Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 112

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Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 112

…After some wheeling, dealing, begging and other “general groveling”…

General Grovel

At times you pick the flight, but when Uncle Sam picks you, it’s his right to throw you a curve.

After flying into a general aviation airstrip outside Mobile, they cab over to Brookley Air Force Base, only to find that they’ve been bumped from this Monday’s flight.

Following a high level pow-wow, he is ready to face the music, aka the Boss, i.e. Constance.

“What’s the deal AB? I was under the impression that you were calling the shots.”

“I forgot that a certain Army Air Force general is in charge of this base,” he is uncharacteristically sheepish.

“Okay, let me see, did you have an affair with the man’s wife?” she aims below the belt.


“No I’m not talking woman trouble,” he comes clean about a serious transgression. “I borrowed a P-51 for a few days.”

“I take it a P-51 has wings?” Good guess, bad news, “Is that a no-no?”

“That would be a court martial… were I an active service member.”

“So I am in league with a fugitive?”

“No, he wanted to extract a different type of penalty. He would drop any charges if would take his step-daughter to the base’s New Year’s Eve dance. Unfortunately this Three-Star has a good memory.”

“That is strike two, so now what? I do not have a week to waste and we don’t have time to book a Pan Am or TWA transatlantic, which would cost us beaucoup bucks by the way.”

After some wheeling, dealing, begging and other “general” groveling…….

“We’re back on the plane CC.”

“He swings at a 0-2 fastball… it’s a single to left field.”

AB “At least I’ve finally made it to 1st base with you.”

CC “Oh you mean who.”

AB “What do you mean?”

CC “No, what’s on 2nd.”

AB “I don’t know!”

CC “He’s on 3rd

CC “You saw Abbott and Costello on TV too?”

AB “Yes, yesterday.”

CC “He’s in right field. Then you know that nobody scored.”

AB “That’s me. I am nobody!”

Constance Caraway P.I.

Forever Mastadon

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THE RETURN TRIP – Episode 212

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THE RETURN TRIP – Episode 212

…Only one new model in four thousand years, how can that be, I think we may have made a slight miscalculation…

Miscalculation by Jared Hindman

The largest of these towering edifices opens its low-level gates, in order to swallow the NEWFOUNDLANDER. The giant size sliding doors draw apart slowly and they can almost hear the creaking of the glides due to a possible drought of inactivity. The well-traveled ship both lumbers and floats in, after the gap reaches its full extent.

The adult McKinneys cannot take their eyes off the still functioning monitors. They have entered into what appears to be a vehicular {space} gallery.

“Do you remember the EAA Convention in Wisconsin?” Sampson tests his wife’s premarital memory about a yearly gathering of flying machines, pilots, enthusiasts and an accompanying aviation museum.

“Yes I do. You wanted to show off something there to your buddies.” She was thinking about her inaugural introduction to his friends and fellow airborne buffs.

“Yeah Oshkosh, by gosh, and the P-51 Mustang I had been working on for 5 years!” That comment earns him a fist to the shoulder. She meant hers-truly. “There is every type of spacecraft imaginable here.

About that he is correct.

And then some; human eyes have not seen, nor can they imagine where some of these ships came from, though there a few that look like they were made by Earth’s own rocketeers, “That looks the first liquid-fueled rocket made by Robert Goddard in the 1920s! They made a movie about that Celeste. Stick an American Flag on that one.”

Identifying the antiques is easy. Just where the NEWFOUNDLANDER fits into this collection, only the folks of Planet X  would know, although that vacant slot on the right, near the end of this mindboggling menagerie seems to have NEWFOUNDLANDER written all over it.

“There is only one ship here that looks more advanced than this one.” He is baffled. Only one new model in four thousand years, how can that be? I think we may have made a slight miscalculation.” (like Wile E Coyote)


Episode 212

page 251

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Don’t Mess With an Alien

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 January 7, 1948: U.S. Pilot

Shot Down by UFO!


A blink of an eye

On January 7, 1948, a Kentucky Air National Guard pilot met his death trying to intercept a UFO!

Dang, who did that?

Digging deeper, we find another well documented close encounter, this time of the deadly kind.

Captain Tom Mantell flying his P-51 Mustang was a World War II veteran, not a civilian or some rookie.  Mantell and 3 other Mustang pilots were directed to intercept a huge round white object, perhaps a football field across! Multiple witnesses had reported the sighting to military air control from spots in Ohio and Kentucky, including a sergeant at the Fort Knox control tower and members of the Kentucky Highway Patrol.

When the others fighter planes turned away from the pursuit due to low fuel or low oxygen (needed for altitudes over 20,000 feet), Mantell continued to climb after the object, and possibly describing it as of tremendous size.  (Air traffic controllers present are in disagreement about Mantell’s actual wording.)

Mantell’s fighter began an uncontrolled spin all the way back to the ground where it crashed, killing the pilot.  The most likely reason for the crash is Mantell passing out from lack of oxygen, but nobody knows for sure.

With an incident witnessed by so many credible witnesses, including military pilots, military personnel on the ground, and Highway Patrol personnel, and ultimately resulting in the loss of a fighter plane and its pilot, this encounter changed the public’s perception of UFO reports.  Far from an isolated report by a shady source, the shocked public had to take this incident seriously, and has been spurred to closely monitor every report of a UFO or seemingly alien encounter since.

Numerous associations, clubs, and individuals catalog and report about every incident they come across, from what allegedly occurred at Rendlesham Forest in 1980 to the alleged UFOs sighted inNew York City in 2010.  Collectively, these incidents continue to provide a rich source for enthusiasts to research, largely because of this early incident, which also happened to occur around the same time as the inception of the forerunners to Project Blue Book, but that was of course the subject of another day in Cracked History!

Don’t Mess With an Alien