Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 195

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Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 195

“Get up & stretch your legs, as Constance Caraway and her dashing friend Ace Bannion contemplate taking a side-trip.”

Chapter Seventeen


“When will the plane be fixed,” Constance asks a typical girl question, when the answer is guaranteed not to be a simple one.

Ace Bannion uses his teaspoon to stir his bowl of Corn Flakes, mixing the sugar down into the milk. “You know, I never used to like milk CC or boxed cereal for that matter.”

“What did you used to eat for breakfast, oh never mind, you’re changing the subject! That big thing you ditched on its belly, when does it get back in the air?”

“The Angel has an upset stomach,” Ace uses human terms to describe considerable fuselage damage. “But the Douglas sabotagerepair shop cannot touch her until the Civil Aeronautics Board can trace any possible sabotage back to Kansas City.”

“Dirty pool, I’d say,” she said with more than token certainty.

“Those guys need to be taken down; you don’t mess with thirty-five lives and get away with it. And with the Crusade switching to bus mode, for who knows how long, could be months, Billy told me to relax and make sure the rest of the schedule is tied up in a tidy bow.”

“Fanny and Worth are taking care of security for the Crusade for the next month, so that gives us a few days to burn, any ideas?,” Constance isn’t one for sitting around.

“It looks like Worth is fitting in quite nicely,” Ace is surprised that Fanny has brought the Tallahassee attorney into CCI’s everyday operations.

“Yes he is, filling a huge need since we have taken control of Graham security. They work so well together,” which is quite an adjustment for a previously small firm like theirs, “but that is them and we are us.”

You don’t have hit old Ace over the head with a hammer. He can tell that Connie is feeling left out and now that April has rolled around.

Constance Caraway P.I.

Forever Mastadon

page 164

The NULL Solution = Episode 189

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The NULL Solution = Episode 189

…“We are reversing course Dad!” Deke is keenly aware that autopilot was not programmed for this…

One question that will remain unanswered is, what role will they will play in the future of life on Earth?

The question should be, will they ever get there in the first place?

1/8th works for pizza, but not when traveling 10 light years, not nearly far enough toward their goal – suddenly NEWFOUNDLANDER reverts back to its days on Mars, when it makes a dash for home.

“We are reversing course Dad!” Deke is keenly aware that autopilot was not programmed for this.

“Is there something in our path, a comet or something that we had not planned for?”

“Nope, we have come about to a course leading straight back to Eridanus.”

Every good spaceship has a main viewscreen.  It is a virtual forward looking window to what is outside the hull. Sometimes it acts as a message board for communications with whatever. The command deck is looking at a starfield that they had already passed, while half-expecting to read a joke or riddle or something that would explain their reversal… nothing. Not even a fresh riddle from Lorgan.

“We have lost control of the helm. I’ve tried everything I know.”

“Try unplugging and plugging navigation.” A reboot is a sure cure for balky electronics.

In inimitable fashion, the visage of Ekcello appears to them, the “them” now comprising one & all onboard. It appears that he has come undone.

“I could not allow my daughter to leave Eridanus. Some things are not up for a vote. Upon returning, we will discuss continuing your journey.”

“Can he hear us?” Sam wonders if Ekcello can hear their reactions.

“No, this is not a complete transmigration,” Cerella is taken by surprise.

“The coward sabotages NEWFOUNDLANDER and he doesn’t have the guts to appear in person?”

Right on cue, he goes on, “There is nothing you can do to undo our work.”

“OUR work, does that mean he had help in this fiasco? I thought your father was a man of his word, Cerella?”

“Let me go back and talk him out of this.” Celeste still has the ability to go hyperphysical. “He has been exhibiting signs of instability for almost an entire cycle. My guess is that not even Fortan knows about this.”

“Somebody did and I predict that someone is Skaldy. I thought he was acting fishy. If I get my hands on him, there will be one less Null in the universe.”

“A negative Null will not solve a thing, Dad. Let Mom go and talk some sense into them.”

The NULL Solution =

Episode 189

page 182