The NULL Solution = Episode 184

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The NULL Solution = Episode 184

…”you are out of your cotton picking mind!” Sampson elucidates. The connection between clothing fiber and one’s mind is incongruent…



Outbound Outcome

In the closest vote in the history of Eridanus {the only one so far}, 45,340,206 to 303, the matter of Princess Cerella leaving Eridanus with the rest of the McKinneys is decided.

The End

The inside scoop: The 303 dissenting votes were rumored to be the following, Fortan, Ekcello, Skaldic … the remaining 300 were Eridanians who were confused by the question, “Should a native of Eridanus be allowed to permanently leave the planet? {Roughly translated}” or knew they would not be found out. After all, questions are for the ignorant and who would want to leave anyway?

Does your vote matter? Not so much in the case of doting parents and a Null who is not devoid of selfish motives. The aforementioned Skaldic is not giving up hope when it comes to the fair Deimostra. He is irrationally confident that she will decide to stay with him, no matter the outcome.

“If you think we are going to leave our daughter behind Skaldy, you are out of your cotton picking mind!” Sampson elucidates.

The connection between clothing fiber and one’s mind is incongruent, but he gets the point.

“Would Deimostra vote to stay?”

“She is not the issue. It’s about Cerella and my grandson and the people have spoken. The McKinneys belong on Earth, right down to the youngest!”

And so preparations begin for the return trip to the Terran system. Compared to what they are used to, the voyage in the NEWFOUNDLANDER will be painfully slow. Chasonn’s buggy was snappy. Hyperphysical transmigration is an instantaneous hit. But even at 2x faster than when it left Mars, with Sam and a pregnant Celeste stowed away, it will be more than two years before Deimostra will set foot on Earth for the first time.

The NULL Solution =

Episode 184

page 178

The NULL Solution = Episode 183

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The NULL Solution = Episode 183

…The Null are judged to be ‘not so terrible’… high praise from the high & mighty…

Immortality is a little discussed subject. It is taken for granted by Eridanians. Image result for watching the grass grow gifImmortality is like having a lawn that you never have to mow. The grass will start growing again, slowly for Cerella at first, but inevitably. It took ten years for the aging process to decline for the earthlings. Just how quickly it resumes is TBA.

There are a number of firsts involved in this cross-cultural segment of this family saga. Living forever is almost too much of a good thing, as odd as that may seem.

The lone polling place on the entire planet is Eupepsia. This means that a pilgrimage of varying degrees is in order. A 100% turnout is expected, from here to the opposite radius, such is the attraction of having a say about even the smallest of issues. ‘If you do not vote, you cannot complain about the outcome’ is a credo, not just lip service. Nonparticipants will forfeit their right to vote on the next topic, whatever that may be.

Eridanians, who have not seen one another in ages, do now. Eridanians, who have never seen a Null, thinking them a myth, meet them face-to-face during this revolutionary cycle. They are judged to be ‘not so terrible’… high praise from the high & mighty.

The only vote that really counts will be Cerella’s. It may be only one of many millions, but it will be the only one that matters. She owns her issue responsibly. She has looked at herself in a mirror with two sides. Her die is cast. Where Deke goes, she has want to follow.

The NULL Solution =

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Episode 183

page 177 (end Ch. 18)