Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #235

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #235


From the Ashes

          …Fifteen years. 5475 days. A lot can happen in that span of time and it has. In present day 1935, lives have changed…

Time Marches On-001

  Judith Eastman, for one, has lost both her husband and brother in the same year, of the same disease. At age 72 she has lived a rich and fulfilling life, but do not think for a moment that that matters now. She would gladly trade all that personal gratification for the companionship she now is lacking.

 The Great Depression took its toll on everyone, even those like the Pearson-Eastman’s who were financially immune to bankruptcy.

George Eastman, a man of much wealth and benevolence, lived his last years with a broken heart, so did he mourn for the ruined majority around him. During the Roaring Twenties he gave away more than $70 million to his favorite educational institutions. How was he to know, that would only be enough money to help the worse-off of the worse? He did what he could, right up until his 78 year old heart did truly break.

Harv Pearson had to see all those crushed spirits and forlorn faces twice. Having to see them in person, day after day, is difficult enough. Inserting Judith’s pictures of some of those very same into their magazine, would break his heart as well. He had survived a hurricane, dodged submarines and bullets, but could not, in the end, defeat a human condition in despair.

The Pearson-Eastman Journal, whose gripping photographs and human-interest stories became a monthly fixture in a million American households in 1901, will have life as long as Judith Eastman draws a breath.

Alpha Omega M.D.

1920 to 1935-001

Episode #235

page 220



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Skipping the Messy Stuff

 * Chapter Ten ALLIES  196
• Chapter Eleven BALANCE OF POWER  221
• Chapter Twelve CARELESS WHISPERS  241
• Chapter Thirteen FROM THE ASHES  258
• Chapter Fourteen LESSONS NOT LEARNED  278

All the earlier chapters are a lead-up to our late involvement in WWI,      where we meet Sir James Matthew Barrie, the prolific playwright and cousin to John Ferrell. John Ferrell’s supply ship, the Panama City, never a real ship, was not sunk by U-Boat submarines, though the elder Ferrell

____The Life and Times of a Black Southern Doctor 367

did indeed die in 1916; such a blue-blooded way to die, helping your
Scottish ancestors through a tough time.

10 and 11 encompass that bloody 1st world war, along with the
deadly influenza that started in Europe and traveled back to the US.
30 million people died worldwide and that is about the time that
Alpha Omega Campbell began practicing medicine.

After the doctor and Maggie wed in 1918, they both had affairs
that produced children. Maggie’s dalliance produced middle daughter,
Laura. That little child was so fair-skinned, isn’t that right banker Lewis? Alpha, for his part, did father a child; it’s just that whether it was with Camille
Diaz is buried among the Careless Whispers of reality.

Those Roaring years of flappers and debauchery are bypassed…

…here, as is the Great Depression. It seems the author (me) does not deal
well with hard times, which resurfaces in the closing chapters, a.k.a.
the happy, or rather calm ending. So From the Ashes emerges the
mid-1930’s. We lose great characters Harv Pearson, Herb Love and
Phoebe. We’ve already left the Endlichoffer’s behind and the elder

James Ferrell becomes the Dr.’s lawyer and we are (re) introduced
to Carolyn Hanes (Constance Caraway Private Eye) and her lover
Sara Fenwick (Fanny Renwick). Like the incest episode between James
and Agnes, this Lesbian relationship is a glimpse into life behind closed doors, as well as in real life.