Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #158

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #158

…You were going to ask me a question, Harv. When you are at a loss for words, it is invariably serious and probably very personal…

Harv Pearson is not as dense as Judith thinks. He knows that he can never be a publishing giant, not with his love for the field and his newfound passion for their magazine. Selling out to Jackson, his editor at The Quincy Reporter, is the right thing to do… but so too is marrying the woman he loves. That makes two important items he hasn’t made time for. Should either or both grow tired of his procrastination, it would literally be a crying shame.

“Judith?” He stops his preparation for a transcontinental commute to a burning San Francisco, to prevent a fire at home. “What would you say; no… I was wondering if, I mean… we haven’t really discussed this, but…”

Pop-the-Question3     “Yes!” she says with assurance.

“Yes? But I didn’t ask you a yes or no question.”

          “You were going to, Harv. I know that when you are at a loss for words, it is invariably serious and probably very personal.” It is the unspoken task for women to pry the truth out of creatures who are inherently incapable of doing it well, if at all. “So, my answer is, yes, I will marry you and it is high time; I passed the spinster line some time before I met you.”

  ‘That was easy’, Pearson thinks to himself. Had he known what little effort it took, this proposing thing, he would have spared Judith’s sofa the imprint of his body.

“Well it’s a good thing we are doing this legal. I believe the common-law statute was just Common Lawabout ready to kick in.” Harv injects humor into a laughable situation, taking her perplexed person into his loving embrace. “You know that this changes everything, don’t you?”

“Yes, if you mean that you are losing that “big brother” camouflage… or that you will drop that nasty habit of squashing your passion. It’s not healthy, you know, having a lion inside the body of a pussy cat. We’ve wasted precious time in a cage and I intend to let you out.”


He responds to her metaphor, however corny, even to the point where it is she who must apply the brakes to their passion, which has found its way to an office settee. “Harv, honey, Stanley will be here any minute with the proofs of Emmeline Pankhurst.” She is speaking of English “suffragette” whom they are featuring in this month’s issue.

“I guess it is back into the cage.”

“Now don’t you pout,” she reassembles unfastened articles of her clothing, though she would have preferred not to.

Stanley, the lab technician, strolls into the tail-end of the compromising scene, unaware of how close he was to viewing his bosses in a new and revealing light. Fortunately his pupils are still dilating from the darkroom black.

Alpha Omega M.D.

Huckleberry Hound “The Lion Tamer”

Episode #158

page 147

Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #148

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #148

…It is funny how you can feel like a donkey one minute and a thoroughbred the next (or going from the outhouse to the penthouse)…


“Kindred Spirits” by Randy McGovern

After removing the tail from between his legs, young James Ferrell enters the other world where he is not exactly the master of; through magnificent oak doors and past splendid mahogany furniture – vacant of a single voting rights supporter at Beacon Hill Partners.

Norma, the legal secretary who never seems to leave the office and knows more about everyone than they are comfortable with, gives him a message: “Your wife just called Mr. Ferrell. She said to bring home fresh eggs for breakfast and you know how she likes them. Sunnyside-up?” she asks. He nods. “I knew it. She looks like a sunny person.”

 “Oh, you bet,” he agrees sarcastically.

  “Problems in Camelot? Maybe Mr. Hamilton can brighten your gloomy day. He wants to see you in his office.”

  ‘Swell,’ he thinks out loud. Interns make little money and does the grunt work. They look at the Pearson-Eastman project as a bonus, usually not entrusted to interns for sure. They probably want him to deliver a summons to some drunken sailor down at Boston Harbor.

  “Good day, James,” begins the sternest looking lawyer ever to be found, short of the Supreme Court.

   James? He has always called him, Mr. Ferrell. Surely the other shoe is going to drop.

Vertical-001     “Sit down. Have a chocolate.” James accepts a bonbon from the jar, afraid to say no. “Your wife telephoned us; just before you arrived I would say. She told me that you forgot the papers from the United States Patent Office at your apartment, says they pertained to your Pearson-Eastman deal.

“I must say, James, you are a step ahead of the rest of us. Fine work. To save you time, I had Norma type you up a copy.” He hands the quadruplicate forms to a dumbfounded young man.

“I will send them by courier to Rochester, sir.” He recovers his senses in time to take advantage of his wife’s peace offering, however much a half-truth it may have been. It is funny how you can feel like a donkey one minute and a thoroughbred the next (or going from the outhouse to the penthouse).

“No, I think it would be prudent to take them to New York personally, far too important to be left to strangers. They would like to have the first issue hit the newsstands January the first, which leaves but a month and a half. We can help them by taking the pain out of the paperwork.

  Vertical-001“Norma?” barrister Hamilton commands the magic of the black box on his desk that, if it were not in an office, could serve as shelter for a family of four, “would you book a Pullman car to Rochester, New York for tomorrow.”

“Mr. Hamilton, I have classes this week. If I miss them I may fall behind,” young Ferrell declares reluctantly.

“Behind? My son, you are quite ahead, I must say.” Hamilton is more frank than ten normal people combined. “I will run out to Cambridge and take care of that matter. Don’t you worry, son, you stand to learn more here with us than out of those boring lectures.

“And I will tell the Harvard library that your lovely wife will be out of town as well. She sounds like a valuable personal asset to you – if for no other reason than keeping track of the papers.

“We are going to put a wrap deal up with a tidy bow.”

Alpha Omega M.D.


Episode #148

page 136

Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #137

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #137

…as far as I am concerned, this is the classic case of good a thing happening to good people…

Eleven of the original dozen return to the Hotel Niagara. No, no one gets lost or killed – merely waylaid. It is no surprise that Harv stays behind, to explore the merits of night photography. His pass key may go unused. “Don’t you worry about me,” he tells them. They do not, but it does not prevent the adults from using their imagination.

The carriage ride back to Ferry Street is jam-packed with cross talk, about favorite dishes, the champagne, the President, the Statlers Hotel, but mostly Harv and Judith Eastman.

“Some people have a monopoly on luck,” laments Jacques Francoise, feeling like the wallflower at a cotillion; lonely, jealous and unchosen.

“Luck has little to do with it, my boy,” counsels Herbert Love, the benefactor of a successful marriage. “Harv has held out for the very same thirty years that Phoebe and I have been married. He had his chances along the way, but never the right woman. It takes courage not to marry out of loneliness. So, as far as I am concerned, this is the classic case of good a thing happening to good people.”

“The moral of the story is?” asks the other applicable party, Jacob Haley.

“I would say, ‘He who hesitates is not always lost’.”

“It’s more like, ‘Don’t put a fox in an empty henhouse’,” jokes Ziggy, whose world is far less complicated, rarely resorting to lofty theory.

He gets an elbow in his ribs for his trouble. “Shush, Siegfried! You can be such a visenheimer.” Frieda would know.


They are back at the hotel before poor Jacob & Jacques can be humiliated any further, returning to a staff that attends to them in earnest, not contempt. One can only hope that this small piece of attitude adjustment is a highly infectious disease, spreading faster than a million, million mosquitoes carrying yellow fever.

Alpha Omega M.D.

Episode #137

page 125

Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #134

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #134

…Harv did not intend to ambush the poor woman, down-playing the magnitude of his party, but he has long ago learned that name-dropping is a tool of the weak…

Name dropper-001

“Are you hungry?” Harv Pearson asks out of the blue, his own stomach reminding him with empty rumblings and the promise of a gourmet offering to impress his newfound acquaintance. “If you are, I have been ignoring my friends and I am sure you would be a welcome addition.” She does not respond immediately. “It’s just a little buffet, not a big deal.”

Judith Eastman lowers any remaining barriers to getting to know this man of the South. “Let me freshen my face in the ladies room. Would you watch my gear?”

“We’ll be right outside here,” Harv promises, “your camera and I that is.”

Inside the vacant confines of the washroom, Judith is dismayed, “I’m a wreck.” It is true that the day has taken its toll, but it takes but a twirl and tuck of her lengthy dark hair, with a tweak and lift of the bodice of her shirtwaist, hiking up her floor-length skirt. After applying a coat of red lipstick, somewhat bold for the times, but very much Judith, she nervously concludes, “Okay, take a deep breath. You’re not a schoolgirl anymore.”

Her attentive attendant stands at his watch, alerted by the clicking of her narrow heeled shoes. “Let’s go!”

Small talk occupies the short walk to the private banquet room. Harv manages the double doors even with his arms holding fast to Judith’s fragile apparatus… and her camera too.

He did not intend to ambush the poor woman, down-playing the magnitude of his party, but he has long ago learned that name-dropping is a tool of the weak. When she understands the room’s full scope, she comments, “Threescore of your closest friends and banquet worthy of Henry the Eighth! Some buffet, you rascal!”

“These are not all my friends, only those twelve over there,” pointing to the head table.

“That is William McKinley! George met him once, a great man he tells me and George is stingy with his compliments of politicians, particularly Republicans who are speaking of anti-trust.”

“He is indeed great,” sidestepping politics, he takes her to the table, “and a good friend of our very own Herbert Love, Secretary of Agriculture,” he puts both hands on Love’s shoulders.

What happened“Well, well! We were all wondering what happened to you, Harv. I see our fears were clearly unsubstantiated.” He is careful not to be overt, lest he offend Harv’s unknown companion.

“I hope you will welcome, Miss Judith Eastman. We met down the hall and I extended her our hospitality.”

“By all means,” William McKinley beckons heartily. “You must be the sister George Eastman speaks so highly of. You must capture me with your magical box, before the evening grows late.”

Alpha Omega M.D.

Pan -Am birdseyeview

Henry Fenn Rendering

Episode #134

page 122

Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #97

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #97

…In fact, James still does not know what hit him that fateful day not so long ago…

Forbidden Love-001

Without intending to do so, James sneaks up on Agnes, asking’ “Would you honor me with a dance?”

She is shocked from a trance, nearly jumping out her skin.

“Oh James, you frightened half to death!” She had been taken aback, but had been he, she had been thinking on, attempting to reconcile sense from confusion.

“Let’s dance before I have to leave.”

He need not twist her arm, she wanting nothing more than a warm embrace to a leisurely romantic waltz, with the possible exception of an embrace of the intimate variety.

“I am so sorry that you cannot share in my happiness, Agnes, but you should have known nothing could ever come of you and I. Who would understand? Not even me.” What he says rings true.

“I accept that intellectually, but a woman’s heart is neither intellectual nor logical and I am an example of that, James.” She knows she is different, just not the question of why. She feels lost. The slow-dance goes on. “What will become of me? Oh, don’t think I am going to end my life–because of my foolish hopes. Yet, even though deep inside I knew the situation was without chance, it will be a long time before I can rid myself of these feelings.”

There is nothing James can say to explain or console. In fact, he still does not know what hit him that fateful day not so long ago. It is like he was sleep walking, only to find him clutched by Agnes’ forbidden womanhood. But he was not sleeping, merely a victim of a hormonal assault.

“I love you, James, but my love will forever be a prisoner of propriety.”

“I have to get going, Agnes.” They are now sitting by the lake. “I just could not leave until I talked to you. I had to know you would be all right.”

He turns to leave. She turns to cry.

Alpha Omega M.D.


Episode #97

page 89


Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #92

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #92

… John Ferrell is one of those blessed by shade, thoroughly enjoying his trio of duties…


The animals retreat to inactivity on days such as this, leaving humans as the only creatures dumb enough to risk dehydration and heat stroke.

But, luck can be credited for the number of doctors in attendance, enough to staff the clinic Mayo. The waiters and waitresses are instructed to encourage guests with pitchers filled with water and bobbing chunks of Love ice.

My Project 13-001The wedding pamphlets, designed to inform attendees of the day’s events and their sequences, as well as the ceremonial order and musical selections, are better served as fans, the flapping white papers looking like a flock of doves. The breeze, which is but a zephyr, is out of the southeast, not out of the west or south, as is the norm. At the very edge of the horizon, the one that the sun uses to begin its day has an odd tint to it. No one bothers to notice, caring only to be concerned about what is directly overhead.

There is shade on sight, albeit temporary shielding, the wedding alter and the tuneful string quartet; 100 year old trees cast a shadow over much of the rest. Either dark silhouette can be cut with a knife, so rich is the air.

John Ferrell is one of those blessed by shade, thoroughly enjoying his trio of duties:

– Glad handing greeter

– Father of the Bride

– Father of the Groom

Ferrell's Grocery-001

He is the most recognizable figure, here at his home, as he would be in the greater community due to his three stores. If you live in or near Tallahassee, you can hardly avoid shopping at a Ferrell’s Grocery.

Most folks have come to know and care for Agnes as well. She has grown up right before their very eyes. And as general manager of the chain, her presence is an expected and welcome sight.

So, it not surprising that this Ferrell pair stroll the festive grounds together. They provide for one another, though Agnes gleans more from the company. She really wants not to be caught alone, with her emotional vulnerability singularly exposed. Daddy loves her unconditionally, enjoys her company and will shield her whether he knows he is or not. They make a good team; kindred restless spirits.

Alpha Omega M.D.

Ferrell wedding invite-001

Episode #92

page 85

Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #88

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #88

…James has forgotten the reasons for their country dally and before he can say a word, his pants have traveled past his ankles…

Forbidden Love

James has forgotten the reasons for their country dally and before he can say a word, his pants have traveled past his ankles and Agnes is moaning in intense pleasure. Never mind that he has exactly the same sexual experience as his familial partner, nature has taken its crooked course. James Ferrell loves his sister, though not the way God intended or society would understand.

It would be safe to say that neither interested, orgasmic party, may ever achieve such satisfaction again, in their normal adult lives; punishment, one supposes, for partaking in forbidden fruit.

Never mind how bitter the afterglow feels for James, Agnes strokes his light brown locks, refusing to let go of her loving fulfillment. James is exhausted, which might explain his willingness to use Agnes’s bosoms as a cradle for his head.

lightning_bolt-1For her to think that her misguided love for James can ever come to any good is delusional. But her perceptions are so ingrained in her sub or otherwise conscious that she believes she has just made love to her future husband and father of her children. The latter may happen, if the timing is right, but not the former.

Reality sets in with a vengeance.

“Oh my God, Nessie what have we done!?”

“Don’t worry, James. I love you and nothing can take that away from us,” Agnes needlessly assures.

“Oh, yes there is! And that is only if we are not struck down by a bolt of lighting in the meantime,” he speculates. “I want you to go down to the stream and wash me out of you or you might conceive a horribly deformed child. My God in heaven, forgive us of our sin.”

Despite her twisted leanings, and the contrary thoughts thereof, Agnes squats in the rivulet, rinsing her blood and her brother’s life producing swimmers into the cool aquatic flow; her hopes and dreams diluting at one hundred gallons a minute.

Agnes will learn of James’s impending nuptials some other time. Time instead to pretend nothing ever happened; a tall, but not impossible order considering the secret existence of little Maggie Lou, the ongoing Ferrell ruse.

Alpha Omega M.D.

San Luis Lake5-001

Episode #88

page 81