Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 17

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Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 17

…Their gruff cabby, turned chauffeur, for all his tale-telling foibles, is as reliable as they come…

“My name is not Carol, it’s Constance Caraway and Fanny is Fanny, not Sara,” the offender admits.

“I knew something was fishy. Sara, didn’t play pool like no librarian. Oh, I meant Fanny… is that her real name, Fanny?”

“It is short for Philomena. Would you want to be called by that old-fashioned name?”

“I had an Aunt Philomena, huge lady, wore enough Lemon Verbena to kill the tree it came from; could smell her from a mile away.”

Of course Eddie would have a Philomena story. He has a story for any occasion.

“How soon can you be here?”

“One hour and tell that jammoke at the gate that I’m coming. I don’t want him turning my cab inside out!”

“Hey, you’re one of ‘us’ now, cashing in on some of those tax dollars we pay in.”

Punctuality should be high on the list of human intrinsic worth, right up there with honesty and loyalty. If you tell someone you are going to do something, do it. It sounds simple, but as time goes on, the notion of black and white or right and wrong is slowly fading to middling gray and contentious litigation.

Christmas 1950

Their gruff cabby, turned chauffeur, for all his tale-telling foibles, is as reliable as they come. On December 25th 1950, when 99% of God fearing people are knee deep in crumpled wrapping paper and immersed in the aroma of the coming noontime feast, Edward Francis Dombroski III has arrived at Argonne National Laboratory 58 minutes from the time he hung up the phone.

“I hate to be a Scrooge, but I had the feeling someone was watching my house; there was a car with one guy in it sitting across the street. His engine was running, but he hadn’t moved all morning.”

“Maybe he was a visitor at some house on your block,” Fanny speculates about a holiday guest.

Probably not.

Constance Caraway P.I.

Forever Mastadon

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Punny Men #6

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Punny Men #6

When cave men got together they formed clubs.

Some men view marriage as a matter of wife and debt.

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Men are like steel because they are worthless when they lose their temper.

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When women enter middle age, it gives men a pause.

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Punny Men #6

Abraham and Isaac – The Real Story

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Abraham & Isaac; The Real Story

Abraham's Sacrifice of Isaac

Photo: Getty Images

Abraham’s Sacrifice of Isaac

 Scripture Reference:

Genesis 22:1-19

The Sacrifice of Isaac – Story Summary:

The sacrifice of Isaac put Abraham to his most agonizing test, a trial which he passed completely because of his total faith in God.God told Abraham, “Take your son, your only son, Isaac, whom you love, and go to the region of Moriah. Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains I will tell you about.” (Genesis 22:2, NIV)

Abraham took Isaac, two servants and a donkey and set off on the 50 mile journey. When they arrived, Abraham ordered the servants to wait with the donkey while he and Isaac went up the mountain. He told the men, “We will worship and then we will come back to you.” (Genesis 22:5b, NIV)

Isaac asked his father where the lamb was for the sacrifice, and Abraham answered that the Lord would provide the lamb. Saddened and confused, Abraham bound Isaac with ropes and placed him on the stone altar.

Just as Abraham raised the knife to slay his son, the angel of the Lord called out to Abraham to stop and not harm the boy. The angel said he knew that Abraham feared the Lord because he had not withheld his only son.

When Abraham looked up, he saw a ram caught in a thicket by its horns. He sacrificed the animal, provided by God, instead of his son.

Then the angel of the Lord called to Abraham and said, “I swear by myself, declares the LORD, that because you have done this and have not withheld your son, your only son, I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky and as the sand on the seashore. Your descendants will take possession of the cities of their enemies, and through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed, because you have obeyed me.” (Genesis 22:16-18, NIV)

Abraham and Isaac – The Real Story

An excerpt from CONSTANCE CARAWAY ~ Forever Mastadon

Billy Graham and Samuel Goldwyn are talking about life, its meaning and other matters on the bus trip back to Chicago. Sam is of the Jewish persuasion, albeit the non-practicing flavor, but like many of the crusade attendees, he has repeatedly heard the messages and cannot help having serious questions about the potential role of faith in his life. But it’s not only Judaism that haunts him. He can still hear his Grandfather speak of their centuries struggle against the Muslim world, right up to 1947 and when Israel was granted the promised homeland.

Much of the root confusion arises from the birthright of Abraham’s two sons, by different mothers; Abraham being the patriarch of the line of David.

“Why do Muslims claim that it was Hagar’s son, Ishmael, whom God spared from being sacrificed?” Young Goldwyn knows just enough scripture to be dangerous.

“… because it allows them to claim our God as their own. You see, sometime after Christ died on the cross, they changed the story in their holy book, the Koran, to fit their needs. But these same errant editors insist that their prophet Mohammed is like a god, which is pure hogwash. Mohammed has been allowed to write his own sacred manuscript to be passed off as divine. It is fiction by the strictest measure.

“In the real historical account, as transcribed by the apostles, our great God provided a 100 year old man with a son, by his wife of 90, a miracle that triumphed over the despair of barrenness. God ordered, ‘And you will call him Isaac’. So when He instructed Abraham to sacrifice his precious son on an altar, he was obedient. That obedience was proof of the man’s faithfulness and Isaac was spared; not Ishmael who has Egyptian blood and born of a concubine.”

Graham knows this story well.

“And I used to think that the Bible was just another book.”

Goldwyn sees the light.

Abraham and Isaac – The Real Story

The Former Owners of my House

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Mary Stewart

“I doubt if there are many normal women who can resist looking at houses. I believe, in fact, that when a house is up for sale more than half the people who look over it are not prospective buyers, but merely ladies who cannot resist exploring someone else’s house.

—chapter 8”
― Mary StewartStormy Petrel

Bram Stoker

“I bear messages which will make both your ears tingle.”

― Bram StokerDracula

Former Owners of My House

Tall Tales

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Vera Nazarian

“All stories have a curious and even dangerous power. They are manifestations of truth — yours and mine. And truth is all at once the most wonderful yet terrifying thing in the world, which makes it nearly impossible to handle. It is such a great responsibility that it’s best not to tell a story at all unless you know you can do it right. You must be very careful, or without knowing it you can change the world.”

― Vera NazarianDreams of the Compass Rose

Tall Tales

What the (fill in the blank) just happened!

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What (()&%$#% just happened!

Gwenny’s Wayback Machine once again takes us back to the year 1985, year 14 of my Science Fiction days. Ronald Reagan was President of a more innocent United States,We Are the World” is recorded in reaction to that new disease AIDS in Africa. The Space Shuttle program is in high gear, but the Challenger will soon be doomed to an ignominious fate.

Personally, I have started my book project “THE RETURN TRIP”,  a space-family saga that will see the Challenger cruelly intervene 12 months in the future . About the time that I am winding down Chapter 3, after a fruitful 3 hour session, I go to save the document thanks to that nifty feature on my Radio Shack 2000 that allows you to come and pick up where you left off………………..

………………….and then it was gone. )*&%^$#_){}][=?><(!! what just happened!!??

Whether it was procedural operator error or a computer glitch, 2 months of work just evaporated——and it was good stuff too!

That is the time when, after you stop crying, you wonder if you can possibly recreate all those great words & phrases.  And though I would recover, at that very moment I hearkened back to a recent time when it would have taken a house fire to lose 3 freaking chapters!

Nightmare #2 is a bad dream of a different color, as the Wayback machine fast-forwards to 1990; another seeming roadblock that may derail a book writer.

Tell me a story

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Tell me a story

Before we sink our teeth into the subject of the novel, please feel free to contact me. If you ever need help getting started, or if you’ve already launched into it and have encountered the dreaded “writers’ block”, I’m here for you.

Whether you have a single topic or a whole hoard of ideas, do not give up on it too soon, unless you have all the time in the world. Nothing is more discouraging than laying down a chapter or two and losing interest in it.

In the coming days I will relate a couple personal nightmares (not concerning Danny Bagman from Iowa/Colorado). The two that come to mind were devastating setbacks for me, but I lived to tell the story.

And don’t think that this is going to be a daily dose of  boring; no,no no. Each day I hope to have you smiling, crying or both and you will be building upon a firm foundation, one important block at a time.