The WABAC Machine – 26 Feb. 1993

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The WABAC Machine


A Brief History

On February 26, 1993, New Yorkers were shaken in their lunch booths by the explosion of a giant bomb!

A closer look……..

Digging deeper (through the rubble) we find the same Arab-Muslim gang of terrorists that perpetrated the September 11, 2001 attacks plotting to take down the World Trade Center, a target they saw as the heart of American capitalism in a city known for having a large Jewish population.

The plan was to make a giant 1300 pound bomb in a rented truck and park it in the basement parking garage where it was expected to topple one of the twin towers into the other one, completing their destruction.  The bomb consisted of mainly urea nitrate surrounding cylinders of compressed hydrogen, the idea being the hydrogen would greatly amplify the effects of the explosion.  The terrorists also used flammable metal particles packed around the bomb to enhance the incendiary effects as well.  The bomb was triggered by an initiating charge of gunpowder, nitroglycerine, ammonium nitrate and dynamite.  This type of construction would create a very powerful pushing effect that would be effective in blasting out concrete walls and create a tremendous amount of heat and fire to destroy evidence and further the destructive effect.

After the Ryder rented van was parked in the basement garage, the terrorists left and lit a 20 foot fuse.  Twelve minutes later, the bomb went off!  Tremendous damage was caused by the huge blast with a hole almost 100 feet across through 4 levels of concrete and steel!  The building, however, did not fall.  The plan included dense smoke choking survivors of the blast, and the smoke did permeate all the way to the 93rd floor, especially in the stairwells.  Luckily, although creating more confusion and making evacuation more difficult, the smoke did not have the deadly effect intended.

Six innocent people died in the blast, from age 36 to 61, the youngest of which was 7 months pregnant.  Over 1000 people were injured, and although the damage and death toll was high, it was a fraction of the intended results.  It is speculated that cyanide was included with the explosives in order to make the smoke more deadly and that the fiery blast destroyed the cyanide, but that has been unproven.

All but one of the perpetrators of this terrible attack were caught and convicted except one, who was allegedly being held in an Iraqi jail until he disappeared during the 2003 US invasion of Iraq.


 The WABAC Machine – 26 Feb. 1993