The NULL Solution = Episode 140

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The NULL Solution = Episode 140

…the Null spread out into the general – towered population; thriving, multiplying family units, what a radical notion that turns out to be…


Eupepsia Dreaming

While his brother is winging his way back to a hero’s welcome, after performing an act of daring-do on Mars, Deke is knee-deep in controversy. More a subject of curiosity than hero worship, this McKinney, mate of the 2nd or 3rd highest ranking Gifted citizen on Eridanus, has morphed into the polar opposite of his bodacious father, and his celebrated sibling.

While Sampson McKinney is best buds with the hottest commodity on the planet {Skaldic the Null}, Deke has taken up the larger cause of Skaldic’s kind. Partially because he is the parent of Joyner, who is decidedly as mixed as racial can get, the plight of the longsuffering Null is where he plants his moral flag.

Neither will Joyner be a member of the ruling class, nor should he be looked down upon because of his partially human derivation.

His first order of business was to encourage the spread of the Null out into the general, towered population; thriving, multiplying family units, what a radical notion that turns out to be. For a planet where misplaced intentions had precluded thoughts of propagation, these Null have actual offspring and the promise of intellectual renewal.

“Stale,” is the word that Deke uses describe the social climate.

“Order,” is how Ekcello describes it.

“Change,” is good.

“Disorder,” is risk.

“Rejuvenation,” is promise.

“Revolution,” is Deke’s conclusion.

So goes a simple exchange concerning a complex situation.

The only problem that Deke sees, with the integration of the Null, lies in communication. Back when in his King Ranch childhood, before his multilingual secondary education, he always wondered what many of the ranch hands were saying, right there in front of him, unaware or uncaring that the gringos didn’t understand most of it. “Lo que es para el almuerzo.” “Senorita Francine la carne de cerdo y frijole”.

It all sounds like Speedy Gonzales to him.

The NULL Solution =

Episode 140

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