Lamentation – One step forward..two steps back

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I have 16 trillion reasons to be sad this morning, a measly two such being my sons and their children. They will be spending the rest of their lives paying for bloated government and unproductive citizens; the few were never meant to support the many.

One of my favorite Sci Fi authors is Robert Heinlein. In his book FARNHAM’S FREEHOLD a family with a bomb shelter is blasted into the future by a ground zero nuclear missile strike. When they emerge from their shelter, the seven or so people discover a world that is almost the exact opposite of the 1960’s Cold War world they left.

The Farnhams were left to deal with a world not of their choosing. I can relate: Colorado has legalized marijuana–Maryland gay marriage. This is not the world with which I am familiar and all that I am left with are fond memories; when morality ruled the day and our country had a united vision.

I thank God for the country he helped found 246 years ago, one where like-minded people flee a puritanical kingdom which was determined to force their will on its subjects. My high school buddy Kathleen Rae Hannah put it so well last nite, “So now we are socialists?”