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 Lay Back & Relax – On My Handwriting Couch

WIF Grammar 101-001

Before you leave my House of Scriptography, you will know exactly who you really are.


***********No drinking until after the test***********

  1. Large handwriting is associated with being an outgoing, attention-loving person.
  2. Average handwriting is associated with being well-adjusted and adaptable.
  3. Wide spacing between words means you enjoy your freedom. It also means that you don’t typically enjoy large crowds and you don’t like to be overwhelmed.
  4. Narrow spacing between words means that you can’t stand to be alone and you tend to crowd people.
  5. Having rounded letters is typically associated with being artistic or creative.
  6. Having pointed letters can mean that you are intense, intelligent, curious and aggressive.
  7. People who write with connected letters are associated with being logical and systematic.
  8. Crossing the very top of the ‘T’ generally means that you have good self-esteem, are optimistic and ambitious.
  9. Crossing the middle of the ‘t’ generally means that you are confident and comfortable in your own skin.
  10. Leaving open letters (like not closing an ‘O’) typically means that you are expressive, social and talkative.
  11. Writing a closed letter ‘O’ means that you are a private person and an introvert.
  12. If the dot on your ‘i’ lands high above the letter, you are considered to be imaginative.
  13. If your dot lands to the left of the letter ‘i,’ then you might be a procrastinator.
  14. If the dot is perfectly over the ‘i,‘ you are considered to be detail-oriented, empathetic and organized.
  15. If the dot of your ‘i’ has a circle, then you are considered to be a visionary or ‘child-like.
  16. If the dot looks more like a slash, then you might be overly self-critical.

Choose the number(s) and add them up. If you score less than five, I can’t help you. Should your score total more that fifty, the FBI will be in contact with you soon.

Actually the numbers have nothing to do with this less-than-scientific exercise in penmanship; which schools don’t teach and John Hancock is rolling over in his grave.



Handwriting 101

– WIF House of Scriptography