THE RETURN TRIP – Episode 139

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THE RETURN TRIP – Episode 139

…’Talk to me Tuesday’ continues, as Francine begins to reel in the illusive astronaut.

In the course of a 3-course cattle-country lunch, Roy lays out his vision, Francine’s upfront role as his Press Secretary. “I never was any good at suffering fools, so dealing with worldwide media is not my strong suit. I mean you can’t teach physics to a preschooler, can you?”

“I’m not so sure anymore, from what Gus was telling me, they already have the necessary education to go straight into the astronaut program.”

“Gus is also positive that Earth has been visited by beings from another planet and that they have been doing since before Jesus Christ was born.”

“B.C. meaning Before Cleopatra?”

“Right, and A.D. means After  Dinosaurs. God bless him for his imagination, but for all our science, we have yet to confirm anyone’s evidence on any alien incursion.” {He could be wrong about that, right?} “Getting back to my need for a media maven; we seem to be able to work extremely well together, you can put words in my mouth and then I can focus on the important things.”

“I thought you did a good job handling me and the other scoops. I had to force my way into your insulated world.”

“Insulated… good word, but I would describe me as “in a zone”, with all the chaos going on around me. That pre-launch stuff, they have made movies about, but the difference is, I had no script to follow…and I don’t like having to explain my decisions.”

“No one can blame you for appearing myopic. I think you require the visage of The Great and Powerful OZ, while you do your thing behind the curtain.”

“Well there you go; the Wizard of OZ needs another full complement of senses to help me out.”

“I’ll give you that OZ and Dorothy raises you mine,” she tosses tortilla chips onto the breakfast nook table like she is kicking in poker chips to the pot.

“I ‘call’,” he answers as he pretends to turn over, “2 pair… Kings and Jacks.”

“Three 10s and a pair of queens… full house, I win!”

“Yes you do,” he pushes the chips over, swallows hard and then out of the blue he ups the ante, “I am not sure this is the right time, but here goes nothing: As sure as a black hole devours light, Francine Bouchette, you have captured my heart.”

All this while they have been having their adult conversation in plain sight of their two tablemates, Deke and Gus McKinney, who do a fist bump, a high five and a pinky-link, having seen Francine’s hand reach across the table, a tear trickling
down her cheek.

Deke proclaims, “Is that the best you can come up with Uncle Roy? Black Hole, that’s so cornball.”


Episode 139

page 131 (end chapter six)

Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 160

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Constance Caraway P.I. ~ Episode 160

…Cannon is a charismatic speaker, generally commanding attention from any sized gathering. If you get him talking, good luck in getting him to shut up…

The mysterious Penty-in-Winters’-clothing appears out of nowhere to Cannon’s surprise. L Dick has been writing Science Fiction for years, but seeing someone appear out of nowhere is quite another thing.

“I will not be a part of a traveling magic show.” Garfield has been around his share of stage gimmicks, but this stunt was not part of a movie script.

5046 Greenwood

“This is not magic John Garfield; you may not have seen me come into the room.”

“It must be this house, it gives me the creeps,” he pulls the collar of his coat up around his neck and face. “It’s getting colder in here and what’s that smell?”

{Cannon had thought it was all about him. He was under the impression that he was in control, running the show and that Winters was just a means to his ends. He remembers that smell. He has felt that chill before.

But that is all gone now. How long has he been at this house? He is losing his grip on the present. When do dreams become reality and how?

‘Forget Langston, forget,’ he is urged by a resonating voice.}

“Let’s just say that this house has an unsavory past,” Penty/Winters attempts to explain away any causality on his part. “There must have been a fatal fire in the past… and there’s always a nasty draft.”

“We are going to fill Chicago Stadium with people who thirst for mental contentment. From Hackensack New Jersey to Hollywood California and Houghton Michigan to Homestead Florida, my followers will flock to Middle America to trumpet the work of the Cannon Dianetic Research Foundation.”

Cannon is a charismatic speaker, generally commanding attention from any sized gathering. If you get him talking, good luck in getting him to shut up. Given to pontification, he will make you a devoted follower before you realize that you’ve been had.

He tells the actor/shill, “I will personally meet and greet any of your disaffected Hollywood friends. They can take center stage with us and join in a global spiritual unification,” He has forgotten those nagging suspicions of his host a few minutes earlier and re-morphed into his twisted personae of a ‘Pied Piper for the morally confused’. “Just make sure that we are not lumped into one communist basket. Spiritual Engineering can’t afford that black eye.”

Winters, a briefcase toting homeowner by day and dream-weaving demon by night, is exceedingly pleased that Langston Richard Cannon has become the very pompous puppet he had foreseen.

Producing a smile on the face of evil should be the last thing on anyone’s to-do list.

Constance Caraway P.I.

Forever Mastadon

page 138

The NULL Solution = Episode 51

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The NULL Solution = Episode 51

…The Gifted wish to project themselves as mythical; today the jig is up…

Related image

As far as ⃝    is concerned, Ekcello learns that Cerella and the McKinneys had spotted it in another galaxy. To fully comprehend every side of the subject, he subjects himself to that menagerie of beings over in the Spaceflight Expository, the escaped Null included. That a Null is the only Eridanian to have seen ⃝    , he is deeply disturbed.

Out of learned respect, Skaldic bows. He is a crowd of one, of those Null having stood in the presence of the Supreme Elder to the High Council. A representative image of Ekcello, looking nothing like this, would appear on their screens whenever any planetary information was to be shared with the isolated tower. #Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain#

The Gifted wish to project themselves as mythical; today the jig is up….

Skaldic is the Null most feared in the eyes of the Gifted. His story {history} is well known. That he dare choose to let his gifts to languish is stuff of legend.

“Can I assume that the rest of the Null are under your control?” That Ekcello concedes Skaldic’s authority is reciprocal respect.

Skaldic relates the story, “With their own eyes they have seen the world of the Gifted. But the hookahs did pose a threat to our stability and I was forced to restrict the rest to the Null Tower. But they have tasted and they have seen. The status of the Null Tower is an issue that will need to be discussed in the future.”

“You are to be commended Skaldic. Self-restraint is a necessary quality in any leader. I recognize you as the Supreme Null,” Ekcello proclaims.

“Is that like being the tallest midget?” Sampson whispers to his daughter-in-law.

“You are witnessing history in the making, father to Deke,” her assessment of this newfangled collaboration is accurate.

This is big – Eridanus big.

Ekcello reaches out for Skaldic’s firsthand observation of ⃝    .

“I did see ⃝    next to our former home world, but only for the shortest of time. I do not know how long it had been there. It did not show itself on our sensors,” Skaldic relates.

“Three cycles, it appeared three cycles past. It is the cause of our neutralization. We know not what it is.” Ekcello cannot relate.

What the Gifted do not know is impossible to quantify. It’s like, ‘You’ll know it when you see it.’ They didn’t see ⃝    ,   but it did drive them into silence.

The term: ⃝    is now common in their 4 separate lingoes; not a word, more of a foggy notion.

The NULL Solution =

Episode 51

page 54