THE RETURN TRIP – Episode 268

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THE RETURN TRIP – Episode 268

…the possibility of intimacy, even to the point of conception, never daring it to cross his mind… well maybe once…

The fair Cerella has piqued Deke’s interest.

There are only two block of rooms atop the towered city known as Eupepsia and it is the place where the McKinneys reside, somewhere down below. You could call them penthouses or you zerocould call them pinnacle palaces, just call this one as Cerella’s; the other being Ekcello’s.

The null-number-zero represents the number of anyone who has ever been at the top of Eupepsia, in the three Earth centuries of Cerella’s young life.

As a planet, not known for their extravagances due in part to lack of covertness’, this level of Eupepsia is dichotomous. No museum or gallery of fine art contains finer material. Deke tries not to gawk at the unparalleled beauty he is seeing… and the girl ain’t bad either.

Things are a tad awkward for a minute or two. As a polite guest, he would ask about this or that and Cerella would skirt the subject, preferring to hone in on their anatomies, specifically how they compare. He has to wonder what the purpose of this social call is.

“As far as I can tell Cerella, everything is in the right place. Do you have a self-esteem issue?” She has him scratching his head, seemingly fishing for compliments, when words like those supposedly mean next-to-nothing to her people.

“I sense that you find me pleasing, correct?”


“Have you ever fathered a child?”

“… Probably not.”

“Would you like to father a child with me?”

He loved everything about Cerella, yet the possibility of intimacy, even to the point of conception, has never dared to cross his mind… well maybe once

“Would you come, to where I rest, to discover if our bodies function together in that way?”

Leave a tender moment alone. He passively offers his hand waits for her to seal the deal.


Episode 268

page 237

Letters: Wrap it up, seal the deal

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Letters: Seal the Deal

Okay. We are coming to the part of the letter right before you put your Jane Doe on it. It used to be a John Henry, but that is so yesterday.

In my Exelon epistle, I provide proof in the form of a picture. For good measure I throw in a copy of the vet bill and cap it all off with a veiled threat: “”I expect some sort of resolution in this matter, before I seek professional advice.”

Advice for the lovelorn i.e. dbag21@gmail: we girls want the feeling that we are treasured. Tell us how much you will miss us until next we meet. Lie if you have to and we don’t give a rat”s-ass about your last girlfriend; “My sun sets over the roof of your house.” What did he say? And if I live in Illinois and you in Iowa, isn’t that impossible?

I will conclude this series (maybe) tomorrow with a  good, good bye.