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WARNING!!!  Do not read this before you have read the body of Constance Caraway ~Forever Mastadon~. If you continue to read this “spoiler section”, you will have a greater insight into the aftermath.

As an author, specializing in my own brand of Historical Fiction, I would be the first to admit that I deal in fiction. The  characters (most, you guess which) are figments of my imagination and the ones that are not i.e. Billy Graham, Samuel Goldwyn Jr., Martin Kamen and of course Willard Libby are carrying out my version of what happened in 1951 Chicago.

I believe that when I say, “My method of using history as a backdrop is an incredibly accurate depiction of what is going on, in any year that I write about”, that it is not an immodest statement. Here in Forever Mastadon, as in THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A BLACK SOUTHERN DOCTOR, I encourage you to dig deeper and test what I put to page; call me out on anything questionable.

Here is an example: When I have the Chicago Police frequenting a donut shop (a blatant generalization), I refer to Dunkin’ Donuts as the name of their hangout. They are tending to Worth Moore after he was mugged in the Bronzeville. To make sure of the veracity of that reference, I use one of my greatest assets, WIKPEDIA to find out that Dunkin’ Donuts was incorporated in 1950. SO, I trust that I am correct on the ‘Windy City’ connection, though there may not have been one in that particular neighborhood.

The type of airplane Ace Bannion flies, the taxi that Eddie Dombroski uses or the streets of the day that he drives or the authenticity of the Danforth Lodge in the 1951 version of my hometown, Oconomowoc Wisconsin; other instances where research methodology is tested. If that twin-engine Beechcraft Caraway & Associates (Ace) buys, near the end of the book, does not exist in real time, I would not have mentioned it, some other airplane model would have been used.

The bottom line: you can trust that this author takes care of the past, while praying for the future, loving both for their place in time.

I must admit to a personal bias, one that has taken hold of my text, not knowing with what magnitude it would hijack it. I am a committed Christian who, when confronted with the issue of radiocarbon dating and its relevance to the issue of Creation versus Evolution, I decided to not only side with Creation, but tie it into the distinct possibility that “6 days and a rest” is closer to the truth.

If you happen to disagree, so be it. I have endeavored to make Forever Mastadon an interesting story none-the-less.

Constance Caraway is not finished solving cases, and as her author I have everything to say about that. Chances are good that future books will not turn into a religious laden, good and evil diatribe.
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~ Appendix A


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Forever Mastadon ~ Episode 242

Chapter Twenty-two


So what is in store for the Libbyite nation?


Eddie Dombroski and his Cousin Rex forge a solid business model with their carriage cartage. Though others will imitate, none can duplicate that Southside family legacy.

Edie D. will continue to support the husband that she came oh so close to losing; two bullets short, a hundred stories yet to endure.

You can read from the archival links

Jesse James will always have a connection to Caraway & Associates, but will hang on to his Agent Daniels personae. Or is it that he is terminally tied to government service?

Sister Mary Joseph will continue to serve the Lord at the Tolentine Monastery, fifty yards or so from where a rare, stray lightning bolt struck on a fortuitous January day in 1951.

Doctor Louis Steinberg, formerly of Elgin State Mental Hospital, takes his experience with Willard Libby (John Doe) and makes catatonia his life’s study, writing many go-to books on the condition.

Martin Kamen will go on to extol the virtues of his radioisotope carbon-14, while searching other chemical corners of Creation for undiscovered gems.

Willard Libby wins the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his discovery of carbon-14 half-life, as it relates to dating organic elements. He ends his tenure at the University of Chicago, takes an emeritus position there and he tours the world, lecturing open, eager ears about the probable age of the Universe.

William Franklin “Billy” Graham Jr. spreads God’s Word through his Crusades, counsels US Presidents (for their own good) and begins to champion the civil rights movement by his association with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Thanks to his crusades and television broadcasts, millions across the globe accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. No better man of God has there ever been made.


The members of Caraway & Associates, Constance, Fanny Renwick, Ace Bannion and R. Worth Moore are united in their continuing mission: No Stone Unturned and No Place To Hide; one for all, each with a particular skill-set to contribute to the cause.


Please stay tuned. Though this is THE END to the story of Forever Mastadon, it is not an end to further adventures; forward or backward in time, Tallahassee/Chicago or the world and beyond, the fictional tales of Constance Caraway will live on, somewhere down the road.





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Episode 242


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Forever Mastadon ~ Episode 241


Eavesdropping on this discussion is a cathartic occurrence for the rest of the Libbyites; other than Sister MJ, none of whom have much of a religious rooting self-interest:

  1. Ace= is up in the air
  2. Worth= legally speaking
  3. Eddie/Edie= hard to lose their catechism guilt
  4. Jesse/Daniels= always cloaked in mystery
  5. Martin= glad it’s over
  6. Libby= what a ride
  7. Steinberg= he was on my doorstep
  8. Sam Goldwyn Jr= part of the best parts

Though not overtly religious, Constance Caraway and Fanny Renwick have always known who butters their bread. They had no idea that, when they agreed to take on this seemingly straightforward case, it would turn into a battle between Heaven & Hell. But it did and they did not shrink away in fear or shirk their moral calling.


Libbyite (plural Libbyites) n.

  1. Neither Philistine nor Jew, friend of Satan nor foe of God; 12 individuals who came together to support the cause of Willard Libby, a modest scientist with a monumental responsibility.
  2. Somebody who helped, aided or abetted Libby in his quest for The Truth
  3. Anybody who subscribes to the science of Creation and fills out the form in the appendix of this book (and is accepted)


Satans Place-001

An antonym for Libbyite is:

Pentateuchian (no plural) n.

  1. Anyone who sides with Satan and his minions
  2. A resident of hell in good standing
  3. On the path to Hades or not believing The Good News, as stated in the Bible


Looking up from hell and looking back at bad results, the chief Pentateuchian never has any regrets. He is quite used to his hopeless perspective — a doom with no view.



Episode 241


page 193 (end Ch. 21)

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CONSTANCE CARAWAY P.I. ~ Episode Catalog

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Complete – Updated (daily)

Episode Catalog Below


~Forever Mastadon~

Libby Dead or Alive-001

Episode 1  Chapter 1 Manhattan Mystery

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Episode 108     Chapter 10  Landings

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Episode 120   Chapter 11  Maneuvers

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Episode 134    Chapter 12  The Primrose Path

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Episode 146

Episode 147    Chapter 13  Black and White…

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Episode 156   Chapter 14  … and Read All Over

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Episode 169   Chapter 15  Rainmaker

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Episode 183     Chapter 16  Precipitous

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Episode 195    Chapter 17  Call Him Isaac

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Episode 210    Chapter 18  The Spreading Word

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Episode 220

Episode 221    Chapter 19  ???Guessing???

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Episode 229

Episode 230   Chapter 20  A FATHER’S LOVE

Episode 231

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Episode 234

Episode 235   Chapter 21  A Doom With No View

Episode 236

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Episode 241

Episode 242    Chapter 22  Down the Road

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Constance Caraway P.I.


~Forever Mastadon~

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CC - FM-001

Constance Caraway

~Forever Mastadon~


from Gwendolyn Hoff


From the first time we are exposed to science class in elementary school, we are taught that the Earth is 4.5 billion years old, that the Universe is older than that and the earliest human ancestors sprang up, out of nowhere, somewhere about one million years ago.

Add to this, the widely held theory that life on Earth began with a combination of primordial elements, somehow evolving into rock, plants, animals and human beings. For years, some scientists have come upon clues that support the opposite that it is much more likely that the Universe was created through intelligent design.

Willard Libby is one such scientist, who when digging deeper into his radiocarbon dating/half-life project, comes upon proof that the cradle of human existence began no more than 20,000 years ago.

Now, how does one confront conventional wisdom that has been in place since the birth of modern science? Why is the notion of evolution so stubbornly defended? The answer to those and other questions, lead directly to a complicated conspiracy, with leadership of an organization formed by the devil himself.

Constance Caraway is a private eye, who by herself is separate from the stated topic. But she and her partner, Fanny Renwick are called into help search for a missing scientist (Libby). Why? She is good at what she does, but is there something more to It.?

In 1950 Chicago, just as the world celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, she and Fanny are inserted into the middle of something far more intricate than a simple kidnapping. Along the way they meet a variegated cast of characters who will both help and hurt their inherited cause.

What they do not know, is that they are becoming involved in an epic struggle, an ongoing war between one creator and one destroyer; not an issue to be taken lightly.

Winners and losers, good and evil, divine and fallen, creation and evolution are all contrasting points, opposites that meet head to head in these pages. Forever Mastadon is an organization that falls into the right-hand column of the above choices. Mastadon is misspelled, misguided but make no mistake, it is real and it has to be dealt with.

Constance Caraway is the catalyst for this fictionalized account of what has its roots in post war Tallahassee Florida and occurs in greater 1951 Chicago Illinois.


Gwendolyn Hoff

Characters CC-FM-001

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Cast of Characters – CONSTANCE CARAWAY ~ Forever Mastadon~

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Forever Mastadon 2-001

Cast of Characters

CONSTANCE CARAWAY P.I. ~Forever Mastadon


  • Constance Caraway – private investigator from Tallahassee Florida
  • Fanny Renwick – partner to Constance, a seamstress by day
  • Martin David Kamen – a Chicago professor who hires Constance Caraway & Associates to find a friend and colleague
  • William Blank – piano teaching roommate at 6137 Kimbark of Martin Kamen
  • Willard Libby – scientist from the University of Chicago who is kidnapped
  • Eddie Dombroski – Chicago taxi driver who picks up the girls at O’Hare Field
  • Edie Dombroski – Eddie’s wife
  • Sam Rubin – Libby/Kamen associate from UC-Berkley
  • Agent Daniels – CIA operative who is assigned to investigate The Libby Affair
  • Ace Bannion (Ajax Bannion) – airplane pilot and old friend of Constance
  • Billy Graham – as himself
  • Pentateuch – Satan the Prince of Darkness
  • L Dick Cannon (Langston Richard Cannon) – founder of The Church of Spiritual Engineering
  • P. Joseph Winters – Businessman disguise for Pentateuch
  • R. Worth Moore – Tallahassee attorney who hires Fanny (falls in love)
  • World Agnostica Unlimited – Satan’s corporation
  • Samuel Goldwyn Jr. Budding filmmaker (wife Jennifer)


  • 6137 KIMBARK
  • 5046 GREENWOOD


  • Pope Pius XII – (Eugenio Pacelli)
  • Herman Weinstein – Telephone company Tech
  • Ernesto Pacelli – emissary & brother of Pope Pius XII
  • Cardinal Stritch – participant at Tolentine Summit
  • Enrico Fermi – Italian atomic physicist
  • McGraw-Hill – textbook publishers
  • Vincent Wolfgram (Canisso) – associate of Pentateuch
  • Eddie’s Cousins and stories
  • Frank Herman – truck driver for Schneider Trucking
  • D. Louis Steinberg – the Superintendent of Elgin State Mental Hospital
  • Nurse Koch – mental hospital psychiatric nurse
  • President #33 Harry s Truman
  • Elvis & Kelly – Fanny’s abductors & Edie D.’s kidnappers
  • Betty Black – Downstairs neighbor to Connie & Fanny
  • Molly – family dog (Yellow Lab)
  • George Lewis – Lewis State Bank
  • Agatha & Angus Ambrose – clients of Attorney Moore defrauded out of money
  • Ross Malone – Deputy Attorney General (DOJ)
  • Gilbert Conroy – FBI Science/Technology – Ops Division
  • John Krass – Cub reporter for the Chicago Tribune
  • Polly Pabst – Proprietor of Blue Ribbon Diner, Eagle Wisconsin
  • Sarah Sauer – Head Librarian @ Oconomowoc Public Lbrary


  • Born: Jesse James – In Northfield, MN
  • Agent Daniels – CIA Agent investigating the organization Forever Mastadon
  • “Cephus”  – his alias as a “plant” inside FM
  • “The Rogue” – his CIA codename
  • Bernard Spencer – American electronic specialist / Vatican Communications Department

Agent Daniels-001Agent Daniels-001

EDDIE’S COUSINSEddie's Cousins-001

  1. Wilfred – invented the Paddleboard
  2. Harold – owns White Castle stock
  3. Jimmy – from Berwyn – has many connections – plane got shot down in WWII
  4. Johnnie – son has polio
  5. Georgie – owns a place on S. Western Ave.
  6. Hilbert – crop-duster from Sandwich Illinois
  7. Rex – from Western Springs & horse-drawn carriage partner
  8. Elston – Concessionaire at Comisky Park


Willard Libby (makes sense)

Billy Graham (ditto)

Sister Mary Joseph (lucky charm)

Dr. Louis Steinberg (lucky doc)

Constance Caraway (fearless leader)

Fanny Renwick (right-hand gal)

Martin Kamen (faithful Libby friend)

Agent Daniels (man of many names)

Eddie Dombroski (taxi driver/storyteller)

Edie Dombroski (dedicated to Eddie)

Ajax Bannion (fearless flyer)

R Worth Moore (legal eagle)

Libbyite #1Libbyite #2

Pentateuch-001Satans Place-001

World Agnostica-001L Dick Cannon-001

Constance Caraway P.I.-001Libby Affair-001

Libby Dead or Alive-001FBI File-001

Cast of Characters –

CONSTANCE CARAWAY ~ Forever Mastadon~

Synopsis/Query for ~FOREVER MASTADON~

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Forever Mastadon 2-001





A private eye and her colleagues are blinded by science…and a greater power

 Historical Fiction from Gwendolyn Hoff


Creation vs. Evolution, Heaven & hell collide on Earth.

CONSTANCE CARAWAY ~FOREVER MASTADON~ 75,000 words that chronicle an early case taken on by CONSTANCE CARAWAY INVESTIGATION, a Tallahassee Florida based private detective agency, consisting of the title character and her partner Fanny Renwick.

Constance and Fanny are drawn to Chicago to investigate the disappearance of Willard Libby, a University of Chicago biochemist who has been working on a breakthrough project. They are hired by an associate of Libby, who does not trust his conventional local options.

Set in 1951 Chicago, Forever Mastadon (Mastodon is intentionally misspelled) is an organization that is bent on permanently quieting Libby, as it applies to radiocarbon dating. Bottom line: the devil himself is behind a conspiracy that includes textbook publishers, the United States Justice Department, a cult leader and a handful or two of 2-bit hoodlums.

As a result of good detective work and some dumb luck, the scientist is located………catatonic–at a mental hospital. But that is just the beginning; his mind will be fully restored, he is hidden away and his death wrongly reported,  all the while the antagonists behind his abduction are about to be found out.

It is not long before a supporting cast comes together to combat the unknown forces behind the “Great Deception”, the lie being that carbon dating has identified life on Earth as 100 of millions of years old. A Chicago taxi driver, a pilot friend of Constance, a Tallahassee lawyer and a CIA rogue, unite to see that Willard Libby’s truths see the spotlight of day.

While God has his angels, the Libbyites (13 people who are his advocates) get help from a young Southern preacher named Billy Graham, who incorporates the science supporting Creationism into his Crusades and finally a Revival Meeting for the ages, a finale that will either make you sit up in your chair or stand up and cheer.

I have branded my own style of Historical Fiction, which I first brought to the world with my book, THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A BLACK SOUTHERN DOCTOR (1896-1959),(ISBN13 978-1-4691-9018). Constance Caraway and her friends give me the wings to bring history to life, with this riveting story and others to follow.

CC ~FM~ Theme music

Dear Readers

“This is the query (summary) that is sent out to literary agents or publishers. It’s a teaser, intended to entice them to read the rest of the book and consider it for publication.

I hope that you will follow along from the start, just like many of you did for THE RETURN TRIP, which I am currently writing the sequel to (THE ERIDANIAN SOLUTION).

“iI am perfecting this method of sharing a book and will be shadowing these posts at BlogUrBook.comAs with THE RETURN TRIP, there will be a character list as well as an episode catalog, so that the book can either be reviewed or picked up in the middle when folks around the World stumble onto it.”

Read and enjoy,


Synopsis/Query for