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…“Give that man a cigar!” Never mind that smoking has been banned for three decades…

“Ahhh, I see your point. Who’s going to blame a darn ball for deflecting back a nuke to its sender?  We are grateful that United Korea won’t be a deterrent to world peace anymore.” Fletcher Fitch gets it.

“Galactic peace, for that matter. We are no longer dealing with just our planet… or moon… or even the fourth planet from the sun.” Leave it to a former President to have a wide-minded outlook.

Gus McKinney is always eager to learn. He has the security clearance required for everything, other than Roy’s Red Phone and seeing he is the guy who has engaged in the solar system’s first know firefight, his input is expected, if not required; allegories in each instance.

“Galactic peace, Dad? What am I being blamed for now? I only winged that bogie, you know that.”

“Take it easy Gus, I wasn’t blaming you for anything,” Roy rarely passes up the chance to hug certain people these days, drawing Gus in tight, “Come closer and take a look at that,” he fingers a specific bright spot on a monitor filled with them.

“What about it?” Upon closer contemplation, Gus realizes, “That’s not outside our system, is it?”

“Give that man a cigar!” Never mind that smoking has been banned for three decades. {Cigar smoke-easies are the new secret refuges for those with connections} “That Hubble image is almost too hot to touch!”

“What on earth is going on here? That are some serious pyrotechnics, where… out at Uranus’ orbit?”

“Farther than that. I hope good old Planet Nine had a heat shield!”

“By the by. Why haven’t we named that planet yet?” A rhetorical question from a new/old fashioned sky watcher.

“We have estimated that this happened yesterday.”

“No s**t. There has to be a dozen smaller flashes within that debris field.” Which leads him another bright idea, “I could take SEx out for a look.”

“Oh no, no, no you don’t. Under no circumstances are you to fly SEx without permission, right?  We are not going to stick our noses into something we don’t have a good read on.”

“Are we in any danger? I don’t think the entire Air Force could defend the planet. Should we call this The Planet 9 Affair”?” Fitch asks.


by 3RDAXISDesign

Episode 55

page 58

The NULL Solution = Episode 135

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The NULL Solution = Episode 135

…Holy cannoli! Delete – delete – delete…

Holy Cannoli – Chocolate Halo Wing Dessert by Pbdazzler23

“What do you want me to do with this?” a staffer hands Roy Crippen a flawless picture, from an ISP assigned to Alf Quigby.

HD high resolution space telescopes are a useful tool for spotting black holes, distant galaxies, type-M planets and such wonders. When they snap a wallpaper quality image of Collapsar Axis, they become a cursed nuisance.

No sooner than things are calming down in Texas and the greater globe, with the news of a returning space-hero, a suitable-for-framing view of the alien colossus threatens to reignite the ugliest factions still bent on disorder.

Cover-ups are commonplace these days. It is not like the fibbers enjoy fibbing, or are even very good at it. But when an inquisitive teenager is able to ferret out the truth, no government or NASA tidbit is sacred anymore.

Holy cannoli! Delete – delete – delete… hold on a minute,” Roy amends. “Send that monster to an encrypted file. I want our best speculative experts to analyze, break down just what harm can be done to us.”

“Shouldn’t we share it with Planetary Defense?” Fletcher Fitch is the voice of reason.

“Only the director. We cannot afford to have the rest of those Chicken Littles screaming that the sky is falling. I am going back to the ranch. I need a vacation.”

“FYI, they are 57 days {+ change} out at present speed.”

“Good, McKinney and Stanley will be back by then. We will have time to reassess.”

“Just so you know, it looks like the Ÿ€Ð planetoid will pass Mars orbit in 56 days… Uranus in 45…” Sampson and Deke have been tracking {with greater accuracy} Collapsar Axis since its dalliance with Eridanus. Ekcello and Cerella have concentrated on assessing the probable intentions of this ominous, ever-growing collection of intergalactic nomads.

“I sense that Župzïð knows in his heart that Earth is not the cause of any of their misfortunes,” is Ekcello’s take. “It is ⃝     that they seek and your solar system is the focal point of its activity.”

The NULL Solution =

Episode 135

page 133