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Marvel-DC Mashups

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What would happen if you took elements of two famous comic book characters, one from Marvel and one from DC, and mixed them together? Would the two powers complement each other and make the hero better? Or would having two powers be a hindrance to the character? Well, we wondered the same thing, so we had several artists develop mashup characters using characters from the two dominant comic book universes, the Marvel Universe and the DC Universe. Now we want to know which ones you like the best; please vote up for your favorites and down for ones you don’t like. Also, in the comments below, please feel free to share any ideas you have for Marvel-DC mashups that we don’t have on the list.

1. Captain Bat

 The mashup of two characters that both have an unbeatable, indomitable will is a nice character trait. But think about this, Batman uses the bat to instill fear and the Captain America uses the American flag for inspiration. Together they inspire fear like no one else.
Illustrated by Doubleleaf.

2. FlasHulk

 The Flash & The Hulk may not come to mind as good combination superhero, but super-speed and super-strength actually make him…um, Superman….if he couldn’t fly and was green and had anger management issues. Sounds like a good guy to have at parties, “Flash smash fast!”
Illustrated by Doubleleaf.

3. Wonder Phoenix

 The mashup of two powerful super-heroines, Wonder Woman and Phoenix (Jean Grey) is a natural combo of two heroes with great hair. An Amazon combined with the Phoenix Force would be a hot date unless you are blue-haired, asparagus-looking aliens.
Illustrated by Rick Marin.

 4. Iron Robin

Even I’m not sure how I came up with Iron Man and Robin as a good mashup. Maybe I was going for a mashup that really makes no sense. They are such opposites. Metal armor vs. tights. Solo hero vs. sidekick. Cool name vs. bird name. Playboy vs. just a boy. I better stop, Robin might be reading this and the differences are quite depressing from his point of view.
Illustrated by Felle.

 5. Captain Crawler

 Blending Nightcrawler’s distinctive features with the wholesome good looks of DC’s Captain Marvel (Shazam) gives us a dashing guy in a hoodie who can teleport and stand toe-to-toe with Superman. Does he remind anyone of Ezio Auditore da Firenze from Assassin’s Creed? Yeah, me too.
Illustrated by Doubleleaf.

 6. CyThing

 Two loveable, but sometimes brooding characters who would rather have the body they were born with rather than the body fate gave them. The Thing and Cyborg are more alike than either probably realized, so better to mash them up into CyThing! The Thing would be even more badass with a cannon for an arm, yes?
Illustrated by Rick Marin.

 7. Thor Hawk

Two guys that swing a deadly, blunt instrument, a hammer for Thor and a mace for Hawkman. Seems like a good mashup of beings from other worlds who came to defend earth or Midgard.
Illustrated by Kelly Ishikawa.

 8. Green Wolverine

(Green Claw?)

 Mashing up a blood thirsty killer turned hero and a hero who went insane probably isn’t a good combination for mental stability, but you know he will keep it interesting at the JLA or X-Mansion. You must admit that having claws made out of green energy is pretty cool.
Illustrated by Doubleleaf.

 9. Aquadevil

 Daredevil, the Man Without Fear combined with Aquaman, the King of the Seven Seas is a typical fish out of water story mashup. Doesn’t ol’ hornhead need buildings to bound from? Well, at least he has something to throw, and this “billy club” has dangerous barbs. They both share a sonar capability for navigating dark waters.
Illustrated by Doubleleaf.

 10. Amazing Super-Spider

Red and blue superhero costumes never looked better than when worn by Spider-man and Superman. Mashing up Marvel and DC founding superheroes, who seem to be just a bit more of a hero than anyone else, just feels right. And who didn’t want to see Spider-man in a cape with webbing and Superman shooting webs, even though the webs are redundant when he can fly?
Illustrated by Rick Marin.

Marvel-DC Comic Mashups

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DC Comics Supervillains – WIF Graphic Novels

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WIF Graphic Novels-001

Underrated DC Comics


But villains and anti-heroes are all the rage these days, with Deadpool destroying at the box office and the aforementioned Suicide Squad generating solid buzz leading up to its release. If Suicide Squad is able to do strong business, it might open people’s eyes to the plethora of outstanding villains at DC’s disposal, including these 10 truly underrated (and, when it comes to Hollywood, underutilized) baddies.

10. Mongul


Mongul was once the ruler of his race, but due to a revolution, he was exiled into outer space. Ever since Mongul has had an incurable hunger for power. Mongul is stronger than Superman and almost totally invulnerable to harm. Superman has defeated him by foiling his schemes, but only once has he defeated Mongul in hand-to-hand combat. Mongul also has the ability to teleport, has limited telepathy and telekinesis, and can project blasts of energy from his eyes, hands, or chest.

Mongul can also use advanced alien technology to shrink his enemies and place them in dimensional-inversion cubes designed to prevent escape by warping their interior reality and absorbing any power used against them from within. Superman once said that Mongul is about as strong as Darkseid. That is quite the complement.

9. Superboy-Prime


Superboy-Prime is from a parallel Earth called Earth-Prime. There, Superman and the other comic superheroes were fictional characters only seen in comic books. The Earth-Prime universe was erased during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, and Superboy-Prime ended up in a “paradise” dimension where he slowly lost his edge and became insane. Over time, his convictions and morals became twisted and warped, and he came to believe that Earth-Prime is the only proper Earth. Prime firmly believes that becoming Superman is his calling despite the fact that he has become a psychotic and murderous villain. Superboy-Prime has all the basic abilities of any Kryptonian except at a much higher level. Like Superman, Prime loses his powers when exposed to a red sun.

Because of this, Prime built a power suit based on the one worn by the Anti-Monitor (we’ll get to him shortly), that collects and feeds him yellow solar energy so he can maintain his power levels even when exposed to a red sun. Where most versions of Superman have a weakness to magic, Prime does not. He also has no weakness to Kryptonite due to the fact that he is from another universe. Prime has a fear of the Flash Family though, due in large part to them pushing him into the Speed Force, where they imprison him under red sunlight to depower him for several years until he eventually breaks out. Massive amounts of quantum energy have also been shown to injure Prime, as seen in his battle with Monarch.

8. Hush


Dr. Thomas “Tommy” Elliot was a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, and was also born into a wealthy family. Tommy despised both his parents and, driven by his desire for independence and wealth, severed the brake line of his parents’ car, causing a crash that killed his father and injured his mother. When Bruce’s parents were murdered, Tommy resented him for inheriting the Wayne family fortune, just as he had hoped to do with his parents’ money. Later, Tommy killed his mother by smothering her with a pillow so he could inherit the family fortune. Although he went on to Harvard University and became a successful surgeon, Tommy continued to harbor an irrational grudge toward his childhood friend. Hush has spent most of his life honing his skills enough to be a match for the Dark Knight.

Elliot has an incredible, genius-level intellect and is also a master planner, with tactical skills rivaling those of Batman. Hush’s greatest asset is his talent for thinking like his opponents and using their abilities against them. Hush is also an expert marksman, able to shoot two batarangs out of the air and set off C4 explosives using twin M1911 pistols, his weapons of choice. While not possessing the kind of martial arts training that Bruce Wayne acquired, Hush has proven his ability to fight hand-to-hand and is almost on par with Batman. One of the finest surgeons in Gotham, Hush is also able to perform plastic surgery on himself, using minimal anesthetic and sheer force of will. He has the ability to grant himself the appearance of someone else, such as Bruce Wayne, using only a long series of planned surgeries on his own face, and the aid of a simple mirror.

7. Anti-Monitor


Anti-Monitor was the product of a universe creating experiment gone wrong by the scientist Krona, who is one of the Guardians of the Universe. Anti-Monitor is one of the most formidable foes ever faced by the heroes of the DC Universe. He is directly responsible for more deaths than any other known DC supervillain. He was powerful enough to kill a distracted Supergirl. He consumed thousands of positive-matter universes to increase his power, and was able to personally battle scores of the multiverse’s strongest heroes simultaneously. Anti-Monitor was also responsible for the death of Barry Allen (the most famous Flash, for those who don’t know).

In addition to possessing vast size, extreme superhuman strength, extraordinary durability (he is able to effortlessly withstand blows from Superman, and even survive a blue star going supernova), he also has the ability to project destructive bolts of energy, and absorb another being’s powers. Anti-Monitor also possesses reality-warping abilities and commands an army of Qwardians and shadow demons, and has access to highly advanced technology capable of shifting, merging, or destroying entire universes. Anti-Monitor is not immortal, however, but may be ultimately indestructible so long as the anti-matter universe exists. He is one highly powered badass.

6. Parallax


Following the complete destruction of his home town Coast City by the villain Mongul, Hal Jordan descended into madness, and destroyed the Green Lantern Corps, killing his friend Kilowog and all of the Guardians except for Ganthet. After this, Jordan assumed the name Parallax and became a supervillain. While Kyle Rayner became the primary Green Lantern of Earth for the next decade, Hal Jordan terrorized the DC universe as the villain Parallax. It was later discovered that Parallax was actually a parasitic entity dating back to the dawn of time and born from the yellow of the emotional spectrum. He was the cause of Hal Jordan’s destruction and insanity and took over his body and mind when he was devastated by the destruction of his city. The parasite is the sentient embodiment of fear, traveling from world to world and causing entire civilizations to destroy themselves out of paranoia.

Parallax has immense fear-casting and mind-control powers and can take possession of someone’s body when they feel even the slightest fear. It is strong enough to easily frighten and control the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman, and even someone like Spectre. However, he is not able to control those who are capable of understanding and conquering inner fear such as Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, or Batman. Parallax is also capable of creating solid light constructs, such as creating a convincing duplicate of Sinestro. Parallax can also create both green and yellow objects or creatures. As a being of pure energy, Parallax has no true physical form of its own and it generally changes into forms that will instill fear in its victims.

5. Amazo


The android Amazo was created by the scientist Professor Ivo, who became obsessed with immortality. The Justice League discovered that their powers had been drained and appeared to be used in the theft of certain long-lived creatures. Attempting to guard the remainder of the creatures and discover the perpetrator, the League was defeated by Amazo.

Amazo is capable of duplicating any of the powers of metahumans, including members of the Justice League (such as the strength of Superman or the speed of the Flash). The android retained the abilities of the Justice League and is capable of simulating other characters’ weapons, such as the power ring of Green Lantern and the Nth metal mace of Hawkgirl. He is, however, eventually defeated by the Justice League and has actually helped them a few times.

4. Lobo


Lobo is a Czarnian with exceptional strength and fortitude. He enjoys nothing better than mindless violence and intoxication. He is arrogant and self-centered, focusing almost solely on his own pleasures. Lobo is the last of his kind, having committed complete genocide of his own people by unleashed a violent plague of flying scorpions upon his home world (and, good lord, that is a crappy way to die). Despite him being a psychotic asshole, Lobo has a strict personal code of honor in that he will never violate the letter of an agreement. He possesses extraordinary strength of undefined limits. Throughout the comics his powers have varied: in some instances, he is depicted as being barely stronger than a human while, in others, he demonstrates physical strength on a similar level to Superman. Lobo also possesses superhuman durability, which varies greatly as well.

Lobo is depicted, in some situations, as being injured by conventional bullets while, in other situations, he has the physical resiliency to stand toe to toe with Superman, survive unprotected in deep space, and withstand powerful explosive blasts without sustaining injury. Lobo is pretty much immortal. After he died and went to hell, he proved too much for the demons, and when he was then sent to heaven, he wreaked so much havoc that he was permanently banished from the afterlife. Not even Hell can deal with him. If Lobo sustains injury, his accelerated healing factor enables him to regenerate damaged or destroyed tissue with superhuman speed and efficiency and little pain, and he is immune to the effects of aging and disease. He can also regenerate out of a pool of his own blood by recycling the cells. Lobo possesses an amazingly developed sense of smell, which allows him to track objects between solar systems, as well as a separate tracking ability, enabling him to track an individual across galactic distances. He also has a sweet motorcycle that he flies through space on.

3. Nekron


Nekron is an embodiment of Death and ruler of a region much like Hell, known as the Dead Zone. The Dead Zone seems to border on Limbo and Purgatory within the DC Universe. It is where the souls of the dead await passage to their final residence in either the Silver City or Hell. Nekron draws his power from the souls and spirits of all those who have ever died. The limitations of Nekron’s powers are unknown. Geoff Johns, DC writer, has described him as the most powerful dark force in the DC Universe.

He has the ability to raise the dead, kill with a touch (even Guardians), fire bolts of black lightning and grow without limit. He is also capable of fighting against universal forces like the Life Entity. The Spectre was even powerless against Nekron, as Nekron has no soul. Nekron also has incredible durability and reality warping powers, as was able to withstand a blast from the Anti-Monitor and send him back to the anti-matter universe. Also, he will probably give you all nightmares tonight. Sorry about that.

2. Black Adam


Teth-Adam is the son of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II. The wizard Shazamgave Teth-Adam the power to become the superhero, Mighty-Adam, by speaking the name “Shazam”. Mighty Adam served as Egypt’s champion for many centuries, but became corrupted by the charms of a mysterious woman. The bewitched Adam was convinced that he and his mistress should have ruled Egypt, so he killed the Pharaoh and appointed himself as ruler. The wizard learned of this and striped him of his powers. The wizard buried him along with a scarab necklace that held his powers inside a tomb.

Thousands of years later, during the late 20th century, an archaeological aide named Theo Adam found himself assigned to an expedition financed to excavate the tomb of Ramesses II. Adam uncovered Teth-Adam’s tomb in a secret passageway, and lead his superiors, C.C. Batson and his wife Marilyn (parents of Billy Batson, who is the current Shazam), to the discovery. Upon first sight of Teth-Adam’s scarab, Adam became obsessed with the artifact, and killed both Batsons in order to steal it. When Theo says the magic word “Shazam”, he is transformed into Black Adam and is granted super strength, speed, flight, the works, from ancient gods. He has recently acquired the Power of the Goddess Isis, making him stronger than ever. When Black Adam utters the magic word he not only gains his usual powers but all of his original powers are greater in strength because of the extra power he gains from Isis.

1. Eclipso


Bruce Gordon was a scientist specializing in solar energy. While in the African jungle to view a solar eclipse, Gordon was attacked by a tribal sorcerer. Before plunging to his death, the sorcerer wounded Gordon with a black diamond. Afterwards, Gordon would be transformed into the villainous Eclipso whenever an eclipse occurred. A blue-gray or purple circle would cover the rightmost two-thirds of his face, resembling a partial eclipse. Gordon would experience many Jekyll-and-Hyde transformations. Eclipso was not simply Bruce Gordon’s dark half, but a vengeance demon who had possessed Gordon. His soul had originally been bound inside a giant black diamond called the “Heart of Darkness”, and he is the manifestation of God’s wrath and a magical being of incalculable strength.

Eclipso has the powers of flight, immortality, invulnerability, super speed and stamina, advanced intellect, and the ability to emit deadly rays of dark light from his left eye and a powerful burst of paralyzing black light from his right eye. Eclipso possesses vast magical powers that allow him to perform godlike feats such as manipulation of the weather and seas to cause natural disasters, increase his size to that of a giant, absorb the powers of the Spectre, and project powerful energy from his hands that can stun or kill opponents. Eclipso is able to possess anyone who touches or comes into contact with the cursed Heart of Darkness gem, controlling the host’s powers, behaviors and memories. Despite his power, he is still bound by the divine laws of the Presence and is subject to even greater punishment from the Presence himself if these bounds are crossed.

DC Comics Supervillains

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DC Superhero Super Teams 1960-1980 – WIF Graphic Novels

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WIF Graphic Novels-001

DC Superhero Teams

You May Never Heard Of

(Circa 1960s-80s)

From the Cowboys and the Steelers of the 70s, to perhaps the greatest professional football team of all time in the 80s, the 49ers, throughout history there have been the existence of some truly great teams but perhaps none greater than DC’s greatest superhero team of all time, The Justice League. But what about the other greatest superhero teams you’ve never heard of? Below is a list of the top 10 greatest DC superhero teams you’ve never heard of from the late 1960s to the decade of my childhood, the 1980s. Enjoy.

10. The Wanderers


The Wanderers made their first appearance in Adventure Comics #375 in December of 1968. While they have been considered by many as a smaller version of the Legion of Super-Heroes, they actually started out as a group of villains. Led by Re-Animage, their group has consisted of several members including Dartalon, Elvar, Aviax, Psyche and the Quantum Queen. Their biggest storyline came when they were presumed dead after being killed by their arch nemesis’ mad wife, Clonus. But, after the dust had settled, we came to find out that they were cloned and were able to live on through their clone selves and even solve their own murders.

9. The Forever People


After appearing in February 1971 in the comic of their own name, the team held several adventures throughout New Genesis while traveling on a huge Super-Cycle that could fly, pass through objects and teleport.

Throughout the years members have included Mark Moonrider, who carries the Megaton Touch, which emits energy; Big Bear, who not only has a ferocious look but superhuman strength; Beautiful Dreamer, a pure knockout that can create illusions; Vykin the Black with his magnetic powers; and Serifan, who can create force fields and anti-gravity waves with his Cosmic Cartridges.

Among some of their greatest adventures include the time they found themselves stranded on the planet of Adon. And along the way, love found its way into connecting Beautiful Dreamer with not one but two members of the team, Big Bear and Mark Moonrider.

8. The Freedom Fighters


Although the Freedom Fighters may be a team you have never heard of, their leader is unquestionably someone you have, unless you are un-American. Uncle Sam, a DC version of the government figure created to instill the red, white and blue spirit in all of us, leads a ragtag group of superheroes including Hourman I, Magno, Red Torpedo and Miss America.

They made their first appearance in Justice League of America #107 in October of 1973 when Uncle Sam put the group together for a failed attempt at turning back the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, the event that brought the U.S. into the second World War. Sadly, during the attack, not only were Red Torpedo and Hourman I captured, but Magno and another member, Neon The Unknown were killed.

7. All-Star Squadron


Don’t let the name fool you. The All-Star Squadron has had some of the biggest name in DC history, but the team itself is one you’ve probably never heard of. Over the years, members have included several Justice League members, such as Green Lantern, Plastic Man, Hawkgirl and Hawkman. But their longest standing and most associated members include Commander Steel, Johnny Quick and Liberty Belle.

They made their first appearance in Justice League of America #193 in August 1981, not to mention a more youthful incarnation that debuted in June 1987 in Young All-Stars #1. Among the younger version of the team were the atomic punching Dyna-Mite, the powerful Fury and the furry winged Flying Fox.

Although they have had many great adventures, one of the greatest stories ever told happened a little over a year after their debut. In a multi-issue arc that saw the All-Star Squadron team up with the Justice League of America to prevent the Squad’s arch nemesis, Per Degaton, from unleashing a nuclear nightmare and altering the course of history.

6. The Global Guardians


The Global Guardians have had some great stories written about them and their adventures, but their original claim to fame was becoming the first truly global super hero team. Debuting in June of 1982 in DC Comics Presents #46, their members have been from all over the world.

Most of their members debuted as stand alone super heroes nearly thirty years before joining together. When I say that this team was truly global, there really is no better way to describe them. Over the years, their members have been from Denmark, Ireland and Africa, just to name a few locales.

What has been most amazing, as comics tend to try and do, these global super heroes, some from opposing countries, have been able to put aside those differences and put Earth’s needs first. During the 80’s, as the Cold War was heating up, DC was able to successfully join together Owlman from the United States of America and Tundra from Mother Russia. Perhaps comics had a bigger part in ending the Cold War than we previously thought.

5. Young All-Stars


I touched on them a bit earlier, but they do truly deserve their own spot on this list. As previously mentioned, The Young All-Stars made their debut in June 1987 in issue #1 of Young All-Stars. Like The Global Guardians, The Young All-Stars also made history, by becoming the first teen super hero team.

Even though The Young All-Stars debuted in 1987, their timeline was set during World War II during 1942. Dan the Dyna-Mite, Fury 1, Flying Fox and Neptune Perkins are just a few of their members over the years. The team was originally assigned to simply sell war bonds during the Second Great War, but that changed quickly as they began fighting such villains as Per Degaton, Deathbolt and the Ultra-Humanite.

4. The Hero Hotline


The Hero Hotline is just exactly what it sounds like. While other super heroes are off fighting super villains like Lex Luthor or The Joker and are not available, all anyone needs to do to find a substitute superhero is simply dial 1-800-555-HERO. The Hero Hotline first debuted in Action Comics Weekly #637, in January of 1988.

Based out of New York City, the hero hotline includes such heroes as Diamondette, Hotshot, Microwave Mom, Mr. Muscle, Private Eye, Stretch, Voice-Over and 500Z-Q. The Hero Hotline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and handles emergencies beyond the normal range.

The Hero Hotline was originally founded by Tex Thomson and has since been maintained by the mysterious Coordinator. After hours emergencies are handled by the more than capable night crew which includes Chlorino, Marie the Psychic Turtle, Rainbow Man, Thunderhead and Zeep the Living Sponge.

3. The Blasters


The Blasters made their debut back in 1988 in Invasion #1. During an alien invasion of Earth, scientists kidnapped 50 humans and forced them to walk through a minefield. The humans that were able to survive this event did so by manifesting latent metagene powers. Those that did survive formed a wandering superhero team that came to be known as The Blasters.

The group cruised the the galaxies, piloted by the attractive, feline humanoid alien known as Churljenins. The group which was led by Lucas “Snapper” Carr, also consisted of Dust Devil, Looking Glass, Crackpot, Jolt, Frag, Gunther and Mrs. Levy.

During one of their more famous missions, they were able to foil a plot by a criminal organization known as The Spider Guild as they were attempting to sell black market weapons on Earth. During a near fatal attempt to help fellow superhero Valor escape from being imprisoned, The Blasters decided to disband. Shortly after this, Lucas “Snapper” Carr, after being captured Khund thugs, had his hands cut off, which robbed him of his super power of teleportation. Although his hands have since been restored, the team has yet to join back together for any further adventures.

2. The Newsboy Legion


At this point, there have been a couple iterations of the young superhero team, known as The Newsboy Legion. The original Newsboy Legion first debuted in Star Spangled Comics #7 in April of 1942. That original team consisted of Anthony “Big Words” Rodriguez, John “Gabby” Gabrielli, Patrick “Snapper” MacGuire and Thomas “Tommy” Thompkins.

Interestingly enough, the second Newsboy Legion, which debuted in 1988 during Superman Annual 2nd Series #2, consisted of clones of all four original members of the original Newsboy Legion in addition to new members, Roberta “Famous Bobby” Harper and Walter “Flip” Johnson.

The Newsboy Legion members were adopted by police officer Jim Harper, as he hoped to help them avoid a hard knock life of living on the streets in Metropolis’s Suicide Slums. Throughout their adventures, The Newsboy Legion found themselves being rescued on more than one occasion by fellow super hero, The Guardian. The interesting part in that, is that The Guardian was none other than Jim Harper, the same man that had rescued the team from a life on the streets. He turned out to be their guardian in more than one way.

1. The Secret Six


The Secret Six first appeared in Action Comics Weekly #601 in May of 1988. The Secret Six were an undercover operative team consisting of LaDonna Jameal, Tony Mantegna, Mitch Hoberman, Dr. Maria Verdugo, Luke McKendrick and Vic Sommers.

The team spent most of their time fighting crime and defendingdemocracy, ultimately serving a covert U.S. government group known as The Agency. After many successful missions, the team retired, but then several years later, rejoined in order to help train a new group of operatives. While on a flight, heading to their new training mission, the flight went down, as it was later learned to be sabotaged. Only one of the six survived.

DC Superhero Teams

You May Never Heard Of

(Circa 1960s-80s)