The NULL Solution = Episode 183

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The NULL Solution = Episode 183

…The Null are judged to be ‘not so terrible’… high praise from the high & mighty…

Immortality is a little discussed subject. It is taken for granted by Eridanians. Image result for watching the grass grow gifImmortality is like having a lawn that you never have to mow. The grass will start growing again, slowly for Cerella at first, but inevitably. It took ten years for the aging process to decline for the earthlings. Just how quickly it resumes is TBA.

There are a number of firsts involved in this cross-cultural segment of this family saga. Living forever is almost too much of a good thing, as odd as that may seem.

The lone polling place on the entire planet is Eupepsia. This means that a pilgrimage of varying degrees is in order. A 100% turnout is expected, from here to the opposite radius, such is the attraction of having a say about even the smallest of issues. ‘If you do not vote, you cannot complain about the outcome’ is a credo, not just lip service. Nonparticipants will forfeit their right to vote on the next topic, whatever that may be.

Eridanians, who have not seen one another in ages, do now. Eridanians, who have never seen a Null, thinking them a myth, meet them face-to-face during this revolutionary cycle. They are judged to be ‘not so terrible’… high praise from the high & mighty.

The only vote that really counts will be Cerella’s. It may be only one of many millions, but it will be the only one that matters. She owns her issue responsibly. She has looked at herself in a mirror with two sides. Her die is cast. Where Deke goes, she has want to follow.

The NULL Solution =

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Episode 183

page 177 (end Ch. 18)


Heels or flats and other pondering(s)

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Heels or Flats


Life is about choices. I think I will wear heels when I vote today.

On the subject of Presidential elections, I believe it should be made a national holiday. If  VOTING DAY had a Super Bowl atmosphere, it would be an absolute must occasion and elevate interest far above the current apathetic malaise.

On the subject of election $$$$$$$ spent on TV or radio, these ads should be taxed, just like other commodities. If a 60 second spot costs $100, $10 dollars of that would go to the states’ general fund. At least we would get some benefit for having to suffer through that nauseating onslaught of negativity.

*****Disclaimer*****  WRITING IS FUN-DAMENTAL, is not affiliated with any political party or candidate, but if you are curious, you can search for clues in my archived web log posts.