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…The McKinney contingent is/has contracted the prevailing paranoia that is gripping the region and the moment…

The Paranoia is Real – by eddiebadapples

Whether Seljuk eyes are peeled or not, 4/5th{s} of the Space Family McKinney {with an Eridanian princess sprinkled in} is cruising into their neighborhood.

“There are signs that something wicked this-way-came.” Sampson is a Ray Bradbury devotee and it occasionally bleeds into his speech.

“We have entered Seljuk territory. Their outposts have been rendered useless,” Cerella expresses concern.

“And what is that gleaming very, very large object off in the distance?” is Deke’s remote observation. “At 3° port, 250K out… oh, never mind, whatever I saw is not there now.”

“Who or whatever did this, knew what they were doing,” Cerella adds.

Without expectation or invitation, the natives in this nape of the neck reach out to the occupants of the Eridanian Defender. It must drop out of TSF in order to align the two timestems thereby allowing real-time communication.

The message they are receiving? “COME TO THE SELJUK HOMEWORLD AND SHUT DOWN”

Once again, there are no buts about it.

“We must allow them to take control. The Seljuk can be trusted. We came here to get answers, not the reverse.”Related image

The McKinney contingent is/has contracted the prevailing paranoia that is gripping the region and the moment. “We are completely disengaged, but we don’t like it.”

Like a fish on a nylon line, Defender is being reeled in to the biggest planet in a group of twenty, most following each other in orbit, but none closer than 50 million miles from their yellow giant furnace. Like a cosmic carousel, so spread out are they that their collective gravitational pull offset each other.

“It appears we’re about to hop onto this train.”

Like interstellar hobos.


Episode 17

page 21

THE RETURN TRIP – Episode 201

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THE RETURN TRIP – Episode 201

…Celeste M. uses an analogy to explain, to put a bow on a story about the good old days on Earth…

Bobby Haiqalsyah Melbourne, Australia

Celeste M. uses an analogy to explain, to put a bow on a story about the good old days in Texas, “Uncle Braden was supposed to check in from time to time, but he got busy with our Space Colony {RIP} and did not see if things were going well with the neighbor house.”

“Kinda like us living on this ship from the Newfoundlians Deimostra, they think it is empty,” adds Sam, who sees where his wife is headed.

“Well after the summer was over and the owners of the ranch came home, there was nothing left of value in the house and what was left was trashed.”

“Braden got in trouble, did he not?” Sammy’s mommy-taught English is contraction free.

“That’s UNCLE Braden and my point is about us honey… now you can imagine what these beings are going to think when they find us stowed away on a ship they fully expect to be empty. We won’t speak their language and I pray they are as peaceful as they appear, because they will have a hard time understanding or believing our story.”King Ranch logo

“Did Braden, I mean Uncle Braden, find out who was in that house,” she had seen pictures of King Ranch (and what a house looks like) on the portable computers they were carrying when they unexpectedly lifted off the surface of Mars.

“They did Sammy and they beat him with a broom, made him clean up the mess and threw the old man in jail for 10 years…I think he got out last week. And Braden was barred from ever setting foot on the neighbor’s ranch.” {Sampson M. embellishment}

“Do not listen to him sweetie. Texas justice is different, but not barbaric, though the squatter was deported back to Mexico and Uncle Braden helped pay for the damage.”

“What will the Newfoundlians do to us?”

“On second thought, if I tried a sequence code over on this panel, I could turn this thing around. Mommy’s point about not being able to explain ourselves is a good reason to hightail it out of here.” Sampson McKinney was getting cold feet, as Epsilon Eridani gets increasing larger on the navigation plot. “WWJBD?”

“What Would Jesus of Bethlehem Do?” Celeste thinks she solves the acronym.

“No, ‘What Would James Bond Do‘? There isn’t a recognizable weapon on this spaceship, so I hope the planet has the same philosophy. Besides that, three thousand years ago, they could have conquered Earth without so much as raising a finger,” he looks at his left index digit. “What did these guys have on the end of their arms Cel, I don’t remember?”


Episode 201

page 185

Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #22

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #22

…Ferrell’s Folly – While the Cat’s Away

Ferrell's Folly-001

John Ferrell’s (78 RPM) affection for  Strauss comes to a scratchy end, begging attention; getting attention, diverting his attention from the balcony and Olla, who is frozen in place with an arm load of bedlinens. It takes a second or two, but he realizes that he is not alone in the house. With dress draped on his left arm, he ascends the winding staircase to speak to his maid in person.

“Would you draw me a nice hot bath, Olla? Oh—and would you hangs this on our bedroom door?”

“Yessir, Master Ferrell.” She boldly holds the dress up against her black satin uniform fancifully.

Upstairs Maid-001“Isn’t it beautiful? Mrs. Ferrell should love it.”

“It’s a dress fit for a queen!”

Her statement plants a seed in Ferrell, a thought that had not occurred to him. Change Martha’s hair color to black and deepen the hue of her skin and you have Princess Olla; she having a “Heinz 57″ blend of ethnicity. Her skin is quite fair, even considering her Seminole and black roots.

In fact, if she carried her breasts at a higher plane, with the aid of the newly engineered brassieres, the two women would be indistinguishable from a distance, that from a man’s eye.

Getting back to his original thought, before he began musing about what Olla’s body looks unclothed, he orders, “While I have my bath, please put on that dress for me—and let down your beautiful hair.” His musings are bleeding into his reality.


One hour into his bath, the ruminations remain unimpeded. His daydream fantasies have expanded parts of him at the thought. He has never seen Princess Olla, born Laura Bell, attired in anything other than her uniform and wonders how the satin finery of the privileged will look on her.

“Laura Bell?! Bring me a fresh towel; I seem to have gotten this one soaking wet.” He dips it into the cooling water to prove his point.

As you might think, Laura Bell arrives at the master bath looking every ounce her princess-ly designation. She even had the initiative to find high heeled, high buttoned white shoes that would match the dress. If facial makeup were applied to her face, any man would be proud to have her on his arm; whatever the occasion, cotillion or inauguration.

As a towel bearer, her garb belies an awkward gate, yet she complies out of servitudinal obligation. Aside from that commitment, she must fight her own female attraction toward her employer, having self-imposed chastity since leaving the Apolachee reservation at age 12; a female neo-slave now 20 and ready to fulfill her womanhood.

Any barriers on both sides are lowered. Troublesome as the situation is, they are spontaneously unaffected by the outside world.

  It is wrong, yet he looks at it as a gesture of caring and she is conceding her virginity to a man she respects and admires.

“Go into the bedroom and turn down the bed.” A spell has come over him, all of his senses vacating the premises. “I will towel off.”

Alpha Omega M.D.

Episode #22

page 21

Disney World Do’s and Don’ts – mickey mouse Advice from WIF

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Travel the world for 10 cents on the dollar

Travel the world for 10 cents on the dollar

Walt Disney World

(with Kids) Guidebook

Do’s & Dont’s from Gwenny



Ordinarily, one of the perks of going on vacation is getting to sleep in–but not at Disney! The number one mistake first-time guests make is thinking they can arrive at the parks at 11 a.m. and see everything in a couple of hours. The park is least crowded in the first hour after opening, so this is your best chance to get on the big-name rides without long waits. Later you can have an afternoon siesta.


A fact to ponder: Walt Disney World is twice the size of Manhattan. With four theme parks, two water parks, and countless sporting, shopping, and dining options, it’s impossible to see everything in the course of one vacation. (In fact, they designed it that way to make sure you’ll come back.) Rather than treating the vacation like some military assault, consider the age, stamina, and risk tolerance of everyone in your party and prioritize accordingly. Reading up on the parks in advance will give you a good sense of which attractions are “must dos” for your family, which are nice if you have the time, and which are skippable. And you don’t have to do everything together: strapping Grandma onto Space Mountain against her will or hoping a three-year-old sits still through The Hall of Presidents is a recipe for disaster.


Parents often plan a vacation for their kids without consulting the very people they are trying to entertain. Besides helping the kids get excited about the trip, letting them in on the decision-making will prevent temper tantrums and fighting while you’re on vacation. One strategy is to let each family member choose three must-see attractions in each park and then agree to honor those choices. (This can also help you create the basis of your FastPass+ list.)



Thanks largely to FastPass+, the My Disney Experience app, and the ever-expanding size of the parks, gone are the days where Disney can be tackled without a plan. If you’re thinking, “We’ll just show up, get a map, and see what everybody feels like doing,” you’re likely to find yourself shut out of the best restaurants and most popular attractions by families who made advance reservations. This is especially true if you’re traveling during summer or over a major holiday.



There is a reason good deals can be found at hotels on the eastern side of Orlando (I-4, exits 80 and higher)–they’re the farthest away from Disney. Staying in this area guarantees you’ll be fighting Orlando rush-hour traffic every morning, on top of the traffic Disney itself draws. If you plan on spending most of your time in the parks and not on the highway, make sure to stay in hotels that are off exits 79 and below.



Not many people associate Disney with culinary delights, but you should! Disney goes to great lengths to provide an array of dining choices to its guests, with both variety and quality increasing steadily every year. One of the best ways to find out where to go? Ask a cast member where their favorite place to eat is. No one knows the parks–and its food–better!


It may seem counterintuitive to split up–this is a family vacation, after all–but little breaks will make the time together better, so schedule time apart to explore or just to relax. Older kids can split off from the group to ride a favorite over and over, or one parent can take the younger kids to Fantasyland while the other tackles the coasters with the older ones. Babies, older family members, and anyone who has just plain had it can go back to the room while the teens stay in the parks. (Granted, this is easier if you’re staying on-site at a Disney-owned hotel and can use their transportation system to come and go whenever you please.) Parents, look into in-room babysitters or the kidsitting programs provided at most hotels so you can enjoy an evening at one of Disney’s upscale, adult-centric restaurants.


The Disney parks are full of wonderfully creative details. While walking down Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, look up to the store windows to find the names of people who have influenced the Disney Company. In the Animal Kingdom, spend time studying the Tree of Life and its more than 300 animal carvings. Hollywood Studios has some of the best Streetmosphere performers–actors and actresses who walk around like they’re in 1920s Hollywood, interacting with guests and putting on small shows. Epcot has shows going non-stop around the World Showcase in the afternoon and many, like the young acrobats in China, are especially fun for kids. And the number one thing to notice? The cast members! Many guests report that the highlight of their trip was getting to know the men and women who make Walt Disney World the magical place it is.


Many toddlers and even a few older kids will find the experience of meeting Mickey Mouse and friends to be intimidating. If your kids seem overwhelmed when they gets through the gates and find that the main mouse is actually five feet tall, start them off slowly by meeting the face characters–those like Aladdin or Cinderella who don’t wear a mask. And instead of forcing kids into the picture, allow them to watch the characters before approaching. Employees have been trained to be sensitive around nervous children and are good at slowly inviting them to participate on their own terms. If you schedule a character meal, save if for the last day. By then, even the most cautious kids usually will have warmed up.


Sure, Disney is for families, but some of the attractions can pack quite a wallop. It’s easy to figure out that a ride called Tower of Terror might be terrifying, but keep in mind that Disney does scary atmospheres as well. The Haunted Mansion, It’s Tough to be a Bug, Stitch’s Great Escape–all of these are tame rides with elements that might frighten some youngsters. When in doubt, let a parent ride first and come back with the verdict, or do a baby swap.

Disney World Don’ts

– mickey mouse Advice

Puns DRIVING Humor #18

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#12 Punny Money

#18 Auto Puns

Puns DRIVING Humor #18

Why did the car cross the river with the boat? It was a ford escort.

Driving on so many turnpikes was taking its toll.

Image result for turnpike

The state police highway officer worked tirelessly in the heavy rain to assist a lady whose car was stuck in a ditch. He was a real trooper.

Image result for state trooper

When driving lawyers have to watch out for the sharp attorneys.

Image result for lawyers clipart

He kept an alarm clock in the back window of his car. He was always ahead of his time.

Image result for ringing alarm clock clipart

When driving Mickey Mouse sings cartunes.

My boyfriend and I started to date after he backed his car into mine. We met by accident.

Image result for car accident clipart

My dog failed his driving test, he can’t parallel bark.

A hermit drove to town and was charged with recluse driving.

Puns DRIVING Humor