THE RETURN TRIP – Episode 49

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THE RETURN TRIP – Episode 49

…Francine my little filly, I surely think you are going to make it big in this business…

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First Filly by Barbara Busch

meanwhile-caption-001“That is why I think that Houston, indeed the whole state of Texas can make a successful transition from fossil fuel production to that of high-tech robotics. We have the space industry in place, we have the brightest minds East and West of the Mississippi, and we have the biggest hearts that God gave humans; we are Texas dammit….”

oil-rig-001“I am sorry Senator Broyles, but we are fresh out of time for this week. I would like to thank you for your forward glance into Texas’ future:After the Oil is Gone’.” The pleasantly attractive, every-girl type interviewer turns to face camera two, “I am Francine Bouchette and this has been another informative edition of Inside Texas, a production of KHST 13 News.”

The studio relaxes from its keyed-up-on-air mode, the harsh beaming lights going dark one by one. Ties are loosed, blouses unbuttoned, one or two, and pleasantries are exchanged between the crew and guest.

“Thank you Senator Boyles,” the director earnestly shakes the experienced legislator’s hand, “you always give us a good show.”

“Any time Larry; you folks know how to treat a country boy right.” And the extra exposure doesn’t hurt around election time. He continues with his exaggerated Southern drawl, “I live and breathe Texas!”

Senator Broyles

Senator Broyles

Francine Bouchette

Francine Bouchette

Francine waltzes through the set, past the two men. The Senator had been casually eyeing her after the program was a wrap and when she got within a rattler’s’ tail away, he reaches out and puts a lecherous hand on her lower back. She pretends not to notice.

“Francine my little filly, I surely think you are going to make it big in this business. You make those stiffs covering Capitol Hill look like hacks.”

Deep inside, she agrees and if she gets her way, her rise to the top of network television will be swift, cold, and calculated. There are footprints on the backs of any pretty-pretty that has stood in her way; the guys she merely steamrolled.



Episode 49

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Letters, I Get Letters

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Letters, I get Letters



CBS Corporation

CBS Headquarters

51 W. 52nd Street

New York, NY 10019-6188

c/o Sixty Minutes Lite–Gwenny Hoff Correspondent

Dear Ms Hoff;

I am sending you a copy of the letter that I sent to my United States Senator.

Hilary Hatsbury

1512 North Church Road

Hartford, CT    10002

Dear Mister Joe Lieberman;

I am so upset about the masacre of Sandy Hook schoolchildren so close to us, in our small, quiet state. I think it is we time that a peaceful nation does something to protect our citizens.

What does a 20 year old child need an assault rifle for or other automatic weapons, for that matter? Is there a deer hunting season in Connecticut? Are the British coming? Are there planes loaded with Saudi Terrorists to shoot down befoe they land at LaGuardia?

I would think that the answers to those questions is no, no, and no. A pistol in a dresser drawer is one thing, you know, to stop a burgular. A rifle that can fire three rounds a second and do nothing other than kill human beings is another.

You are the chairman of the SENATE HOMELAND SECURITY AND GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS committee. Can’t you stand up to the Natinal Rifle Association? Or have they made contributions to election too?

I want you take responsibility for this shooting: for allowing the Assault Weapons Ban to expire in 2004 and for putting miltary guns in the hands of deranged individuals.

Schools, shopping malls and movie theaters? Are there no safe places any more?

Respectfully yours,

Mrs. Hilary Hatsbury

Thank you Hilary Hatsbury!

This is an excellent example of a business letter; proper and written with passion. My hat is off to Hilary and her courage to stand up for what 98% of Americans think. Take the laws out of the hands of the 2% (NRA, Gangs, Idiots).