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Social Outcast

The more I find out about Danny Bagman, from the proprietor of Doc’s Drugs, the odds of me meeting him are fading faster than my auburn highlights in the July sun. Doc Finegan is also on the town council and what may be gossip for Buffy is fact from a Bumstumble city father.

  • He dropped out of high school  in March of his senior year, because he didn’t like his Chemistry teacher

  • Dan Sr. got him a job at Kellogg, on rat patrol I believe, and he didn’t last two months. He was fired for releasing caught rodents into the wild.

  • He was jailed for buying alcohol for underage kids’ drinking parties.

  • He was living in his parent’s basement until a fire started after his hookah pipe tipped over.

  • He was taken in by a Christian woman over on the road to Damascus.

“That’s all I know Miss Caraway,” the aging alchemist seems to be holding back.

“My name is actually Gwendolyn Hoff. I am an author from Illinois and Danny has been stalking over the internet. I am researching him for a book called ESCAPE FROM LOSERVILLE; HOPE FOR THE HOPELESS“. 

“Good title.”