, you’re correct, I keep getting the real and the made up, mixed up. Old Newt seems to have a fuzzy recollection of a man and a woman, an airplane and missing government property. Constance Caraway had a strangely similar episode. It’s funny how art imitates life.”

Alpha Omega M.D.

Episode #294

page 276

Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode # 292

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #292

… It is so ironic that James Ferrell occupies room 209 at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, not the hospital he fought so hard to save…

Meanwhile Caption-001Down where the rubber meets the road, nearer to God than Alpha Centauri, James Ferrell clings to life Image result for where the rubber meets the roadafter a ghastly battle with pneumonia. He had been working himself harder than ever, warding off the ever increasing blows being thrown at Doctor Alpha Omega Campbell. In his attempt to maintain A.O.’s flawless reputation, which has become a full time chore, Ferrell put his own health at risk. Having a physician for a client should be a good thing, but in this case, the doctor is not in the house.

He is in New Jersey to visit brother Hosey. No – that was the company line. Angela Ophelia Diaz is expecting any day, nine months pregnant with a certain Florida doctor’s second grandchild. He had not completely severed his ties with mother Camille Diaz, the woman who took him under her wing when he really needed it, and has been checking in from time to time over the past thirty years. He was motivated by his overriding sense of responsibility, being the pregnant girl’s father and all and not having financially supported either of them… other than an occasional birthday present.

Image result for hanging on by a thread

Meanwhile, his attorney was juggling real estate in an effort to keep Laura Bell Memorial Hospital afloat. Legitimate revenues are not paying the bills, other than the rental properties, and even some of them have fallen into disrepair. Roofs need roofing, broken windows remain broken, and tenants are becoming untenable.

It is so ironic that James Ferrell occupies room 209 at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital, not the hospital he fought so hard to save. Lilly Chevis is at his side, personally attending to him as a representative of LBMH, helping to make the 70 year old man as comfortable as possible.

He was always stopping by the clinic, making sure the bills were being paid and keeping track of the patient register. There have been whispers about late night visits by mostly young white women. He suspects that abortions comprise the bulk of those calls.

Ferrell has been dying a little bit at a time, with the knowledge that the doctor will be indefensible somewhere down the line. The racial climate leading up to 1950 has been spiraling downward. It is becoming fashionable to flaunt the differences between whites and blacks. Whites feel they can be openly hateful and blacks are becoming increasingly vocal in protesting injustice, which has a polarizing effect that trickles down to the otherwise ambivalent. Unfortunately for people of color, the law comes down on the side of prejudice and that can scare the best of lawyers.

Alpha Omega M.D.

Image result for hanging on by a thread artwork

Hanging by a thread by Do Ho Suh, textile and thread sculpture

Episode #292

page 275

Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #291

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #291

… For someone who sports a Hicksville personae, the rancher who had a spaceship drop onto his land, actually has organized his collection in a logical way…


Llano Estacado Briscoe County – Tule Canyon TX

10,000 acres covers a lot of ground and Newt’s “Fer Piece” is all that and ten miles more. About half way to San Angelo, a solitary butte rises out of the parched earth.

Llano Estacado is the northeast marker of my spread.”

“I thought I saw a band of Comanche back there.” Lyn has never seen so much nothing.

“Apaches, maybe, not Comanche, they’re up north, but all the injuns is up at Twin Buttes reservation, ‘bout a day’s ride from here.”

“This will do just fine, Newt.” Lyn takes off her hat, which has spared her face the forces of a midday sun, and fluffs her skirt. She spits the dust from her bone-dry mouth.

  “Hey, Bart, give the lady a canteen, can’t you see she’s parched!”

Once the horses were lashed to a batch of mesquite bushes, the quartet of long-riders skirts the base of the huge rock rising hundreds of feet straight up. Invisible from anywhere but a few feet away, they are Image result for hicksvilleled through a narrow slit in the small, flat-topped mountain. Bart strikes a match, applying its tiny glow to a ring of torches, revealing Newt Swakhammer’s secret treasure.

For someone who sports a Hicksville personae, the rancher who had a spaceship drop onto his land, actually has organized his collection in a logical way. Like items are gathered together. “I tried to fill my truck with one of everythin’, sepptin’ the little guys.”

“You did well, Newt, though I suspect the government might frown on your actions. But I would suggest that some of this should be examined by scientists. I think I know someone who will be able to help.”

“I don’t know you well, Mr. Ford, but I am a trustin’ you and Miss Lyn is who you say you is. And if you say this stuff should be looked at, then it will, by golly.”

“Great Lyn, if you can stay here with Newt, Bart and I will ride back and get the Cub? West Texas seems to be one big airstrip!”Conspiracy in the Cactus-001

          “Remind you of anything, Bob Ford? You live for these adventures.”

Not unlike his partner, the one of them that takes adventure, real or invented, and applies them to the printed page; arrange and rearrange words, make and remake life experiences until they tell an interesting story.

          When they finally take off, in the waning light of an enormous day, they leave behind a story that may take decades to unravel. Will man ever come face to face with the builders of that unfathomable ship of space? Questions will always outnumber answers, yet even if we knew more, would we like what we hear?

Alpha Omega M.D.

My Project 20-001

Episode #291

page 274

Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #290

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #290

…  “Do you know someone that those beggars kidnapped?” Newt is catching on to the thrust of their visit…

Alien Abduction by Tom Shropshire

Alien Abduction by Tom Shropshire

The “Newt” interview was getting stranger by the minute. Little creatures, foreign metals, and a businessman of all things; every one of them probably aboard that identical craft Lyn and Bob saw on that fateful day in 1947.

“Things are starting to add up, aren’t they?” Bob Ford is astonished at what he is hearing.

“Not only are they adding up, I think they are multiplying exponentially. No matter what spin you put on it, these creatures were in the business of snatching people and animals off the planet, for God knows what reason. I wonder how long that poor man in the blue suit was gone from his family. Damn, Bob, what right do they have to pilfer people’s lives? Look what they did to Sara, stealing part of her mind… and a kidney? What is that? It’s sick, that’s what it is.”

  “Do you know someone that those beggars kidnapped?” Newt is catching on to the thrust of their visit.

Image result for alien abduction art

Alien Abduction Art by Jeffrey S. Westover

“That’s right, Newt, we have a friend who they had for six years. She could have been on that ship when it went down. She must have outlived her usefulness to them.” Carolyn Hanes had not taken the time to let her bitterness surface, but now that the facts are lining up, there is no reason to hold back.

“If they was so damned smart, what made them crash?” Newt wonders.

“I don’t know what brought them down, but it is a fitting end.” Lyn concludes.

“Could be that city slicker done got fed up with them messin’ with him and grabbed the steering wheel.”

“Not out of the realm of possibility, Mr. Swakhammer.” Ford knows that something bad had to happen to a space craft that had to have traveled millions of miles to reach Earth. It was time to see some pieces of history. “May we see those souvenirs of yours?”

Can y’all ride a horse?”

Bob looks at Lyn, whose dress is not exactly suited for a western-style saddle. “Can’t you drive us?”

“Not where I got that stuff, guy. Newt Swakhammer ain’t no one’s fool!”

“What do you mean, fool?”roswell debris

“I never knows when those army guys will show up and I figure they must enough of their own goodies, ain’t gonna have mine! Got it hid good.”

“Well, then let’s get going, but make sure you give me a tame horse,” requests the ever game Florida gal.

“Ol’ Flossy will give you a good ride, Miss and you best wear this.” He hands her a Stetson that looked like it had been hanging on that fence post since the days of Santa Anna and the Alamo. “Say, do you mind if Bart there goes with us? He’ll drive the jeep, in case we need a fast getaway.” He points to what appears to be a hired hand, who has been eyeing their single engine plane. “He ain’t never seen one close up.”

“We will give him a plane ride when we get back.”

Hoo doggies! Do you hear that Bart, they will take us flyin’?! Saddle up Flossy and three others; we’re headed for Fer Piece!”

Alpha Omega M.D.

The Back Forty-001

Episode #290

page 273

Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #289

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #289

…Newt Swakhammer seems like a guy who lets the world happen around him…

My Project 20-001

“Look at that! There is an ass on the runway.”

          “Be nice to the man, Bob, we want him to spill his guts.”

          “No, an actual donkey, silly. Oh… okay, he is dragging it off. He must have seen us coming.” He tilts their plane left, then right to signal (the flying hello). He waves them in.

“He certainly looks friendly.”

“His name is Newt Swakhammer and he was the first person to see the crash.”

“Swakhammer? Maybe he should have had the government change his name, too. I couldn’t make up a name like that. Hi, I’m Newt Swakhammer.”


          “Take it easy, Lyn.” Ford doesn’t want her breaking up in front of the rancher. “Frankly, I’m surprised they didn’t find him a ranch in Argentina. I have a feeling that we are the last people the Air Force wants him to talk to.”

“Too late.” And it was.

The landing goes smoothly, except for having to dodge numerous prairie dog holes, while causing a small stampede of rangy Herefords.

   “Don’t you worry about them cattle, they’ll be back,” Newt assures his guests. “We don’t get many visitors out here.”

          “Are those cows the same ones you had in New Mexico, because I could see why they would be afraid of things that fly?” Excellent segue into the topic at hand.


“The ones that ain’t longhorns, yeah, they followed me to Texas. You know, come to think of it, those Herefords is a skidderish bunch. Some of ‘em would be gone for days, then come on back fatter than they was when they left out.” Newt Swakhammer seems like a guy who lets the world happen around him. “No sense in making sense of every little thing, that’s what I always say.”1947

          “Did that crash a couple years back make any sense to you, Newt?” Bob knows that Newt knows that Lyn knows.

          “Just about scared the tar out o’me, it did. I was in the house, rustling up some grub when it hit the ground, so bright it blinded me for a bit. Still see spots floatin’ ‘round when I’m in the dark.”

“What did you see when you went out to see what’s what?” Lyn broadens his myopic recollection.

“What didn’t I see? Junk everywhere, a full section of land sizzlin’, and smokin’.”

“Did you pick up anything, for a souvenir?”

Alabama Hills pan l

  “At first I didn’t. Never saw anything like that stuff; gadgets, lights still flashin’, some tin metal so thin you could see through it, even a couple bodies. No noses on those little beggars, one of ‘em still livin’ until the Army showed up.”

“What did the army do with it, uh, them?”

“Carted ‘em off wrapped in blankets, in a big time hurry too. Told me they was kids in costume. Which I could believe, but that don’t explain the grown-up I saw.”


“Yeah, some guy in a fancy blue suit, well it must have been fancy before gettin’ singed to a crisp.”

***panoramic photography | jacob rosen***

Alpha Omega M.D.

Newt Swakhammer-001

Episode #289

page 272

Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #288

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #288

…The changes in Sara may be more obvious, but Lyn’s metamorphism manifests itself right where she lives and cannot be avoided…

Conspiracy in the Cactus-001“Some-one or some-thing did something to you during those six years and I intend to find out exactly what it was and how to correct it.”

“That’s swell, Lyn, but while you and Captain Ford do that, you and I are drifting apart. Sure, we’re friends, that’ll never change, but we used to be lovers, Lyn. I may not remember what I did yesterday, but I do recall sleeping in the same bed.”

Lyn knew that this subject would come up sooner or later, preferably the latter. Her feelings for Sara had changed, somewhere between 1941 and forever. What happens when you think a person is dead? There is the process of grieving, which is basically saying goodbye. Is goodbye a one-way switch?  Or was it the six-year separation that put out the fire? The changes in Sara may be more obvious, but Lyn’s metamorphism manifests itself right where she lives and cannot be avoided.

“I can’t put my finger on it, Sare, but neither of us is the same person. It’s like the Pacific Clipper changed our lives forever.”

Mercifully, the telephone rings. Ironically, the Clipper strikes again.

roswell debris “Lyn, meet me at the airport. I got a call from the owner of the ranch where the debris field is in Roswell. The government moved him to Texas, gave him ten thousand bloomin’ acres. No wonder we couldn’t find him. Can you believe it? He heard about us poking around town. I told you that leaving my business card at the barber shop would pay off.  This guy went back for a trim and bingo! He needs to talk to somebody who won’t treat him like a loony or a criminal like the military. He has his own landing strip!” Ford is so excited that Carolyn did not have the chance to say hello.

“I’m sorry, you must have the wrong number; this is Connie’s Bakery – head crumb speaking.” She has her usual fun with him.

          “Get moving, wiseacre. We have head wind at 5,000 feet.”

          “You really know how to treat a girl, Ford, but I’ll be there in an hour anyway.”

          “Sorry, Lyn, but this is so big. I’ll have her all warmed up and ready to go.”

          “I love your enthusiasm, Bob. See you there. Bye.”

She turns to tell Sara where she is going. The back screen door is swinging closed.

Alpha Omega M.D.

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Episode #288

page 271