I Phones and a bone to pick

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First of all, I want to say that I am probably motivated by envy, but in the spirit of this web log, I am proceeding. Please do not take direct offense to this.

Last week I attended a banquet/fundraiser; great cause, good  food,  and 6 other fine people at my table. The only gentleman among us, we’ll call him Howard,  is a retired accountant and as is my want, I picked his brain in the interest of polite conversation.

So, I find out he is an accomplished retiree and a chaplain to boot. But there was one huge barrier (actually 4×8″) to my interrogation. I did not identify the model of the device, but Howard would check it at regular intervals; quite regularly and without regard to his surroundings.

This is a middle-aged man and he cannot bear to be out of touch. None of this, was he born  into, not a child of the ’90’s who never knew a world without cell phones and personal computers.

I did not see him text (none of my business) but  he did mention that he has 1800 Facebook friends……….I have 50. I may be feeling inadequate, but at least I compose complete and grammatically correct messages at all times! So there!

The moral of the story: “We are becoming a society who can’t go 5 minutes without checking our social media. What possibly could we be missing? In the 1800’s  it took weeks for a letter to go one-way. In 1900, a telegram took days to make the circuit. In 1950, you were lucky to connect with the person you were looking to talk to. In 1999, an email was like a letter; if the person read it, they would reply.

“In 2012, we want it all and we want it yesterday.”

Oh for the good ol’ days. “WHAT WAS SO DANG IMPORTANT HOWARD?”