Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 168

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Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 168

…Don’t give me that sources crap, sonny, tell us who tipped you off and I’ll give you the real story…

All lighting is trained on the house, 360 degrees and forever, but nothing happens immediately. The hibernating bats don’t like it and scatter into the dawning day, as do any ghostly Greenwood-001apparitions from the house’s scary past.

The climax comes when the roof splits open and a fiery shaft shoots up into the dawning sky… and then it is gone, like it was never there.

“Turn off all the lights,” Daniels orders.

He and Constance hop out of the National Guard vehicle to take a closer look at the house. They are met by a young reporter carrying a camera and a notebook, “My name is John Krass from the Chicago Tribune and I cannot believe what I just saw. Can you explain that red light shooting out from the roof?”

In his peripheral view of the bewildering scene, Daniels sees L. Dick Cannon stumble out of the house in his pajamas. He sets out to corner him before he has time to collect his fragile wits, hoping he can make sense of the connection between Penty and this Science Fiction nutcase.

John Krass – Chicago Tribune

Meanwhile, Connie corners Krass. “Tell us how you found out about this operation and maybe we will give you a story that is fit to print,” Constance barters.

“I have my ways,” young Krass explains.

She has heard that before, from Daniels, “Don’t give me that sources crap, sonny. Tell us who tipped you off and I’ll give you some facts from which you can fashion some sort of factual story, instead of the horror tale that you are going to write.”

“I have a ‘guy’ in the 2nd District who tipped me off. He dished that something big was going to go down here this morning. Boysources did it ever!”

“Okay, I guess it doesn’t matter now…” she ditches the exact factual facts and goes on to tell the unsuspecting lad that they are  ghost hunters, hired to drive out spirits and demons at 5046, blah-blah-blah. He can get the real dirt from somebody else, which is advisable if he has a future as a reporter.

“Cool!” There is one born every minute.

Whether it is a newspaper legend like William Randolph Hearst or a cub reporter like John Krass who is looking for his big break; both want to put things down in black and white, in order for it to be read all over.

Constance Caraway P.I.

Forever Mastadon

page 143 (end Ch. 14)


A letter to Gwen from 2012

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Letter to Gwen from 2012

This humble author will resume her letter writing column in the coming week, but for today, I will read you a letter I received from the not-too-distant present.

Dear Gwen;

It has come to our attention, from various sources, that you are more than slightly out of touch with us. We don’t believe your ignorance is blatantly intentional, but we feel you need to be more aware of what is going on with popular culture.

As  our first example, we hold in self-evidence  your almost daily rants against people who were born after 1996. You seem to be mounting a slanderous campaign against their literary skills. Just because the “millennial generation”, as you refer to them, abbreviates every other word and uses slang  & symbols that are not found in any dictionary, it is ludicrous that you presuppose  a future without a scholar among them.

Secondly, it has come to our attention that up until last evening’s Saturday Night   Live, you had never seen Bruno Mars perform, or even heard his music. Now we do not know what size rock you have been hiding under, but for an allegedly informed woman, we find this highly weird.

Finally, our third example comes from the medium from which you get most of ur current events; AOL & the newspaper, PLSE!  The CHICAGO TRIBUNE can be compared to a corded telephone….boring! And AOL went out w/the cellular phone.

Wii ❤ recommend 3 reliable sources from which u can stay in touch with present day Earth:

  • The Daily Show, with Jon Stewart (without the H)
  • Access Hollywood, featuring Billy Bush (not related to either George W)
  • Inside Edition, starring the lovely and dedicated Deborah Norville

Wii sincerely hope that u take our suggestions in the spirit with which they are offered. OMG u gotta c more YOU TUBE grl!!!!!  🙂  lmao


2012 duh