UFO Leaves a Mark

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January 8, 1981:

Physical Evidence

Left by UFO!


A hit & run

On January 8, 1981, a close encounter with a UFO left actual physical evidence!

Digging for the truth

Digging deeper, we find what Popular Mechanic’s magazine (May 2001) called “…the most completely and carefully documented sighting of all time.”

A French farmer working outside on his farm near Trans-en-Provence, France, was alerted by a loud whistling noise and looked in amazement at a UFO landing on his field about 150 feet away.  He later described the UFO as looking like two saucers on top of each other and being a bit over 2 meters in diameter.

The farmer reported the UFO landed only briefly, and then took off.   He said he could see some sort of devices under the UFO extending several inches from the bottom.

The farmer called the police who examined the scene and took samples, and also notifiedgovernment space authorities.

The remarkable thing about this incident was the rare physical evidence left behind. Burn marks on the ground and compacting of the soil were verified by GEIPAN, an investigative unit of the French space agency, as was trace elements not expected to be found there.

Also determined at the scene was the burn marks were caused by a temperature of 300 to 600 degrees Celsius, and the ground compacted by at least 4 tons of force.

As with virtually all UFO reports, this one has its champions and its skeptics.  A major problem critics have with this incident is that the farmer was the only witness to the event.  The farmer himself thinks the object was some sort of military secret device, as a military installation was located near the scene.

Of course, there is the physical evidence!

UFO Leaves a Mark