THE RETURN TRIP – Episode 249

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THE RETURN TRIP – Episode 249

…To discover that we are alive and living, 10 light-years away from Mars is a radical notion…

Radical Notion by Stephanie Holznecht

#Why would they believe that our intentions are to deceive? They surely will know we mean them no harm# Ekcello is relegated to speculation, when telepathy fails.

“You must understand Ekcello that they will have no precedent from which to draw from. Earth is still at odds with the whole UFO issue, without specific knowledge or tangible proof of alien visitation.”

#This is not true. Our ancestors, from the days on the Mother Planet, did indeed make contact with the civilization you call Egyptians. The artifacts you saw on our Explorer confirms direct contact#

“Yes it does, but I can tell you that all those Egyptians viewed you guys as gods, another thing to worship and pray to. And you “gods” never returned in their lifetimes–

–Even as far back as fifty and eighty earth-years, possible alien encounters were explained away as anything but.”

#There are other worlds with universal mobility in faraway galaxies. We know this as truth#

“Thank you for sharing, but until the people of Earth shake the hands of one of you dudes, the only true superior being is the God of our Fathers.”

#We must trust that your sons will be as open-minded as the rest of their family unit#

“We had five years to sort out the possibilities of where we were going and we had your ship to give us some solid clues,” Sampson recalls.  “I can tell you that nothing would please me more, but Deke & Gus are going to freak… this I know as truth

The huge sliding door, which looks like it weighs a million pounds, yet opens like a floating bee, leading to the spaceship “NOT FOR SALE” showroom.

“Obviously your congenial author enjoyed Interstellar the movie… I saw it in the theater… but I wrote this book back in 1986, so you can see why it connected with me.” – Gwenny


Episode 249

page 224

Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #287

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #287

…Sara Fenwick wonders if there is any romance between that clever private eye and the dashing flyer…

sketches by Doug Widley

sketches by Doug Widley

Now, she has been replaced by Ace Bannion, for God’s sake. What a corny name! Even makes the name Fanny sound good. The only problem is that Ace lives on and Fanny is finished, at least in the pages of The Hawaiian Spy.


“Yes, hon.”

“You have been with Ford (Ace) so much lately, we never have time to talk, you know, the way we used to. And you are hardly ever at home. I’m starting to feel like a fifth wheel.”

Constance Caraway

Constance Caraway

Lyn has to measure her words carefully. Sara was returned to Earth not completely intact, missing this and that, with one exception. Her phenomenal sensitivity, the kind that knows when people need encouragement, has been somehow magnified, turning into hypersensitivity. Gone are the days when you could joke with Sara, say just about anything to her and move on. She was sweet that way.

But not anymore.

  Little things become huge, mostly because she does not understand the things she used to. And now she thinks she understands something about Lyn and Bob Ford. They have been working on that flying disk story ever since New Mexico. Whatever happens in their quest to uncover strange truths makes its way to Lyn’s typewriter. She wonders if there is any romance between the clever private eye and the dashing flyer. She has stopped reading for fear of just that.

Normally, Lyn would have shot back, ‘What’s the matter, Sare, you jealous?’ Not this time. “Robert is as obsessed with this spaceman thing as I am, and I’m the one writing the book!”

Ace Bannion sketch2-001

sketch by Steve Rude

Image result for flying disc“I’ve known you long enough to know that you like to work alone. Suddenly, Bob, oh — I mean, Robert, is with you as much as humanly possible. I don’t understand how he keeps his business going.”

          “He’s hired a friend to make his cross country trips, that’s why we bought a small plane together.”

          “You what?” Sara is stunned. She shouldn’t be.

          “I told you that I have been flying more, did you think I meant flapping my arms real hard?” Lyn mocks a bird in flight, like it was chased by a bigger, hungry bird.

          “That’s not funny! You know how I forget things!” She feels like the half-person everybody thinks she is and is mourning it. “I wish things would go back the way they used to be. I wish I could feel whole again.”

          “Some-one or some-thing did something to you during those six years and I intend to find out exactly what it was and how to correct it.”

Alpha Omega M.D.

Episode #287

page 269

The Alaska Triangle – WIF Did You Know?

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The Alaska Triangle

We’ve all heard of the Bermuda Triangle, but surprisingly there is also an Alaska Triangle. This mysterious triangle is the location of countless disappearances of people, planes and boats that have never been found or heard from again. There are many theories regarding the explanation of so many missing people, such as the land being located on a vortex, and of course we have to mention that mythical creatures are said to cause some of these disappearances.

It is a huge area full of unsolved mysteries that nobody can explain, and that’s why the Alaska Triangle is such an interesting and complex location that many people haven’t even heard of. This article will detail the top 10 interesting facts about the mysterious Alaska Triangle.

10. The Location Of The Alaska Triangle

The Alaska Triangle covers a huge area of the state, from the southeast area close to Juneau and Yakutat, to the northern region of the Barrow mountain range and also to the city of Anchorage. Inside of the triangle there is a huge amount of unexplored wilderness which includes mountain peaks, large forests, and isolated barren tundra.

The area has a large amount of local people who live there, as well as tourists visiting the location who inexplicably go missing each year. There have also been numerous planes that have disappeared or crashed without any explanation. As a matter of fact, since 1988, there have been approximately 16,000 people who have vanished seemingly into thin air in this mysterious Alaska Triangle.

9. Alaska Monsters

There was even a television series based on the Alaska Triangle and its dangerous animals that live in the area. The show is called Alaska Monsters and it’s about a team of six experienced frontiersmen called the “Alaska Midnight Sons” (or AMS for short) who explore the vast wilderness in hopes of finding dangerous creatures lurking through the forests.

Since many people believe that there are dangerous and mysterious creatures living in the huge forests of Alaska, AMS’ job is to investigate the Triangle area by area to find evidence of these beasts they believe are the reason for the disappearances of thousands of people. These frontiersmen are responsible for investigating leads, conducting interviews with locals, and even tracking footprints. One common theory is that Bigfoot lives in the remote areas of the wilderness.

8. Is Bigfoot To Blame?

With huge amounts of forests and uncharted wilderness, Alaska is certainly a perfect location for Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch) to hide out. There are numerous reports of Bigfoot sightings throughout the entire state. Some reports include evidence of nesting sites, a possible Bigfoot skeleton, and unidentified hair samples. Some witnesses have even reported seeing a swimming Sasquatch during their encounters.

Some villages have even relocated as a result from terrifying encounters with Bigfoot, which is surprising because the common understanding is that the creature prefers isolated areas and is in general quite peaceful. If Bigfoot is as confrontational as people in Alaska claim it to be, it’s a possibility that this creature is perhaps the reason why some people go missing especially in the wilderness if they come face to face with it.

7. Theory Of The Otterman

There are many different theories regarding all of the disappearances in the Alaska Triangle and one of them includes the evil spirits associated with the native Tlingit people who live in the area. These people are said to have origins dating back to 11,000 years ago. Their name, Tlingit, means “People of the Tides.”

These people believe that there is a shape-shifting demon named Kushtaka who is a cross between a man and an otter. It is said to lure people to their impending doom by attracting lost people to the water by portraying children or women who are screaming for help. It is also said that when the Kushtaka (also known as the “Otterman”) captures these lost people, it then steals their souls. It is a folklore that has never been proven, but it’s still a frightening thought to say the least.

6. A UFO Flew Right Through The Triangle

In 1986, a Japanese plane was flying from Iceland to Anchorage, Alaska when it came across three UFOs. The three unidentified flying objects followed the airliner for approximately 400 miles right through the Alaska Triangle. One of the objects was said to be twice the size of an aircraft carrier while the other two were smaller in size.

The crew reported seeing flashing lights following their plane and air traffic controllers also witnessed something unidentifiable on their radar that was reportedly as close as five miles away from the plane. The pilot claimed that one point the two smaller ships appeared directly in front of the plane at pretty close range. He described the “two small ships and the mother ship” disappearing and reappearing quickly, moving fast and stopping suddenly, which is impossible for a normal airliner to do. In order to escape the UFOs, the pilot received permission from the ground crew to fly at a lower altitude while making several turns to elude the objects, but nothing he did could escape them. After about 32 minutes, the UFOs disappeared, although the pilot claimed that he thought the entire encounter lasted much longer than that.

5. Energy Vortexes

Some believe that the Alaska Triangle is located in vile vortices, which means that it has extreme electric, magnetic, and electromagnetic anomalies in addition to energy vortexes, which are electromagnetic currents. One great example of vile vortices is the Bermuda Triangle. However, several other places on the planet are also said to have it, such as the Hamakulia Volcano in Hawaii, the “Devil’s Sea” in Japan, and the north and south poles. Other famous destinations that are said to lie on vortexes are Easter Island, Stonehenge, and the Pyramids of Egypt. In fact, some people believe that the reason why these monuments were built in the first place was because they are located on a vortex.

Energy vortexes are said to cause different effects on people’s bodies, such as affecting their mental, physical, and emotional health, as well as causing hallucinations and visions, confusion, and disorientation. In addition, these people have even showed signs of healing powers. And sometimes electrical instruments can malfunction, such as compasses.

Another belief is that vortexes can open doorways to the spiritual world or another realm which could possibly explain why so many people disappear in those regions.

4. Vast Wilderness

The state of Alaska has huge amounts of wilderness. The rigid landscape includes hazardous terrain and dangerous wild animals, in addition to the harsh weather. It is also home to approximately a hundred active volcanoes. Needless to say, it’s dangerous to camp or hike there since it’s very easy to get lost in the wilderness with the added threat of the dangerous animals that lurk in the forests. Surviving the Alaskan wilderness isn’t easy and unfortunately for those who get lost, getting found is next to impossible. The search and rescue teams have a very difficult time locating people with the complications from the vast wilderness, inaccessible locations on the mountains, and unpredictable weather. For example, some areas can get as low as -40 degrees in the winter.

Perhaps this makes the most sense of all the theories; however, the majority of the disappearances are located inside of the Alaska Triangle, so that’s yet another unanswered question.

3. Astonishing Numbers Of Missing People

Alaska has more missing person reports each year than anywhere else in the United States. In fact, it’s twice the number of the national average. What’s even more eerie is that this state also has the largest number of missing people who are never found again.

For example, in 2007, there were 2,833 people who were reported missing in Alaska. And at that time, the entire state only had an overall population of approximately 670,000 people. That averaged out to a frightening statistic of 4 people in every 1,000 who went missing. That’s an incredibly high number of disappearances considering the relatively low number of people living in the state. For comparison, just the city of San Francisco alone has a higher population than the entire state of Alaska.

2. The Vanishing Plane of 1972

One of the most famous disappearances in the Alaska Triangle happened in October 1972 when a plane vanished while carrying two very important politicians – the House Majority Leader Hale Boggs and Representative Nick Begich. Aboard the plane was also an aide named Russell Brown, as well as their pilot Don Jonz. The airplane, described as a Cessna 310 aircraft, disappeared while flying from Anchorage to Juneau.

After their plane went missing, there was a huge search for them which lasted 39 days and included more than 400 aircraft and numerous boats, with help from the Coast Guard. But even after all of that searching, there were no signs of the missing plane or the passengers. There was a conspiracy theory circulating for a while claiming that the crash was intentional and it was covered up by the FBI, specifically J. Edgar Hoover, who was said to be involved in a power struggle with Hale Boggs.

1. It’s Still A Popular Tourist Attraction

Despite the endless reports of people disappearing in Alaska, that’s obviously not a worry for travelers because according to reports the tourism industry is at an all time high. The state has become a very popular tourist destination and while the visitor sector has continued to grow in the past several years, it is predicted to grow another six percent this year in 2018.

In conclusion, it’s safe to say that the Alaska Triangle is a very mysterious area with a staggering number of people, boats, and planes that have gone missing throughout the years, never to be seen again. While there are many theories as to what the causes these disappearances, from mythical creatures such as a half-man-half-otter creature, to Bigfoot, to even UFOs and aliens, there may also be a natural explanation such as a vortex. No matter what you believe, the Alaska Triangle is definitely one of the greatest unsolved mysteries to this very day and many people continue to visit this beautiful state, which is riddled with unanswered questions and secrets.

The Alaska Triangle –

WIF Did You Know?

Supernatural Influences on WIF

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Influences on Earth

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph depicting modern looking aircraft at a temple near Abydos

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph depicting modern looking aircraft at a temple near Abydos

 Who’s History?

Throughout history, humans have noticed and wondered about various phenomena that they could not easily understand or explain.  Though modern science has often tried to find reasons for such “super” natural occurrences, many people remain unconvinced, leaving room for speculation and wonder.  Certainly many aspects of religion might qualify as supernatural, and since the majority of people believe in one sort of religion or another, it would be logical to conclude that the majority of people accept at least some supernatural phenomena in their set of beliefs.  Here we list 10 reasons upon which people can logically base a belief in the supernatural, whether religious, alien, magical or unexplainable by the current state of science.  Are teleportation and time travel just a few scientific discoveries away from becoming a reality?  Are there multiple universes or realities/dimensions?  Feel free to offer your nominations for events or conditions that you feel “prove” the existence of the supernatural.

Look closer and you will see…

10. Ancient Accomplishments.

Some people take the physical evidence of ancient, sometimes primitive, people who oftentimes had no machines, no computers and no written alphabet pulling off wondrous architectural feats as proof of divine or alien intervention.  The Great Pyramids of Egypt are a frequent example, as are the Nazca Lines in the Andes, the Bimini Island formations in the Caribbean and underwater formations off the coast of Japan which are said to be 12,000 years old, long before civilization as we know it existed.  Much has been written on this subject, one of the earlier and most influential books on this subject is  Erich von Däniken’s Chariots of the Gods which took an incredulous world by storm in 1968 and then again as a television special in 1970.

9. Biblical Events.

Obviously, for this subject to have credibility, the person doing the pondering must believe the Bible or other holy text is basically or entirely true in the first place.  Presuming that it is, the events described therein are often blatantly out of sync with normal rules of nature.  That is why miracles are miracles, because they are supernatural, not natural.  Did Ezekiel actually see a space ship when he saw the “wheel?”  If Balaam’s ass talked to him, that is a bit special in itself.  The Assumption of Mary, the Resurrection of Christ, Mohammad lifting off to heaven, the Buddha achieving Nirvana, all these and more might have more simple, natural or scientific explanations, but not in the way they are believed.

8. Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).

Extra sensory perception is a phenomenon that  has been repeatedly witnessed by humans throughout history, manifesting itself in a variety of ways.  Examples include: seeing future events; sensing danger with no rational reason but being correct nonetheless; reading other persons’ thoughts; having knowledge of past facts that one could not know; and uncannily being able to describe what is on the face of a card when only seeing its back.  Like the other phenomena described in this list, the vast amount of evidence and number of witnesses is enough to demand consideration instead of instant dismissal.  Telekinesis, the psychic ability to cause movement,and pyrokinesis, the psychic ability to set things on fire power, if you believe the reports, would also lend credibility to this area of the paranormal.

7. Déjà vu.

Nearly every person has felt the incredibly bizarre feeling that they have seen a particular event or heard a certain sound or felt a particular sensation or smelled a particular fragrance before.  Often the phenomenon is like reliving something for a second time.  This condition is widespread and seemingly universal, definitely something to give pause to the most doubtful person.  Honorable mention to dreams, especially the ones that cannot be told apart from reality.

Nearly every person has felt the incredibly bizarre feeling that they have seen a particular event or heard a certain sound or felt a particular sensation or smelled a particular fragrance before.  Often the phenomenon is like reliving something for a second time.  This condition is widespread and seemingly universal, definitely something to give pause to the most doubtful person.  Honorable mention to dreams, especially the ones that cannot be told apart from reality. (Hee Hee)

6. Tachy Psyche or Tachypsychia.

Tachypsychia is when a person experiences a distortion in the perception of time, basically experiencing events in a sort of slow motion rather than at the speed they are transpiring.  In times of great stress, or when one is under the influence of drugs, or while experiencing physical trauma, or even through exquisite mind control, the flow of time can slow down.  I know from personal experience that I have made carefully thought out and deliberate observations and decisions in a fraction of a second.  People involved in shootings, accidents and other high-stress incidents often report this experience.  Scientists believe the production of dopamine and norepinephrine in the body causes the brain to work super fast.  Believe me, it does.

5. Twins.

The special bond between twins is now commonly accepted as being some sort of psychic connection between the two.  Science in its current state cannot account for why it is so, but twins have often reported feeling sensations their twin is experiencing even though they may be separated by many miles.  They also often seem to be able to read each other’s minds.  The most egregious violations of the privacy and rights of twins through the misapplication of “research” was by Nazi pseudo-scientists in World War II.

4. UFOs.

Far from merely being a subject for science-fiction books and movies and far from being confined to only being seen by stereotypical country bumpkins, the reports of unidentified or seemingly alien machines and life forms have persisted across history in numerous societies.  Furthermore, many credible people such as airplane pilots, police and military types have been among those reporting UFOs or alleged alien activity.  At times, scientists seem to be able to satisfactorily explain the event, but at others, they are at a loss.  Again, the sheer weight of events, despite the obvious hokey incidents, lends at least some credibility to the idea that aliens exist, have existed, and have in one way or another visited Earth or sent reconnaissance vehicles here.  Incidents that national governments acknowledge as being unexplainable are often attributed as being “supernatural” or alien in nature.

3. Near-Death Experiences.

So many people have “died” but came back after a brief period in which everything indicated that they were dead.  These people often report the same or at least very similar experiences, giving persuasive evidence of an afterlife.  The sense of leaving one’s body, the bright light, the visions of loved ones who had already departed and the overwhelming feeling of comfort run like a common thread through the reports.  People who have reported near-death experiences are not always crackpots but are often known and respected people from all walks of life.

2. Ghosts and Spirits.

All over the world and in every society, people have reported sensing ghostly contacts.  Can this widespread phenomena be casually dismissed?  The sheer weight of the testimony lends a certain degree of credibility to the idea that ghosts or spirits, at least at times, occupy our zone of reality.  Chances are you or someone you know and trust has had such an encounter.  As so many people have, even doubters have to wonder.

1. Life and its Diversity on Earth.

Despite strenuous efforts, we have not yet proven that life exists or has ever existed on any other planet or heavenly body.  Why Earth?  Can our planet be so unique in a universe of trillions of solar systems?  Many do not accept the theory of evolution as sufficient enough to explain the incredible diversity of life on Earth.  The theories of how the spark of life started on Earth are far from proven and remain only theories.  Mighty efforts have been made to “create” life in the laboratory, but they have been without success.  Creating amino acids is as far as science has gotten.  Was the spark of life that started it all Divine intervention?  Alien origin?  Perhaps we will never know, but for now it can to be considered “super” natural until we get a better explanation.  Additionally, some folks, even educated ones, are skeptical about the possibility that life could have reached such incredible diversity in the timeframe given by scientists.

Supernatural Influences on WIF