Foolish Puns #34

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Foolish Puns

If I think I’ve seen an idiot before, is that a case of deja fool.

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I believe I will be able to run my car on politicians promises but I’m having trouble with the fool injection system.

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When the King asked the fool for a joke the fool just shrugged. He was the court gesture.

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Of course you know about the self-taught comedian who made a fool of himself.

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Some foolish people gain by experience many perils of wisdom.


Foolish potters make wisecracks.

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My elderly aunt loves telling jokes while she knits. She is a real knitwit.

If towels could tell jokes they would probably have a dry sense of humor.

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I’m a sap for tree jokes.

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If jokes could be owned like land, then no good pun would go undeeded.

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Byte-ing humor can be found reading jokes online.

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Foolish Puns #34

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Laborious Puns #22

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“No man needs sympathy because he has to work, because he has a burden to carry. Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.”

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Labor Day is a good time to stop and reflect on the august events the the preceding month.

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2. Bringing a baby into the world is labor of love.

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He labored so hard that he worked his fingers to the bonus.

4. In some places there is a lot of Manuel labor for every Juan.

5. In the NFL there is some  Manuel labor.

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6. They used to experiment on dogs called laboratory retrievers.

7. A woman union leader who was pregnant had labor pains and then a striking baby.

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8. At a company where they dig for gold a labor dispute is a miner problem where no one wants to get the shaft.


Laborious Puns

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Puns (#27) Imported from Italy

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For Intelligent People (#27)

Puns Imported from Italy #27

I bought a computer from The Nero Company. It comes with a CD/Rome burner.

I used to think I’d hate Italian food, but I finally decided to give pizza a chance

Why are Italians so good at making coffee? Because they really know how to espresso themselves.

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That Italian chef is really annoying. He’s making a pesto himself

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Italian building inspectors in Pisa are leanient.

The compensation received by the Italian chef was a pretty penne.

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My friend dropped his box of Italian pastries on the floor. I cannoli imagine what he must be going through

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Puns (#27) Imported


from Italy

Puns, Puns # 1

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My Project 5-001

Puns, Puns # 1

Be sure to search out the continuing numbered PUNS series here at WIF… #2 #3 #4, etc… in the Pun Central Catalog.

A grenade thrown into a kitchen in France

— would result in Linoleum Blownaparte.




Puns, Puns #1

Punny Problems #21

Punny Problems #21