Closure — Line-by-Line LATOBSD

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Closure — Line-by-Line LATOBSD


In fact, had I been true to the facts, we would have continued on from Chapter One to 1959.

But, and it is a big (upper case BUT),

as I came to Chapter Eighteen,
LOOKING DOWN, I knew I could not bring myself to play it out
the way it really did. I began to plot an amended beginning, which
morphed into the last chapter, TRIALS AND TRIUMPH. All along,
#19 was going to be about the trial, of which I have the majority of
the original transcript here as well.

Depressing, is the only way I can portray the trial of a 67 year
old. Did he do wrong things, sure, but he was of ill health and did
not deserve the ending that ultimately came to pass. And yes, his wife
did die 1 1/2 years into his incarceration.

What did actually happen at that sad time? I don’t have anything
to go on and that is where ‘historical fiction’ comes to bear; the word f-i-c-t-i-o-n, look it up. Creation, vision, fable, fantasy, tale are all used as synonyms. I prefer the latter. LATOBSD is a tale of epic dimension.

“When it came to the time to finish-up a book that I had worked 12 years (0n and off), I found myself dreading having to leave the reader with a lonely, broken man;  no money, no wife, no medicine, no future.

“How convenient is the genre of Historical Fiction? Don’t like the facts, make something up, make something good up. Need a BFF for one of your favorite characters? How’s Mary Pickford for you?”

(does anyone even remember Mary Pickford? It is history man, learn it!)


Closure — Line-by-Line LATOBSD