The NULL Solution = Episode 172

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The NULL Solution = Episode 172

…the  who’s-whos and so and so’s are currently too numerous to mention…


Will it Play in Peoria?

 The planet Earth is one huge medium-sized dysfunctional family. It has more individual country/states than makes sense. Getting a majority to agree on anything is asking too much. So when it comes to making decisions for the planet as a whole, the global superpowers take it upon themselves to hash out policy for the whole.

Earth gets but one delegate to Harmonia, as it is for Eridanus and Seljuk, or what could have been for Collapsar Axis, had they decided to play nice with the rest of this dimension of space-time. {It is not about Earth; or that Earth itself is so perfect, just as it is not that Collapsar Axis was so bad. Harmonia is all about choice}.

But it IS all about Earth, for the purpose of this story. All the other who’s-whos and so and so’s are currently too numerous to mention. There is one star system, from the fringe of Harmonia’s beam {if there is one}, which is particularly anally retentive and not a Grand Hall favorite, yet welcomed nevertheless.

Close but not quite anally retentive, Gus McKinney is not appointed as Earth’s Harmonia rep. He has become preoccupied with finding out what is going on with the Epsilon Eridani wing of his family. He is on record, in favor of a retrieval mission to Eridanus, never mind the 4 year roundtrip.

That idea has not played well over in Waller County Texas, where Mindy shoots down such an idea, “You aren’t some unattached lab rat anymore, Gus!” A drone attack at the ranch, having a bomb fly past their limo and a close encounter with an alien invasion has soured her stomach for bold new projects, especially ones that will add gray hairs to his stubble.

The NULL Solution =

Episode 172

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