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…The Ÿ€Ð commander of the Epsilon expedition ship has the bright idea to kidnap that female offspring of Ekcello the Halfhearted…

— In the foreseeable present, the last 3 remaining Ÿ€Ð cruisers {left in one piece} set out on their missions, one for the Triangulum Galaxy and two to the Milky Way. As sure as a star is born, one of the three will locate the culprit, that one that destroyed what is left of Ÿ€Ð once feared prowess.

One ship wings its way straight for Epsilon Eridani. They need go no further than Orion’s Belt to find a people capable of taking down the meat of their fleet. Leave it to the quiet kids on the block to suddenly change their reclusive ways and take out the competition; competition for one of the garden spots in all of creation – Earth. {No more a habitable place can be found. If it were not so distant, a flotilla of Ÿ€Ð colonizers would have barged their way in long ago}

Just what they really know about the Eridanians is debatable. The last they heard, Ekcello the Halfhearted {their harsh nickname}, had shrunk away in the wake of Ÿ€Ð intimidation – some time back. That makes them an easy target.


Rumors are flying about a royal birth, a female no less.

There are rumors about the presence of Earthlings on Eridanus.–

The commander of the Ÿ€Ð Epsilon expedition ship has the bright idea to kidnap that female offspring of Ekcello the Halfhearted. A well-timed transporter beam should do the trick.

“We have detected a warp deceleration,” Deke McKinney of the Space Family McKinney is on duty, the job of looking out past the mist encapsulating Eridanus.

“That is not good news. Chasonn would have given us a heads-up,” Sampson McKinney speculates. “Send out a warning.”

An Eridanian warning comes in the form of an audible deep-bass disruptor in the key of B#. It will awaken the dead and confound the living, regardless of the specie.

This cosmic occurrence is simultaneous to a pow-wow concerning O. Hopefully, think-tanking will add a measure of understanding.  Ekcello, Cerella, the McKinneys and Skaldic meet regularly to discuss ideas, both old and new.

“It looks like they are just cruising through, heading away passed the Olde Home World.”

“Ÿ€Ð.” Ekcello’s tone is one of deep disgust. He can smell them a mile away.

Such attention is paid to the passing spacecraft that not one of them notices anything else thereabout, “The sphere!” Sammy Mac spies the enigmatic sphere of much wonder. “Never mind it’s gone.”

The Ÿ€Ð cruiser from Galaxy Sexta A is nowhere to be seen either/anymore; the scene is chaotic.

Without fanfare or tangible despair, Cerella, Heiress to the High Council of Eridanus has vanished… along with her unborn child.


Episode 60

page 63

Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #264

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Alpha Omega M.D. – Episode #264

…I remember a Sara Fenwick. She said she was tired and was returning to the Clipper, ma’am. That was just before the time that bright light just about blinded me…

The Vanished Flame by lowjacker

The Vanished Flame by lowjacker

“You have been so gracious, Lady Mountbatten. This has been a wonderful evening.” Carolyn Hanes loves informed discussions.

“It looks like your date has run out of gas,” the lady observes Capt. Ford face down in front of his meal.

 “He deserves the rest. I cannot tell you what a Herculean job he has been doing. He is probably dreaming about where we are going next.”

  “Perhaps he is dreaming about you, dear.”

“That would be the true definition of a dream,” she insists, while searching the room for Sara. “Please excuse me, Lady. I seem to have misplaced someone.”

What seemed to be moments ago, Sara had been bouncing off of people, in the arms of yet another bad dancer. Now, she is nowhere to be seen. Upon interviewing some of the crew of the Pacific Clipper, as well as others in the reception, Sara had stepped out for some fresh air. A girl can only have so much fun.

A quick sweep of the British Embassy grounds, results in nothing. When approached, the guard at the gate looks down at his sign-out sheet, “I remember a Sara Fenwick. She said she was tired and was returning to the Clipper, ma’am. That was just before the time that bright light just about blinded me. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

She dismisses the light connection. “Now that is funny,” Lyn thinks aloud. It was not like Sara to take off without checking in, although there were the dagger stares when eye contact was made between them.

What is a grand adventure for Lyn must be becoming a grand pain for Sara.  ‘Maybe we should just stay here with the British,’ considers the authoress in jest.

The hour is late and Lyn decides that the crew is probably ready to leave, so she returns to the banquet room. In fact, there is more yawning going on: than a hundred insomniacs on sleeping pills, at a convention for certified actuaries.

 “Let’s go back to the Clipper, guys. Keep your eye out for Miss Fenwick.” Captain Ford cares about his passengers, especially under these extreme circumstances.

Alpha Omega M.D.

Vanished into the Night

Episode #264

page 246