Expensive Items Worth the Money

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17 More Expensive Items That Are Totally Worth the Money

High speed internet

Everyone likes to save a buck. But sometimes in life, being cheap will cost you.

Why put up with an inferior product when you could invest in something high quality that is much less likely to disappoint?

We culled the responses in a Reddit thread asking consumers to list pricey items that they never regret buying. Here are the best of the bunch.

1. A Tempurpedic mattress:

“My girlfriend at the time had chronic back pain. Spent $3,000 on a mattress. I can never go back.”

high heels2. Shoes: “Rule of thumb: don’t skimp on anything that separates you from the ground.”

3. High speed internet:

“Once you have it you can NEVER go back.”

4. Tools: “Bad craftsmen blame their tools. Good craftsmen buy good tools.”

5. Bread: “Can’t possibly buy a loaf of average white bread when it’s only $1 more for the WAY better stuff.”

6. Ballpoint pen:

“Spent $4 on a kickass ballpoint pen. Ridiculously smooth and comfortable. My handwriting speed and neatness improved dramatically. Never going back to the $2 for a pack of 10 again.”

Flickr via wilsonhui7. Cutlery: “Can’t beat a sharp knife when chopping up food.”

8. Bed sheets:

“I slept on 180 thread count for 23 years of my life. Then, a girl I was going out with had 1,000 thread count sheets on her bed. Holy crap. What a difference.”

9. Sushi: “Never, ever, ever, ever eat discount sushi. Ever.”

10. Bras: “After getting myself a properly-fitted $70 bra, I look 10 pounds slimmer, my back doesn’t hurt anymore, and my clothes fit better. There’s no going back from here.”

11. Farm fresh vegetables: “I have been getting most of my vegetables at the farmer’s market lately and I don’t think I can go back to my supermarket. I love to eat my tomatoes raw. They taste different. Sweet, almost spicy.”

Flickr via scottfeldstein12. Shaving cream: “I got one of the fancy kinds as a gift a few years ago, and I can never go back. It doesn’t even feel like I’m shaving. It’s more like being softly nuzzled by a friendly koala.”

13. Jeans: “I may buy the rest of my clothes at Target and Kohl’s, but I have never found a cheap pair of jeans that fit me just right.”

14. Tattoos: “You get exactly what you pay for.”

15. Headphones: “I don’t understand why anyone uses the stock phones that come with their phone, iPod, whatever.”

16. Whiskey/bourbon: “I always drank Maker’s Mark in the past. I recently got a bottle of 9-year Knob Creek. I’d be afraid that trying anything better would force me to spend another $10 a bottle going forward, but I also got a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue, which tastes like floor cleaner, so I should be safe.”

17. Backpack: “A good quality backpack, decently large size with comfortable straps, non-flimsy load distribution clasps, good number of pockets and utility pockets, and (most of all) high quality zippers is easily worth the money.”

Expensive Items Worth the Money

Not Again!!!!!!!!!!!!

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An Idea of Mine Copied Again!

“In 1985 I started a book, called THE RETURN TRIP. It was/is (I am currently doing a re-write of it) a story about an orbiting colony around Mars, manned initially by the married couple Sampson & Celeste McKinney.

“Now I never submitted it for publication because the CHALLENGER blew up while I was in the middle of the book in 1986.

“Today, I am editing and re-imagining the story, updating it from future 2008 to future 2030, and I see on the news that some billionaire wants to send a “married couple” to Mars as soon as he can.

“WHAT THE HELL????????  Below is the beginning of the book, because I want to be on record for owning that concept for the last 28 or so years!!!!”





Science Fiction from Gwendolyn Hoff




The Red Planet



The steadily enlarging sphere, which has been a fixture on their view screen for what seemed to be a fortnight, has silently made its presence known. The once reddish blur is now a well-defined reality that needs to be reckoned with. It is, after all, their destination.

From behind the backside of the fourth planet in the Earth’s solar system, an enormous man-made object adds itself to this pristine picture, giving them their first glimpse of Space Colony 1 in space; they had seen it last 38 months ago at the cooperative space dock, the last rivets being set in place. This grandest of all achievements of mankind has been towed by a drone-hauler to its present orbit around Mars.

For Sampson and Celeste McKinney, this is a proud moment, one that makes their 8 month year journey to this space-place worth every blasted boring minute. Here in the year 2030, a decade of secrecy is coming to an end.

“Would you look at those lights Celeste? This baby is the most impressive space station ever!” Sampson is beaming like a father bragging on his newborn son from outside the nursery window, amongst the other proud papas.

“It’s impressive alright. Too bad we are the people who can see this.”

“You and me AND 11 billion of our closest friends,” he shrugs off his wife’s oversight. After all, for these 255 days, it seemed that they are the only two people in the Universe. “It won’t be long and hundreds of people will be on their way to Space Colony 1; them and every alien species that happens by.”

Historical Perspective

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Jesse James c. 1882
Born Jesse Woodson James
September 5, 1847
Kearney, MissouriU.S.
Died April 3, 1882 (aged 34)
St. Joseph, MissouriU.S.
39.757813°N 94.844087°W
Nationality American
Occupation Criminal
Known for Robbery
Spouse(s) Zerelda Mimms
Children Jesse E. James, Mary James Barr

Historical Perspective

Self Control

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Benjamin Franklin

“Educate your children to self-control, to the habit of holding passion and prejudice and evil tendencies subject to an upright and reasoning will, and you have done much to abolish misery from their future and crimes from society.”

―    Benjamin Franklin

Self Control

Old Quote

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Old Quote

“Words are pale shadows of forgotten names. As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts.”

–Patrick Rothfuss

Wars and battles

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Which happens 1st, the war or the battle?

I’m not sure, but all I do know is that it is wise to choose your battles well. Maybe this fact is the key; you can be involved in more than one battle, in completely separate wars.

While this Web Log focuses on preserving good composition,  it is a battle of my choosing; some may label it frivolous, but it’s my war and I will need allies if I am to succeed.

There is another war that has called me to action and I have taken up the sword. PASS Pregnancy Care Centers are on the front lines in the battle for the sanctity of human life; advocates for the unborn.

It is becoming far too easy for my sisters (metaphorical) to end their pregnancy, without need of a medical doctor, or even a drug prescription. Here is the tragic timeline:

  1. Have unprotected sex
  2. Conceive a child; maybe yes, maybe no
  3. Take a morning-after-pill (RU486), just in case
  4. Terminate a human life; maybe no, but maybe yes.

Just like that a human life may have been ended. No need to wait for that dreaded ultrasound. Easy come, easy go.

I attended the  PASS  Annual Banquet last night. I am but one of their many allies; like-minded, God-fearing. The chicken was divine.

Japan chose to ally themselves with Nazi Germany in World Wars. Not a good decision.

In “The Fight For Life”, whose side are you on?