Excuse Me Holidays – From Hallmark

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Made up Holiday Dates


No Real History……

On April 21, 1952 the first Secretaries’ Day was celebrated.  The presidents of the National Secretaries Association and of Dictaphone Corporation came up with the unofficial holiday in conjunction with an ad agency.  Now called Administrative Professionals Day, it is now celebrated on the Wednesday during the last week of April (in the US and Canada).

Cracked fact: The International Association of Administrative Professionals (the renamed National Secretaries Association) holds the copyright to the name, Administrative Professionals Day.  The day is celebrated in several other countries on various dates and by various names.

Sweetest Day.

Along with Mothers Day and Fathers Day among others considered a “Hallmark Holiday” created commercially to sell candy and greeting cards, it was invented in Cleveland in 1921 by the newspaper, The Plain DealerMEN: DO NOT FORGET THIS HOLIDAY!

 St. Valentine’s Day

Celebrated on February 14 in most of western Christendom and in July by Eastern Orthodox Christians, there is no single St. Valentine, but a hodge-podge of various martyrs rolled into one!  Even then, the stories may well be fictional.  This day is another holiday that is dangerous for men to forget!

 Independence Day.

July 4th is not the day the US gained independence which did not come until Britain had lost the war, it is just the date some of the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence.  Try not to hurt yourself with fireworks.

Columbus Day.

This day celebrates the “discovery” of the Americas on October 12, when millions of Native Americans had already discovered it!  It was made the 2nd Monday in October in 1970, although 4 states refuse to celebrate it and many no longer treat it as a state holiday.  Native Americans do not celebrate this holiday!