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CC - FM-001

Constance Caraway

~Forever Mastadon~


from Gwendolyn Hoff


From the first time we are exposed to science class in elementary school, we are taught that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old, that the Universe is older than that and the earliest human ancestors sprang up, out of nowhere, somewhere about one million years ago.

Add to this, the widely held theory that life on Earth began with a combination of primordial elements, somehow evolving into rock, plants, animals and human beings. For years, some scientists have come upon clues that support the opposite that it is much more likely that the Universe was created through intelligent design.

Willard Libby is one such scientist, who when digging deeper into his radiocarbon dating/half-life project, comes upon proof that the cradle of human existence began no more than 20,000 years ago.

Now, how does one confront conventional wisdom that has been in place since the birth of modern science? Why is the notion of evolution so stubbornly defended? The answer to those and other questions, lead directly to a complicated conspiracy, with leadership of an organization formed by the devil himself.

Constance Caraway is a private eye, who by herself is separate from the stated topic. But she and her partner, Fanny Renwick are called into help search for a missing scientist (Libby). Why? She is good at what she does, but is there something more to It.?

In 1950 Chicago, just as the world celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, she and Fanny are inserted into the middle of something far more intricate than a simple kidnapping. Along the way they meet a variegated cast of characters who will both help and hurt their inherited cause.

What they do not know, is that they are becoming involved in an epic struggle, an ongoing war between one creator and one destroyer; not an issue to be taken lightly.

Winners and losers, good and evil, divine and fallen, creation and evolution are all contrasting points, opposites that meet head to head in these pages. Forever Mastadon is an organization that falls into the right-hand column of the above choices. Mastadon is misspelled, misguided but make no mistake, it is real and it has to be dealt with.

Constance Caraway is the catalyst for this fictionalized account of what has its roots in post war Tallahassee Florida and occurs in greater 1951 Chicago Illinois.


Gwendolyn Hoff

Characters CC-FM-001

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Big News for Readers of THE RETURN TRIP

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Author Gwendolyn Hoff has Assembled an Episode Library for THE RETURN TRIP

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A comprehensive list containing every post (of this exciting Science Fiction tale) available at one convenient link

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  1. Are late to the party
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RT Episodes


Click on one of the links above and view/review any of the many individual episodes, dating back to January of 2014.

It will be updated daily until its conclusion in 2 (two) months…or so

Big News for Readers of THE RETURN TRIP