Focus Baby!

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Focus Baby!

Love in The Hamptons”  is going to be a great book. I can’t remember the last time I’ve read something about a “cougar” housewife stalking her married gynecologist Maybe on a recent episode GREY’S ANATOMYbut not in a book where the  censor is you and only you (and five editors at REDLIGHT BOOKS); to weed out sexually explicit vulgarisms:

—Susan was so looking forward to her appointment with Dr. Manchester, especially since she hung her moist red VSecret thong on his framed TUFTS UNIVERSITY  diploma, after his last probing of her love tunnel. Surely this freshly graduated hunk would appreciate her experienced vag……………..

…………..I get your drift (Author) . I am glad that you took my advice to stick with this book idea, even though it is not my cup of tea and you are paying me for my services.

Tomorrow I will help you with the main characters in “Love in The Hamptons”