Aspirations; Dream Big

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Aspirations; Dream Big

Personal goals are important. Here are some examples:

Firemen put out fires, even in their sleep. There aren’t many fires these days.

Doctors want to make people feel all better. Nurses do almost all the work.

Architects design buildings tall & taller. Ironworkers risk their lives on the freaking 112th floor.

Retailers enjoy selling their goods to eager buyers. China makes 98% of what they sell….a crime.

Bankers take care of your money and my money. Bankers make money on our money, we do not!

Politicians promise things when they are elected. Newspapers waste their ink telling us they do not keep them.

Gwen wants to replace Andy Rooney as an American writing icon. “Did you ever wonder why Twinkies last forever, even though they have no nutritional value? And why are people acting like their demise is leading to the end of the world?”

Sixty tick, tick, ticks.

All this and Gwenny Hoff. We will see you next week on 60 Minutes, if we make it past December 21st.