The Former Owners of my House

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Mary Stewart

“I doubt if there are many normal women who can resist looking at houses. I believe, in fact, that when a house is up for sale more than half the people who look over it are not prospective buyers, but merely ladies who cannot resist exploring someone else’s house.

—chapter 8”
― Mary StewartStormy Petrel

Bram Stoker

“I bear messages which will make both your ears tingle.”

― Bram StokerDracula

Former Owners of My House

The Guy Who Lives in THAT House

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J.D. Salinger

“This whole (gosh darn) house stinks of ghosts. I don’t mind so much being haunted by a dead ghost, but I resent like hell being haunted by a half-dead one.”
― J.D. Salinger

“Don’t you love sneaky editorial commentary?” (see previous post)


The person Who owns THAT House