THE RETURN TRIP – Episode 94

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THE RETURN TRIP – Episode 94

…Now that’s what I want to hear… enthusiasm – enthusiasm…

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Brittle Enthusiasm by Polly Castor

“The President says that there will be no second Space Colony until Sammy Mac and Cel are christopher-columbus-001back on Earth!”

“Is this a repeat of what went on in the 20-teens? Feed the people and starve the space program, how shortsighted is that? Yeah, let’s try to privatize space again, we all know how that turned out; that’s like sending out Christopher Columbus with two dinghies and a canoe. By the time they get done with the Washington push-pull, a Martian colony will not be feasible, hell then we might as well shoot for the stars.”

“Not necessarily Roy, they (the McKinneys) could be debriefed en route from Mars and we could have the main body completed by then; no reason we couldn’t have #2 in place by the end of ’31.”

“A year behind schedule and not manned by our 1st string people!” Crip’s biorhythm readings are lowered to somewhere between Custer at Little Bighorn and the Captain of the Titanic; surrounded by 2000 fighting Indians & the Promenade deck listing at 45º in the frigid waters of the North Atlantic.

“Maybe they are right Braden. We had a serious breach of security at the very least and when the smoke clears from the inquiry, I will be working 2nd shift IT at an El Paso Automated Warehouse.”

“Look my friend, we are not going to let you anywhere near some half-baked witch-hunt, so I have a proposal,” Braden does what a friend does best; he tosses out a life preserver. “Come up to the Ranch (King) for a little R&R. I have a reluctant filly I’d like you to break.

“That’s not in my wheelhouse right now. I would probably get thrown and break my back, neck, space-birthday-001and both arms trying to cushion the fall.”

“We will be expecting you on Wednesday the boys’ birthday bash and bring your bedroll.”

“Hey, I can’t disappoint my biggest fans!”

“Now that’s what I want to hear…enthusiasm — enthusiasm.”


Episode 94

page 89

Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #186

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #186

…Don’t be givin’ me credit, James, I’m just going to be a simple country doctor…

Morning Rounds by Terry Redlin

At the reception following the commencement, thankfully in a tent cooled by large fans, the rest of Tallahassee gang gets the chance to congratulate the recognized star of said proceedings. A.O. Campbell is by no means totally comfortable with his celebrity. He has been merely singled out, by a President no less, but it took every fiber of his brain to make it to this point. Brain surgery is not in his future, though many men, women and children will come to him for what ails them and he will do his best not to fail them.

People like John and Martha Ferrell are just plain overjoyed, especially John, having seen his metamorphosis first hand.

James Ferrell has witnessed the severe prejudice that Negroes must endure, knowing that a Negroes lot may be one small step from imprisonment or death. Whether it be North or South, he is rightly impressed with the new professional and tells him so. “Put it there, buddy,” he extends his hand. “Not your ordinary commencement. Mine was so boring that half of the entire gymnasium fell asleep. Some guy named Robert Wynne, the then Postmaster General with a sedative speaking voice and speech to match. But you, my friend, have a flair for the dramatic and Teddy Roosevelt.”

“Don’t be givin’ me credit, James, I’m just going to be a simple country doctor.”

Country Lawyer-001  “Well, that makes me a country lawyer and if that country doctor ever needs my services, please do not hesitate to knock on my door; like if you amputate the wrong leg, or try to deliver a baby out a woman who’s not with child?”

“Pay no mind to him, Alpha, the world of law warps the mind, like a day old pine board on a hot day like today,” chides Abbey, uncomfortable when he is so flippant about such things.

Harv Pearson is not far away, catching the tail end of the conversation concerning his P-E J attorney. “You best take him up on his offer, Alpha. It’s better to have him with you, than against you. Anyone who can stare down a man like Hank Blount is all right in my book.”

“Not to mention keeping you from sailing on the Titanic,” James adds, taking any color from the involved faces, paled by the eeriness of a near miss. Harv and Judith were supposed to be aboard the fated ocean liner, but…

 (…“I believe you neglected to get us a press-pass from the White Star Line. ‘I’ll get you an exclusive’, is what you told us, ‘One of the Beacon Hill partners is the brother-in-law of Guggenheim’s sister’ or some such thing.”) At the time Harv and Judith were put out, stuck in dirty old London without a story they had counted on to boost sagging subscriptions. But in four days all is forgiven; a night in frigid Atlantic waters is transformed into a holiday in Scotland.

Alpha Omega M.D.

by RB McGrath

Episode #186

page 174

Maritime disaster – Worse than Titanic

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December 20, 1987, Worst Peacetime Sea Disaster


A Brief History

On December 20, 1987, the passenger ferry Dona Paz sank with twice as many drowned as theTitanic!

Digging Deeper

Digging deeper, we find around 1500 souls lost on the Titanic, and perhaps 4300 lost on the Dona Paz!

Originally built and operated in Japan (1963), the Dona Paz was designed for only 608 passengers, although when operated in the Philippines after being sold in 1975 it was given a capacity of about 1500.

On the fateful day of December 12, 1987, the ferry carried far more than the claimed roughly 1600 people, probably about 4000 or more.  About 10:30 p.m. local time en route between Tacloban and Manila the Dona Paz collided with a tanker ship, the MT Vector.  Pandemonium reigned supreme as the gasoline carried by the tanker burst into flames and spread to the hapless ferry.  The Dona Pazsuffered a great explosion and sank about 2 hours after the collision, with the Vector sinking within 2 hours later.

With no lifeboats or life-jackets present, and no direction from the crew, the passengers had no choice but to jump overboard into the flaming seas.  Either the Dona Paz did not have a radio or for some reason did not send a distress signal.  One way or another, authorities did not hear of the tragedy until about 8 hours later, and took another 8 hours to organize search and rescue operations!

Out of the 4000+ aboard the ferry and the 13 man crew of the tanker, only 2 of the tanker’s crew were rescued and only 24 passengers survived from the ferry.  Despite the conflicting numbers of passengers claimed, this tragedy is generally accepted as the worst peacetime maritime disaster of all time (by authorities such as Time magazine and The World Almanac).

Investigation of the incident revealed shoddy seamanship on the part of both vessels, with only one apprentice crew member on the bridge of Dona Paz and the Vector operating without a lookout, qualified captain, or even a license! Victims were paid a pittance of less than $500 as a settlement, with the only bright side being that even those passenger/victims not on the manifest still got paid.

Maritime disaster

– Worse than Titanic