The NULL Solution = Episode 125

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The NULL Solution = Episode 125

…The mover and shaker, the man with a hot hand and a plan to match is Skaldic the Null…

While Gus builds a signal fire and Rick constructs a raft, his far-away brother, father, mother, sister and “Gifted Null” Skaldic continue to take the five-pronged approach to problem solving. One more Earth-year has passed and only Collapsar Axis is closer to Eridanus. Eridanus appears no closer to solving “Harmonia Query” than any of their far-flung confederates.

The peaceful people of the Epsilon Eridani system are blissfully unaware of Gus McKinney’s plight, lest Sammy Mac try charging in, astride his legendary white horse. That would only serve to strand an un-rethinkable 2 McKinneys on Mars, along with 1 unfortunate Stanley.

Any prospect of a family reunion, in any way, shape or form, will have to wait.

The mover and shaker, the man with a hot hand and a plan to match is Skaldic the Null. Here on the new & improved Eridanus, Null and Gifted mingle like they’ve been doing so since the cycles of the ancients, instead of just lately. It took some doing, but the inbred attitudes and subsequent prejudice has slowly fallen away. Skaldic’s resulting role is what legends are made of.

Always the forward thinker and the president of the Sampson Mac Fan Club, he is no shrinking violet, especially when it comes to global strategy. Yes, he has his opinions concerning the looming Ÿ€Ð “threat”, “It is my thinking that we should make the first move. If Collapsar Axis has bad intent in store for us, we must find out why. What could we possibly have done to provoke them?”

“We exist, therefore we are,” Sam states bluntly. “If you bother to trace the path they’ve been taking, a house call has been made to every single known species and it looks like some peeps even you guys didn’t have marks on the map for. They haven’t discriminated against anything so far.”

The NULL Solution =

Episode 125

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