That’s a Wrap – THE RETURN TRIP Retrospective

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That’s a Wrap

– THE RETURN TRIP Retrospective

That's a Wrap-001

“That’s a Wrap!”


…You can still read the entire story of the Space Family McKinney with the help of two tools:

  1. The Episode Catalog is compilation post of all 279 “episodes” of the 323 page book. The “episode” format is comprised of approx. 400 words/per, YouTube music enhancements + 3 or 4 of Gwen’s Graphics, pictures, original art or memes that help bring the page(s) to life for the reader.
  2. The Cast of Characters is a reference post that makes keeping track of the story an easier task; People, places & things in our Solar System and beyond.

Every Post features the Table of Contents, so you won’t get (TOO) lost.

The Episode Catalog is posted throughout as well…


Make sure to check out the next book:

With all the same features as THE RETURN TRIP

I will be getting into that

more tomorrow – Gwenny

That’s a Wrap

– THE RETURN TRIP Retrospective


Big News for Readers of THE RETURN TRIP

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Breaking News


Author Gwendolyn Hoff has Assembled an Episode Library for THE RETURN TRIP

+++Character List+++

Retrun Trip Ad

A comprehensive list containing every post (of this exciting Science Fiction tale) available at one convenient link

If you (choose one):

  1. Are late to the party
  2. Picked up reading somewhere in the middle
  3. Want to read THE RETURN TRIP more than 1 episode at a time
  4. Want to start fresh from the beginning (you’ll see how I have progressed in the way I have altered the presentation of the blog posts)
  5. Just want to be entertained by a unique combination of:
  • actual text from the book,
  • pictures,
  • clip art,
  • YouTube videos/music
  • like a table-top book filled with thousands of humorous or informational augmentations that enhance the reading experience

Click on – Browse – Enjoy

RT Episodes


Click on one of the links above and view/review any of the many individual episodes, dating back to January of 2014.

It will be updated daily until its conclusion in 2 (two) months…or so

Big News for Readers of THE RETURN TRIP