Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 88

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Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 88

 …Eddie notices a black Cadillac ironically similar to the one that ran them off the road…

Raring to go, Eddie Dombroski has them on the way to O’Malley’s Garage in a flash. He is on a mission of his own now and there is a steely resolve in his demeanor. His turns, left or right, are crisp, his acceleration away from stoplights lively.

He is on the hunt for the woman he has been married to for six years; she had patiently waited out his service in the Army, four year conscription during the height of the Big War that included him taking a bullet for the cause of world freedom. She is a great cook but “couldn’t get one going in her own oven” he shared with the girls once, referring to her inability to bear children. What he failed to mention was the reason for his Purple Heart; the bullet that took out one of his testicles.

“When we get near the shop, let us out a few blocks away, so we can sneak ourselves peak, get the lay of the land,” cautions Constance. “And park the car out of sight on a side-street.”

It is a sound plan; evaluate then act.

“One more stoplight ladies,” he tells them. Using his keen cab driver far-ward vision he notices a black Cadillac ironically similar to the one that ran them off the road on the way back from Tolentine. It is parked at the side entrance to O’Malley’s. Inadvisably, he does not share this useful tidbit with his passengers, letting them out two blocks to the south as he was instructed.

Without fanfare Eddie steps on the gas of their sedan, charging up behind the black car, blocking it in. He jumps out the passenger side door and storms into the building.

Constance Caraway P.I.

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