The NULL Solution = Episode 136

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The NULL Solution = Episode 136

…My money is on my pal Skaldy; none of that lofty nonsense is going on inside his brain, just good old-fashioned deduced reckoning…

Deduced Reckoning

Zoot Suit © 1978, Ignacio Gomez I Smithsonian American Art Museum

Sampson skepticism is festering – his frustration is the norm. “How is it that you can get inside the mind of that Zoot Suit guy, but when it comes to Lorgan, you don’t have a clue?”

“Make that Župzïð, Dad and take it easy on the Eridanians. It’s a big bad universe out there and no one can have all the answers.”

“Whatever. Speaking of answers, my money is on my pal Skaldy. None of that lofty nonsense is going on inside his brain, just good old-fashioned deduced reckoning. He seems to think that confounded riddle has to do with us McKinneys.”

“You think everything revolves around the McKinneys when it does not. We are just a speck in the universe’s eye. And what makes either of you think that the riddle and the sphere are linked?” Deke reasons.

“I give up. How else do you explain something that makes no sense? We’re thinking that everything adds up to Lorgan, right Skaldy?”

Not Ten cycles ago, who would have guessed that a Null would be included in Eridanian policy discussions? It does not hurt his stature that Skaldic has become the adopted blood brother of Sampson J. McKinney.

“I have compiled a plot of ⃝   ’s chaos signature. It has spent more time in the Terran system than anywhere else combined. It makes sense that it is responsible for the rebirth of an entire planet, therefore perfectly capable of construction a response-based entrance barrier.”

If you had been volleyballed back 10 light years like a ping-pong ball, why wouldn’t you make that connection?

“Make sense of the senseless and the Null shall be praised for their contribution to our galaxy.”

Ekcello has not mastered the art of subtle superiority. If Skaldic were not so used to the highhandedness, he would have been offended.

“We will do that!” exclaims the spokesman for the underestimated few.

They have +/- 56 Earth days remaining.

The NULL Solution =

Episode 136

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