Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 122

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Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 122

…‘Foolish blind stupid human,’ the demon himself mutters inaudibly…

L Dick Cannon

Possessive to the core, persistent to a fault, Pentateuch reaches out to his new favorite mischief-maker, Langston Richard Cannon. Considered a charlatan and a madman by his critics, this thinly inspired individual has begun to express himself in print. He has left his mark in the genre named Science Fiction, that representing dianeticsfiction is the purest sense. He wants to be recognized as a pioneer in real science and in his book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health he steps into the burgeoning field of “self help” literature.

The Church Of Spiritual Engineering that Pentateuch has suggested and the L Dick Cannon-001Scientology vision of L. Dick Cannon both remove Christianity from the equation; an ideal platform for agnostic perpetuation.

Individuals with demagogical tendencies like Cannon are especially susceptible tosuggestion and Pentateuch is well aware of this man’s aspirations and the need for publicity. Without proper publicity, idealistic materials can die on the vine. One useful tool that is ready to be availed in the toolbox of perversion is Hollywood. They need a popular medium to offset all the negative pushback from medical professionals. If they can recruit and educate a movie star to publicly endorse Cannon’s imaginary “engrams” or the “auditing” that cures people of all negative experiences, they can gain a lasting foothold in society.

The Great Deceiver has appeared to Cannon before, using his most clever human recruitment guise, the appearance of the corporate executive D. Joseph Winters.

“I have arranged for your book to be placed in the view of several actors in Hollywood and one in particular, Orson Welles. He seems to be curious about your theories.”

“Oh yes, Macbeth is masterful, a delicious cross between Wuthering Heights and Frankenstein, love his work. I saw his Dr. Faustus in New York back in ’37 I believe. The ol’ devil would be proud!”

‘Foolish blind stupid human,’ the demon himself mutters inaudibly.

“He had a difficult childhood, an alcoholic father and mother who died when he was only a boy.”

“That is a perfect candidate for an auditing. We can rid him of all that negativity and lead him to see the light of spiritual wellness.”

“Excellent. I will be monitoring your progress.”

Neither would Cannon understand why he needs to be watched or what role Winters might play in his church.

“Do you have a telephone where you can be reached?” L. Dick is just another unwise, sightless, and dense human.

“I will find YOU.”

Constance Caraway P.I.

Forever Mastadon

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