Candy & Nuts — LATOBSD (Ch. 17 pg. 328)

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Candy & Nuts

If if and buts were…….

Candy and Nuts All-in-one YUM!

“When Sara gets back this time, I cannot believe I’m going to say
this, but I think we should tell Sgt. Smith what is going on. One of
these times she won’t come back and we will be kicking ourselves in
the ass for not trying to get help. We don’t know how to deal with
things like this and I’m not sure I want to suffer in silence.”

“Could be a corporal by now, he hasn’t handled this whole mess
very well, because if he had, he would have kept Sara from the
beginning, none of this would have ever happened. I think the whole
bunches of them were caught off guard.” If ifs and buts were candy
and nuts, we’d all have a very merry Christmas. “In a way, I wish I
never had gone there.”

Ouch, that hurts Bob!

“Without New Mexico, you would be without one interesting book and one terrific guy, I’ll have you know.”

“That’s supposed to be my line, mister. What has happened to
that humble, quiet Bob Ford? Has he been abducted as well?”

____328 Gwendolyn Hoff

“I don’t remember anything about last night.” His face goes
blank, feigning a vacated mind. Bad choice. Last night was pretty
memorable in the romance department. It gets him a punch in the
arm. “Ouch, seriously, maybe they will do a better job of protecting
her. We don’t even know when she was snatched this time, or if the
aliens have her at all. Maybe she forgot where she was and is just
plain lost. We are running out of options.”

“I know, Bob, but I feel like we are abandoning her. She doesn’t
have any friends beside us.”

“What about her family?”

“Her mom and dad are dead and her brother won’t have anything
to do with her, ever since she moved in with me. He could not get
past how close we were.” Lyn draws a breath from a hidden part of
her being. “I know you and I never really talked about it . . . . , but
we were lovers.” There, she said it out loud.

Ford had had to deal with the notion before this moment; yet
another askew aspect to the last half of his life. “I figured as much,
watching you two interacting on the Clipper and such.”

Lyn takes a step back. “No wonder that subject never came up.
And to think I was terrified what you would think if you knew
about us.” It wasn’t that Lyn never liked men. She and Sara just
kind of happened. “Then why did you? . . . . You asked me to the
reception . . . . oh, I get it! Divide and conquer. Get those girls apart
and you would win my heart, was it?”

“Well, sort of. I really did need an escort, you know and you
clean up real good.” He did have his hands full at the time. “I was
quite taken with you Lyn, I must say, but the heart thing was not
foremost on my mind. And my 2nd officer, Rod, he wouldn’t stop
talking about that Sara woman. Yes, we had been away from base for
a while, but we were both unattached. No harm in trying. It seemed
like a natural fit for the evening and we didn’t have any expectations.
Hell, we were staring 12,000 miles in the face, half the world away
from New York and no charts to guide us.”


Candy & Nuts