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…Princess Cerella shares her ordeal on Earth, with one-on-ones and face-to-faces…

Face to Face by Stewart Kelly

After skimming through the actual piece of paper {unheard of these days}, its magnitude sinks in, the least of which is 2 less place settings, Francine rouses the gang to attention, with more than the sweet smell of bacon.

Each of the King Ranch residents takes a turn at reading the Epistle from Eridanus. What a cruel way to start a Saturday, having family members ripped from your midst, unannounced at that.

The only individual who will not understand for months to come is young Marscie McKinney. How do you explain such interstellar interactions to a toddler? Somewhere among the excuses must come impossible understanding.

Gus and Mindy hold each other like Gus is headed to prison with a life sentence hanging over his head.

Roy and Francine wonder where time has gone, recalling the days when Gus and Deke were harder to coral than Houdini, the longhorn steer.

One person left off the salutation is Dr. Jean-Luc Picard. His stellar {inter} care of Cerella and Joyner was not only necessary, but critical in their survival. So far as he was torn from his own Alpine world, he had grown attached to his patient{s} in a personal way. He has experienced the Texas-sized down-home hospitality provided by the entire King Ranch populous, right down to the men who clean the barns.

Picard takes his leave, forever changed by the experience, but not his taste for the Suisse high life.

Eridanus is abuzz with the spreading news of Princess Cerella’s return and of course her royal child, Joyner. Even after her return, what did not come back is her previous telekinetic prowess, so the sharing of her ordeal begins with one-on-one face-to-faces, she communicates in her own letter:


Episode 111

page 110


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I speak for all of us when I tell you that we long for the day when we can all be together again – Celeste McKinney writes to those on Earth…

Longing by Kinga Britschgi

— The pioneering spirit, that which has been withheld on Eridanus for countless cycles, is breathed into the circuitry of Defender. The Null mystery component turns out to be the puzzle piece they were looking for. The ancient ship will once again knife its way through time and space as if it were the bellows of an accordion; expanding to slow down and squeezing together to expedite the distance between point A to point B.

This time around, it will be the McKinneys, Sampson and Deke who blast past several stars and the recently well-worn path to Earth, sans the previous fateful Mars detour. The “Harmonia Query” has been set aside in favor of Cerella’s homecoming. For the sake of universal congruity, the 2-man expeditionary force must conduct themselves like a S.W.A.T. team. A simple in and out will have to do. No time is allotted for a family reunion or NASA debriefing, at least not yet.

There is one concession and that comes in the form of a letter, penned by Celeste. To be left behind by her guys, it reads:

Dearest Gus, Mindy, Roy & Francine;

 By now you have noticed that Princess Cerella and her child are missing. Do not fret. They are coming home to the people who care for them most. Deke will see his son for the first time. Cerella’s father Ekcello has been uncharacteristically dismayed by the fear that they would be stranded on Earth.

Sam & Deke would love to stay and chat, but in order for them to resist the temptation to sojourn, a.k.a. not come back to us here, they must return posthaste.

I speak for all of us when I tell you that we long for the day when we can all be together again. But the path to that end is littered with complications that none of us can resolve soon enough. Be secure in that knowledge, as well as our abiding love. ‘til we are together once more.

Thank you for caring for the “cherished of Eridanus” and do not stop reaching for the stars.

 For Sampson, Deke & Deimostra,

 Celeste M

Stardate 2054 has been one phantasm after another.


Episode 108

page 107 (end ch. 9)

WORLD WIDE WORDS – Issue Archive

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WIF Grammar 101-001


WORLD WIDE WORDS – Issue Archive

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Letters, Fan Letters, Long Letters

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Quotes - WIF Style 001


Letters, Fan Letters, Long Letters

Blaise Pascal

“I have only made this letter longer because I have not had the time to make it shorter.”(Letter 16, 1657)”
― Blaise PascalThe Provincial Letters
Neil Gaiman

“You have a very open relationship with your fans.””Yes. We have an open relationship. Obviously they can see other authors if they want, and I can see other readers.”
― Neil Gaiman
Kristine Kathryn Rusch

“The only way to build a fan base is to have a lot of material out there for readers to find. You can’t manufacture a fan base. You create it, one story at a time.”
― Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Letters, Fan Letters, Long Letters

Letters, I Get Letters

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Letters, I get Letters



CBS Corporation

CBS Headquarters

51 W. 52nd Street

New York, NY 10019-6188

c/o Sixty Minutes Lite–Gwenny Hoff Correspondent

Dear Ms Hoff;

I am sending you a copy of the letter that I sent to my United States Senator.

Hilary Hatsbury

1512 North Church Road

Hartford, CT    10002

Dear Mister Joe Lieberman;

I am so upset about the masacre of Sandy Hook schoolchildren so close to us, in our small, quiet state. I think it is we time that a peaceful nation does something to protect our citizens.

What does a 20 year old child need an assault rifle for or other automatic weapons, for that matter? Is there a deer hunting season in Connecticut? Are the British coming? Are there planes loaded with Saudi Terrorists to shoot down befoe they land at LaGuardia?

I would think that the answers to those questions is no, no, and no. A pistol in a dresser drawer is one thing, you know, to stop a burgular. A rifle that can fire three rounds a second and do nothing other than kill human beings is another.

You are the chairman of the SENATE HOMELAND SECURITY AND GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS committee. Can’t you stand up to the Natinal Rifle Association? Or have they made contributions to election too?

I want you take responsibility for this shooting: for allowing the Assault Weapons Ban to expire in 2004 and for putting miltary guns in the hands of deranged individuals.

Schools, shopping malls and movie theaters? Are there no safe places any more?

Respectfully yours,

Mrs. Hilary Hatsbury

Thank you Hilary Hatsbury!

This is an excellent example of a business letter; proper and written with passion. My hat is off to Hilary and her courage to stand up for what 98% of Americans think. Take the laws out of the hands of the 2% (NRA, Gangs, Idiots).

Don’t Be Bashful

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Don’t be Bashful

A recent comment to a post to my blog:

I was so inspired by that report on 60 Minutes Light on the subject of control; especially that lady who is taking Andy Rooney’s place., Gwenny Hoff I think.

I have been following her blog and on October 20th she started a series on letter writing (I looked into her archives having remembered how helpful it was).

I am going to write a letter to my elected representatives and tell them that I am favor of gun control, especially since all those 6 & 7 year old children were slaughtered in Connecticut.

I find this Gwenny to be a valuable resource for effective writing and she really cracks me up with her wicked sense of humor!

Respectfully yours (I learned that from Gwen),

Hilary Hatsbury

Just like Hilary, be bold and take your feelings to the highest possible outlet. Facebook isn’t popular in Washington D.C. and b__ching to your spouse will not get it done.

Don’t be a “Thin Book”

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Don’t be a “Thin Book”

After my psychological expedition inside my all-to-vivid imagination, I will continue on in a more conventional fashion. You have witnessed how easy it was for me to be sucked into an alternate reality.

But, there is a crux to it all and it had to do with getting deep; deep into your subject matter. Danny Bagman is a figment of my imagination (a fantasy where someone would ever obsess about me), but my job was to convince you he was real.

Giving your characters life, skin and bones and personality, for all your readers to experience will draw them in and entice them to get beyond the cover and forward.

The next step is to outline the structure; making sure you have enough material so it won’t just be a “thin book”. THIN BOOKS is a publisher where their motto is: “Because thick books cost too much.”

123 Loser Lane Bumstumble Iowa

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123 Loser Lane

For my book THE LIFE AND TIMES OF A BLACK SOUTHERN DOCTOR, it became painfully apparent that I was currently none of the things contained in the title; Africa American, from the south, a physician or male. So I needed do my research at the location for the book, Tallahassee, Florida.

And though I may very well be a loser myself, by definition of some, I need to travel to Iowa to get a feel for Danny’s world. The young and disillusioned Mr. Bagaman had an advantage when he fell in love with me, seeing I have this weblog , other web sites, and such for him to find things out about me.

On the other hand, dbag21 has a Facebook page that is filled with unintelligible ramblings in the style of abbreviation and emoticon. He has 957 “friends” with names like Saraa Mishka Rite Meow and Meeze Jetfoo, so you get my drift. “Dice with Buddies” will not tell me what I need to know.

So, off I go on a fictitious trip to Bumstumble Iowa (in disguise) to get sample of life in Loserville.

Anatomy of a loser

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Anatomy of a Loser


So we have a subject for our hypothetical book, a main character and a locale. I have done my research and discover that a “Loserville USA”  does not exist as a town, but it was Borne (James the creator) of someone else’s imagination in the form of a musical. I think my Danny Bagman (dbag21) stands up well against their computer geek Michael Dork.

We will get into possible copyright infringement later on in a distant post.

Good research is the meat of your post-Thanksgiving refrigerator; it takes up the most room and you can pick at it for days. The better prepared you are , the more you will know and use that knowledge throughout your book.

Tomorrow I am going to come up with the quintessential definition of a “loser” and what makes him or her tick.

“Don’t Stop Believing”

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“Don’t Stop Believing”

Journey said it best in a song.

You have decided to start writing your book, but there are right and wrong ways to approach it. I am going to pull a book topic out of the air and use it as an exaggerated example on how to get going……and stay going.

Now,  I happen to specialize in Historical Fiction, but for the purpose of this narrative I am going to venture into the world of Nonfiction.

My friend (demented admirer)  Danny Bagman will be the subject of a self-help book titled: Escape From Loserville; Hope for the Hopeless”. 

As you have seen in the past few weeks, if you’ve been following along, the man/child with the email address of dbag21@gmail has left a trail of disturbing evidence in the form of texts, letters, and emails to me. I feel the need (hypothetically) to delve into his twisted mind and possibly turn this lonesome loser into a productive member of society.

Okay! I have a worthy topic and enough material to fill a book about an all-too real place called, Loserville.