THE RETURN TRIP – Episode 170

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THE RETURN TRIP – Episode 170

…Can an easygoing, confident, knowledgeable ex-astronaut be elected President of the United States of America…

Easy Going

While the McKinneys settle into their post-Martian mystery tour to somewhere out there….

…Roy Crippen, Presidential candidate Roy Crippen is riding through the streets of yet another city on his current campaign swing. Instead of a chauffeur driven limousine, the custom he had fallen into at first, he uses a laid-off NASA employee/driving a Ford Motor Co. prototype car; born in the USA, single father of three/made of titanium, fueled by hydrogen and genuine demographic hemoglobin. He is determined to break the mold of the atypical politician and his aim is to be as humble and transparent as he can.

(Elect Roy Crippen – Hydrogen powered for the Future)

With transparency comes scrutiny, undesired and blatantly untrue. When you run for national office, your entire family and all your friends are put under the microscope.

And that is the one thing that is burning the press’ be-hind: his blood relatives are few and squeaky clean and his friends are all related to the space program; from the Space Academy currently somewhere in space, conveniently unavailable for comment.

It has been an uphill battle trying to persuade wary voters in his direction. They want to know if Roy Crippen has what it takes to lead a World Power, though no longer the most dominant country in the world thanks to the diluting of education and the exodus of manufacturing. He intends to reverse those corrosive trends, but when the current party in power {Democrats} has a stranglehold on the low/middle/immigrant classes {and they love their lame-duck Pete Sanchez}, the uphill battle becomes insurmountable.

Can an easygoing, confident, knowledgeable ex-astronaut be elected President of the United States of America in this climate of delusional contentment?

It is up to his former Press Secretary, Francine Bouchette-Crippen to make lemonade out of lemons. It is one thing to be popular in your home state, Texas where lemonade is the state drink {with tequila chasers}, but quite another like in the state of Illinois, where welfare is king and the will to learn has been generationally discounted.


Episode 170

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WABAC Machine: The Ford Mustang

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"Where is the WABAC Machine going to take us this time, Mr. Peabody?

“Where is the WABAC Machine going to take us this time, Mr. Peabody?


“Take us to 1964 and the introduction of the Ford Mustang, Sherman My Boy.”

April 17, 1964: Ford Mustang Makes its Debut as A New Age of Automobiles is Dawned!


A Short Look at a Classic…

On April 17, 1964, Ford rolled out the Mustang, introducing a new class of sporty car to the world!

Looking under the hood….

Ford called the new car a 1965 model, but an adoring public will forever refer to it as a “1964 ½!”

Creating a whole new category of cars that the public dubbed “pony cars,” Mustang’s layout of 2 doors with a small back seat (2+2), a short rear deck and a long hood set the standard for all the imitators.  Chevy Camaro, Pontiac Firebird, AMC Javelin, Dodge Challenger and Plymouth Barracuda all tried to cash in on Mustang’s success.

Mustang has gone through 5 generations of reinvention, and the 6th generation will debut for the 2015 model.

Of these, it is the second generation (Mustang II) built from 1974-1978 that almost killed the franchise!  Returning to glory with the 3rd generation in 1979, Mustang has remained the leader of the pony car pack.

The original introduction of the Mustang resulted in (at the time) the best sales introduction of a car line, although sales have varied from a high of 681,000 cars (1964 ½ and 1965 combined) to a low of 66,000 (2009) in annual sales.  The general trend of American badged car sales declining over the years certainly has something to do with the decline in sales, although Ford has managed to continue to provide nearly world class performance at a fraction of world class price.

For people who want performance, the GT model, specialty performance models and conversions have been available, or for those who want to merely look fast at a low price there are the 6 and 4 cylinder models. The image of Steve McQueen in the most famous car chase movie segment of all time (Bullitt, 1968) or a Hollywood starlet driving along California’s coastal highway with the convertible top down and the breeze blowing through her scarf tied hair causes the fantasy juices to flow for men and women alike!

Mustang has won Motor Trend’s Car of the Year twice, and made Car and Driver’s 10 Best list 6 times. C racked fact: One of the coveted Motor Trend Car of the Year awards went to the reviled 1974 Mustang II, the most hated Mustang of all! Cracked fact: The Mustang name is at least in part from the World War II fighter plane by that name, and other names considered were Cougar, Torino, and T-Bird II.  Focus groups preferred Mustang by a large margin. C racked fact: In Germany, Mustang was called T-5 until December of 1978 because of licensing conflict over the name!

Americans like songs about cars, as “My Merry Oldsmobile”, “Pink Cadillac”, “Hot Rod Lincoln”, “Little Deuce Coup”, “Beep Beep (Little Nash Rambler)”, “Fun Fun Fun (Till Her Daddy takes Her T-Bird Away)” and others will attest, but we think the best is Wilson Pickett’s “Mustang Sally”, how about you?

WABAC Machine: The Ford Mustang